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  1. Cheyenne Smith-Blann

    I'd trust Jenna and Julien with my baby more than most of my family 🤣🤷‍♀️

  2. Illona

    I haven't seen many of Jenna's videos yet, this had me dying. I love Kermit

  3. duh

    i just wanna squeeze it

  4. Sunburnt Pumpkaboo

    Wow Jenna is so gentle and cautious with Bunny but when I bathe my dogs I just spray them with the hose and they go fricking crazy

  5. Rubi - Roe

    People that hate on this obviously do not know you or how you treat your animals.

  6. Melvin Lee

    What is up with dog tongue?

  7. Minty Zed Grimes


  8. duh

    no one: marble: 👀 👀 👄

  9. Minty Zed Grimes

    Thas hot

  10. Julia S

    Y’all could have saved a lot of time just using rice but also this video is the content I’m here for

  11. Julia S

    Wow surprised Jenna didn’t pull out a ruler to make one inch balls

  12. Kloudy K

    4:13 kermit poops on marbles

  13. motzlpe motzlpe

    Kermit would like to speak to the manager.

  14. _Its Holly

    I have two shih tzus and although i dont think they have the right body shape for that harness anyway i think they would hateeeee it too my youngest one hates even being picked up by human hands she wriggles out right away!

  15. duh

    the nails turned out so bomb lmao omg

  16. duh

    ok but like this is how tall i wanna be when i'm 32 years of age. don't @ me

  17. duh

    julien: *says something* jenna: *sHuT uP sHuT uP sHuT up*

  18. Jasmine Seiger

    None of these shit talking fools deserve Jenna. Take your nonsense to the people actually mistreating their animals!

  19. Anna N.

    Can you do another video of painting with a string but with another technique? Like here

  20. Alia Albinali

    He looks like Mario when she but blush on him with the mustache 90s kids get it

  21. duh

    *"there's something crying on the floor"* 💀💀

  22. duh

    i wonder what they did with all the baby stuff they bought after the video💀

  23. DarkRubberDucky

    Best moment: Jenna: o.o Julien: Explain.

  24. tbarnes10

    This reminds me of her fishies video. She made a mistake, she responded appropriately, and she kept the original to show her mistake so others can avoid what she did. Shes the best youtuber ever

  25. Ann Mendoza

    I guess 6.5k people disliked this because they got scared

  26. DarkRubberDucky

    Watching this in the dark and sudden light change blinded me

  27. duh

    melody is probaly just thinking to herself the whole entire time: *what did i do to be put in a situation like this SMH* lmao💀

  28. duh


  29. it'sjustmichaela

    Can anyone explain to me why I'm back watching this for the 15th time? I'm a simple man, if it's recommended, I click

  30. duh

    why doesn't julian want a cat💀

  31. Sarah Hunt

    Bro my dog literally sits up like that on his own and I genuinely think he would actually love that lmao

  32. Alua Davis

    marbles looked much happier in the dress than the shirts

  33. duh

    next time, go out like this💀

  34. Leah W

    You should try a set of poly gel nails using dual forms “pop its” they’re super easy!

  35. Vu̸l̸c̸a̸n̸ 69

    Cermet looks like a sad kid that his mother told her to do his homework

  36. spaghetti . jpeg

    Everyone's been ignoring this but they fucked after this for sure

  37. HumourDelight

    I ain't even gone lie to y'all I didn't watch the video at first because I saw when she originally uploaded and I couldn't watch it cause unfortunately,I had to adult and I haven't watched the whole thing since she reuploaded I skipped to the part where she put the dogs in the harness and watched on. . . . . . NOW I'M REALLY PISSED BECAUSE DEAD THE FUCK ASS LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPENED OMG! I STAN JENNA MARBLES FOREVER BECAUSE SHE’S TRUSTWORTHY!

  38. duh

    oh whatever did happen to that soap bed in the end. we need an update .

  39. Lou-Cid

    I think what really ties Marbles' vampire outfit together so well is his widows-peak forehead fur pattern. He looks like every artist's depiction of Dracula, it's uncanny. 😭

  40. phantom2 _

    4:54 you insensiTIVE- FFUUUUU-

  41. Heather Morris

    Jenna is the best person and dog mom I've ever had the pleasure of a one sided friendship with. Anyone hating on her is so whack. She treats her doggos better than she treats herself. I love you Jenna, don't let the hate get to you. We don't deserve you❤️

  42. Poptart Ghost

    how has it been this long and we still dont have episode 2??

  43. Sydnie Gattis

    Kinda want jenna to cut bangs

  44. spaghetti . jpeg

    I genuinely thought i made this video up while I was dying of pneumonia in the hospital and finding it makes me feel better that I didn't create this in my own head so I can share it

  45. ᴜsʜᴜ 。

    my 3 looks - dark retro a e s t h e t i c - school uniform - random pajamas that screams homelessness

  46. Sean S34N

    Dang, Kermit lookin' kinda *_t h i c c_* .

  47. spaghetti . jpeg

    Ok guys..... Not dragging.... JENNA YOUR FUCKING LIPS

  48. foxlover animations

    Don't but hamsters on a leash I think it can kill them

  49. HeyImErinDavis

    I don’t know about you guys but whenever I need a little pick me up in my life I will just watch this video ❤️❤️❤️

  50. mari rodriguez

    She said in the first video that she didn’t like it. Idk how ONLINE VETS didn’t get it.

  51. josie schleicher

    My birthday is June 19😄 my moms is the 3rd and my uncles was the 6th

  52. Boin Whyte

    Anyone that believes in reincarnation: marbles in his last life was Albert Einstein or someone else who was really smart and in this life he chose to be a cute dog that gets treated to dressing up cuddles and naps.

  53. Heather4178

    Kermit is such a crybaby nasty boy and Peach is gonna get it not paying Jenna back 🤣🤣

  54. Milo

    Peach speaking in autotune made my guinea pigs go nuts hahaha! They started squeaking along with her and running around.

  55. Rachel S

    Peachy is a boneless chicken

  56. spaghetti . jpeg

    I'm literaly going to cry so hard when Marbles goes cause that's Jenna's baby. She's has this dog for over 10 years... back when she would just vlog drunk on her couch, through 2 or 3 boyfriends at this point hes been there for her. Honestly just how different she is from then to now it's like he's always been exactly what she needs, when she needs it. Ive made myself emotional again fuck

  57. Piotr Schulz

    Maybe try to cover it in cloth etc so Kermit will feel like it's bed but will smell soup

  58. Hales Kyalynn

    We use this “seatbelt” that connects to the actual seatbelt buckle thing. We use a harness and the seatbelt connector. We got it at pets mart

  59. wat? wat are yams?

    “How can you be?” is not the moral dilemma I knew I needed, but the one I deserved

  60. MomCult 2.0

    Imagine thinking Jenna would purposefully ever do something even remotely within the realm of being harmful to her dogs like have you SEEN HER VIDEOS?? Y'all, smdh....

  61. Savage jenamy

    Whenever cermet ears disappeared he looks like like mega mind that's colord browned

  62. Savage jenamy

    My dog doesn't eat in it's bowl it will only eat in the floor

  63. Wierd Alpaca

    Jenna should not have to explain this to haters, she takes great care of all her animals. She got fish and had to make a video exactly the same as this one. Most people would just let them die and say that they were already sick. Jenna loves all animals and would never do anything to hurt them. Another example is #Ad, the hamster, had an incorrect cage setup. It was her first hamster and did her best. Soon after she remodeled his cage so he could live his best life when people on comments helped her out. She takes her pets to the vet regularly, even for small things. She treats her pets better than some people take care of their babies. Thank you for your time

  64. Alyssa Manning


  65. MomCult 2.0

    This popped up on my reccomended and I 🥺🥺

  66. Kirsten Turner

    Make Kermit a special soap doggy bowl

  67. Animation Error

    3:59 "🎵Sometimes when kermit cry it sounds like de door🎵"

  68. m mogg

    jenna is soooooo patient and caring with her dogs. I imagine she goves them water after theyre panting

  69. Caprisunns

    i love seeing the result of the fyp. mine mostly shows me cats for the vibes and they got the doggies for the vibes

  70. ariel rhea

    i’ve somehow never noticed that you wear that choker everyday. it’s literally been years.

  71. FoxFoxo4 9

    I have most of these soaps in MY house i want all your cermets

  72. L

    Kermit: *kermit breathes* Everyone: *ThAtS So NaStY!!!*

  73. Violetteangel71

    Who has the next video with the cast

  74. Idfk dude

    *sigh* The internet, filled with trolls/haters... you never can reason or please them.

  75. Elayna Hagen

    this is an old video now but I Hope you know Landshark shaped the entirety of my friends and I's middle school careers I love it to this day, and if theres anything I wish you would recreate its Landshark 🦈

  76. L

    Me: *I really wanna pee dad, can we please go back?* Dad: *I'll find a place where there ain't alot of people and you'll do your stuff okay?* *Also me several seconds later* 4:08

  77. Rocket Animations

    Does this work on cats?

  78. Kalei Nicholson

    The only problematic thing in this video is peach not paying Jenna back.😂 (Nothing but love and respect for you Jenna!!!)

  79. Anna Dubak

    You look like Grinch.. But in a good way. You look cute <3

  80. Martina

    People who even think for a second Jenna or Julien would ever abuse their animals just don't have much going on in their brains do they? I mean I'd be mad at everything too if I was that stupid.

  81. bubblycorgi 333

    If Jeffrey star and thanos had a baby jennas new look would be it

  82. Noodle Poodle

    So Jenna reviews a bad product, says that it’s bad and is forced to apologize, meanwhile people on here actually abuse animals and kids and still have a platform...

  83. WeareMilkTea

    The disclaimer made me so sad. I've been watching this channel since the day Jenna adopted Kermit. Those dogs legit live better than I do haha. They're so loved

  84. Laura Olson

    Him doing this is huge no joke he’s a chihuahua and he’s 11 this was awesome be very proud it is a very big deal 💓

  85. Just Me

    the michael jordan of whippets

  86. TheSalalmon

    I thought you were so thorough in the original video! Had no idea people were upset about this to the point you had to reupload!

  87. Steven Vialpando

    2:18 yup this is what I *CAME* 🍆💦 for

  88. Carlos Santana

    Now your videos are just lazy and so random and all your vids are like that

  89. Cool Mouth

    Your doggies are cute they melt my heart ur doggies turtle neck aka Kermit he’s lookin hottt

  90. Kayla Garcia

    Sea Ranger Sushi in Ventura has won awards for their vegan sushi 🍣

  91. Eshly A

    Very nice couples, very inspiring!

  92. OtakuEllie


  93. Safeeya B.


  94. J3RRY

    13:04 why does julian look like julian from oneyplays

  95. Maddy Arana

    I wanna see this video but with bunny joining in lol

  96. Indigo Ashes

    "What, you think I breathe through my eyes?" hahaha

  97. MusicLove6789

    Peach was small once??

  98. Austin Wethered

    I will literally fight someone who would DARE say Jenna abuses her dogs! She loves her puppies more than 99% of you love your children! Sh*t can I be her dog? I need that kinda care in my life! Lol

  99. Rainbow Pound cake

    Please do a video for bunny ❤️

  100. Emily Sonntag

    I'm not entirely convinced that Kerm is actually a dog...