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  1. Meme

    “The winner is gonna have to outscore the other.” Wow. Genius, really. Never even considered that, Stevie.

  2. Ronaldo the G.O.A.T

    Kepa is good for the reserves and that’s it

  3. Shell Dahl

    NO RED CARD - the dangerous foul was done by the attacker, running Maguire down!

  4. TC 11

    So kepa wouldve saved that martial goal and that mcguire goal. Hmmm ty espn for creating a bs question.

  5. Praduman Thakur

    peacock-our national bird (India)

  6. john dlima

    Lets keep it up man utd

  7. Durga Magar

    Dortmund win 4-0

  8. John Snow

    It's not a red card and Son got red wasn't also a red card , Chelsea are just a Theater school .

  9. K. p

    depend on fitness of neymar

  10. 3adous 3adsani

    Italians and Spanish have always been this way smh

  11. Big fish Ke

    I can’t wait for Europa league as an Arsenal fan!!

  12. George Papps

    Its called being past your peak and to compound that hes playing in the worst barca team since he started out...... I know he won the ballon dor last season but hes 33 in june you cant be the best forever

  13. Roberto Gonzalez

    White privilege at it again.

  14. Mullertic #22

    Var official today were man u legends thank you

  15. Mason M Mason

    VAR and referee hurt Chelsea today. Incompetent officials.

    1. Max

      only decision they got wrong was maguire not getting sent off maybe teams should rely on themselves rather than others

  16. Tony Stark

    Try and get a swap deal with Kepa + cash money from selling hazard for a new GK.

  17. Brice Folly

    VAR is a legend ✌🏾

  18. Chris Fontaine

    Lol these pundits rather die Than give Manu some credit... Lol

  19. Wesley Edwards

    Manchester United gonna finish above Chelsea

  20. subhadeep sikdar

    God this Guy's they simply hate United.

  21. Gaddafi Akil Magundho

    Lampard is an average championship manager

  22. Ivaylo Iontchev

    Nicol is right that it doesn't change much for Pep. But he is wrong about Juve. They have also been buying young players which they loan out for a year or two and then bring into the team.

  23. Vanessa Brito

    Pep in league two ? Make it happen asap.

  24. Aemilius

    Why bring up Hazard at all. He is not at the club anymore, itæs so irrelevant

  25. steverfc7

    Chelsea players did not care that they lost they are nothing but frauds


    Starting Batshuai was the biggest mistake. How can you start someone who can't even take a single short over Giloud?? I can't understand it.

  27. wilfrido gervacio

    Both Bayern and City are the ones with the best stats in the UCL 😁🔴⚪️

  28. Jayata Steele


  29. wintvgh

    man utd all the way

  30. Shirish Aryal

    Lampard lost 3 games against Ole🤷‍♂️

    1. Gaming with Emmanuel

      MirkoS1995 🧂

    2. MirkoS1995

      Shirish Aryal var

  31. mark theballer

    Paying the price

  32. Maahier Abrahams

    Y'all still think Liverpool outplayed Barca in the 1st leg? Absolute idiocy. Liverpool's implosion in the UCL is imminent. UCL doesn't care what you do in your farmer's league.

  33. Kaloyan Bankov

    It's all about wages wages and more wages how are they going to keep their top players if they don't get the huge financial boost from the champions league? Will they brake another fair play rule...

  34. Theophilus Sampson

    Chelsea vs VAR United

  35. caracasaltavista

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So Lets say what they say now about manchester united

    1. chase mccullough

      they are harsh on man U for sure but var was disgraceful today any football fan knows that

    2. King Jr abas


  36. PriinceBrvce_LUHG_

    Absolutely not. The same thing would’ve happened with Kepa. 😂

  37. Pius N. Nwachukwu

    Shaka remember your comments on Jones in Manchester united Vs Bournemouth. So why are you biased against Mane?

  38. Shell Dahl

    He obviously knew about, and ordered, the dispositions!

  39. Rahul Rebello

    Magiure should have been sent off but the punditing is biased against united in this one because I never saw this much energy from you guys when Jorginho and Robertson both didn’t get sent off

  40. Albert Cardenas

    Ooo boy, VAR making football complicated again aye?

  41. Jaime Rodriguez

    He’s gonna get a ban. Could be 3-5 matches.

  42. Red Panda Agency Entertainment

    Liverpool will win again 🏆

  43. Mihir Bapat

    Harry Maguire couldn't have been sent off because it was a foul by Mitchy Batshuayi. Effectively the play was over when Batshuayi pushed Maguire and anything that happens afterwards shouldn't happen because ref should have blown his whistle and stopped the play. Now, VAR only checks obvious red cards. It was an obvious red card had Maguire gone down naturally but he went down due to a push by Batshuayi and that cancels out anything that happens afterwards. However, as VAR does not have power to give decisions other than red card in such situations, no foul on Maguire was given.

  44. usman qadir

    Okay this is might turn out to be a pretty unpopular opinion, but I think we should take back Coutinho. The way he left was pretty shitty, I agree with that, but before he left in the premier he got 7 goals and 7 assists in 14 matches which is a remarkable return and even in champions league before he left he scored a hatrick so without a shadow of a doubt he is one badass player. If we were to get Coutinho for about 40/50 mill I think we should take it becuase he’s a proven player and we need a creative mid. And it just means we’ll have got 100 mill for free since we sold him for 142.

  45. usman qadir

    Okay this is might turn out to be a pretty unpopular opinion, but I think we should take back Coutinho. The way he left was pretty shitty, I agree with that, but before he left in the premier he got 7 goals and 7 assists in 14 matches which is a remarkable return and even in champions league before he left he scored a hatrick so without a shadow of a doubt he is one badass player. If we were to get Coutinho for about 40/50 mill I think we should take it becuase he’s a proven player and we need a creative mid. And it just means we’ll have got 100 mill for free since we sold him for 142.

  46. Michael Alistair Cox

    Frank’s more direct style of play getting the ball forward very quickly is resulting in deterioration of the passing and build up. All of Chelsea’s best work earlier in the season was down to quality patient build up play. Now they look ragged and messy.

  47. Barath Varrier

    Psg might score 4 goals and in that Neymar will have four assists and the next day these guys are gonna be like. "Neymar's attitude was so bad that he decided not to score today."

  48. Andre Getfield

    Psg 4 Dortmund 5, Liverpool 1 athletic 7..valencia 2 Atlanta 1, red bull 3 Tottenham Hotspur 1

  49. Evans Mashaba

    The referee is a man united fan

  50. Niitro

    Karma for Chelsea for Jorginho’s goal against Arsenal when he shouldn’t have been on the pitch.

  51. Jose Hidalgo

    Anyone know how much Maguire's head weighs?

  52. IT'S_Bless

    These 2 mongs just mad United won let’s me honest

  53. Andre Getfield

    7 goals for athletic.. 1 for Liverpool.. they are going to do what they did Madrid in pre season

  54. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Man I'm still recovering from that Daytona 500 finish. Horrible crash and people should probably watch it..

  55. Delimon Thamar


  56. Uilliam Dante

    Atalanta is exciting going forward I see them winning 2 Nil

  57. Andy Medina

    Can we get an in-biased view of the game?! I mean, come on. Was it a penalty? Maybe, but did United not score 2 legitimate goals? Puhlease! Burley doesn’t know anything. He can’t give credit where it is due. He just wants a freebie. Kick out a guy and give Chelsea and advantage (sarcasm) for 75% of the game.

  58. silloweet

    It will be 0-0 because both teams are too used to playing farmers

  59. Anthony Hart

    Stevie on dortmund v psg "The winner is gonna have to outscore the other". Wow, i didn't realise that's how you win a 2 legged tie

  60. RONALDO cR7


  61. RONALDO cR7


  62. RONALDO cR7


  63. Commodore Laz

    VAR got it right for once and there was no violent intent from Maguire.

  64. Subhradip Chakraborty

    Yes. Except those sitting in the studios and sh*ting

  65. Basilio from Panama

    Psg defense always have a moment of madness...they need to be consistent to talk of being favourites

  66. Kieran R

    Thanks very much for watching ESPN on YouTwo; for more football highlights.. that outro makes me go insane

  67. Ross .B

    If PSG players can stay healthy then they have a big chance

  68. manase mwanza


  69. fglend73

    While most referees have never played at the professional level, the overwhelming majority of referees worldwide have been players at some level. The notion that referees have never played the game is just patently false.

    1. danley

      They literally said that ex-players for on-field referees is pretty much out of the question. This is about VAR so your argument is pointless.

  70. Greek Paian2zeus

    Messi will fart and espn will praise him straight away. Messi doesnt score goals, goals suddenly no longer matter. Messi disappears against Big teams, its the other barca players fault. You cannot criticise Messi

  71. Timothy Filipiuk

    Where has Paul Mariner gone? Haven’t seen that man in ages

  72. Trevor Joseph O'Neill

    No no and definitely no

  73. Vasudeva Kulkarni

    No one Literally no one Frank: myguire😂

  74. Gonzalo Haberreiter

    "exactly, pretty much" Stevie Nicol, 2020.

  75. this boi

    any time Manchester United win a game you pundits look very angry do you have a problem with United please can you answer my question

  76. deepak kumar

    ESPN FC crew were served another humble pie again.

  77. Tolis

    Arsenal win, Stevie nowhere to be seen...

  78. Dave Tapgun

    Wah! wah! wah! United wins, we move....

  79. Jjay How

    Who should he start over tho Gab? He’s not a holder so not Broz, Vecino and Barrella are definitely more dynamic than him sooo ...

  80. VlogsRichTuber

    The Chelsea game Harry Maguire should got a red card for doing dirty tackles on Michy batshuayi referee should gone to the monitor have a look at var like every competition do. the Premier League need to start doing that they say it takes too long to do that take the same time to talk into the microphone properly take bit longer I get fed with how premier league use var wrong they need it to the charger I am sure everybody agrees with me

  81. Sopita Ramen con Apio

    I didn’t want it but now I really want to see Raul Jimenez at Chelsea.

  82. ZAIN Mohammad

    😂😂😂 united won

  83. Jahzeal JR

    With liverpool v atletico people are gonna come with the mindset of thinking liverpool is gonna win this. However Spanish teams like atletico aren't pushovers, it's gonna be hard for liverpool and a part of me thinks atletico are gonna win.

  84. Kevin Wildfong

    Steve Nicol is such an idiot...

  85. Mohamed Tido koroma

    Steve is always against PSG Neymar as a whole, he’s just a hater. Saying OSG league isn’t too good well where’s the good league Premiere league?

  86. brian bates

    No, they should do what MLB and the NHL have done-a set group of people in the command center making all of the calls so the rulings are consistent. That's really the biggest issue I've seen this season-in one match it's a penalty, in another the exact same play is a dive. In one match it's a straight red, in another it's not even a yellow. Until the rulings are consistent (which has really only happened in regards to the offside calls) VAR is no improvement on just letting all of the clown show on the pitch rulings stand.

  87. Weekend_Logic

    PSG will avenge la remontada by beating Barca in the semis and they will meet Liverpool in the finals who will avenge their 2017/18 CL final defeat against Real Madrid in the other semis. Who will win between those two is anybody's guess

  88. Nicky Batts

    Ligue In is lopsided? What about the EPL?

  89. BVB 09

    that valencia tie is just wrong it should be EL game not CL

  90. mx r

    Yay two three man united hating wankers

  91. Eric Luce

    English football is gone by F.A N V.A.R

  92. Kam J

    Commentators should be in charge of var

  93. Atiq Atiq

    Does anyone know which club gab supports in Serie A

  94. AudioBeat Brony

    This man when you hear him you KNOW he hates PSG, he is trying to find the most ridiculous arguments just to show that PSG will not make better than the other years, he is ridiculous

  95. Torres Mft

    Chelsea missed Didier Drogb

  96. StamfordBridge

    At least Frank mentioned the reason for the question being asked tonight: VAR refs seeing one player clash into another, but not noticing that the first player was powerfully shoved into the other by another clashing into the back of him. And they took the step of disallowing an allowed goal based on this “observation” of what happened. It was staggering. The notion is that at least players might have the experience to notice what’s actually happening.

    1. StamfordBridge

      Max If that’s not a shove then by your own logic the goal should stand as the Chelsea player’s “push” was even less. But anyway, you’re blind if that’s your assessment. Maybe you should get a job working with VAR?

    2. Max

      lol fred didnt powerfully shove azpilicueta. he hardly touched him there wasnt enough contact for him to put his hands out and push williams. contact like that happens all the time in football or does contact now mean its a foul.

  97. bynahelemaal

    Liverpool are so far ahead in the prem, they can use a b squad in a few games before or after a cl game to rest key players! They are the faves for back to back cl’s!

  98. John Stones

    That game was as rigged as it gets

  99. Ken_Baba

    V-A-R....... What is it good for, absolutely nothing.

  100. Jesus Rodriguez

    CL Predictor: 1) Tie. There will be goals. 2) Liverpool. 3) Valencia 4) Tie. One side will be overconfident costing them the win.