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  1. A K

    Margot is the coolest chick :)))

  2. Biola Alabi

    I think Snoop is high already

  3. R13h D

    Is seen dating many men... Is known for writing songs about those guys... Still tries to say "I dont date" in interviews... 5 years later makes an ultra radical feminist documentary where she talks about how horrible men are and that she is a victim.

  4. Arthur Staufackar

    I wanted to make a joke, but everyone took all of them, so i'll Just say: They nerfed Obi Wan by making him stay in the Same Ground as Anakin.

  5. Mi tEcs

    meanwhile justin hit gym

  6. Kate D

    Getting strong Monty Python vibes from this guy

  7. msweso14

    Awnorld with a pic of awnorld on his shirt if just classic

  8. WastelandSodaPop

    I wanna see Mr Bean in a Retirement home..


    they both look like heavy bags after a life time of James Cameron beating them

  10. Deadnitez N.Z.

    Maori fella be backstage give that coat back!

  11. Halgarius

    when you eat dinner with Kermit and then you ask who is paying the bill 5:39

  12. freedom lover

    Too weird for me

  13. Alice Lee

    *gay man makes a joke* Everyone: 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. NHMI

    2:44 that is SO Ross's laugh 😂

  15. anonymous nameless


  16. THADZ

    Grinch in the Codmw3?

  17. Edward Tsymbaluk

    we need the Rock here

  18. OfficiallyEllxe

    Has anyone drug tested him?

  19. MUJ 118

    3:40 😂😂

  20. Kelly ann Kindness


  21. MUJ 118

    9:39 😂😂

  22. TNS

    Cripes, how much steroids has Johnson done to get that bulked up?

  23. blackneos940

    Does he have the high ground?

  24. kipling1957

    I have no idea either.

  25. Tommy Beau

    She’s got a beautiful pout. But it’s not a true pout because that’s how she closes her mouth. It’s the same of her mouth and jaw. Pouting is an attitude of sulking.

  26. Linda Johnson

    I’m almost 57, born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, I’ve never left the country and I’ve never heard the expression posited by Ms. Robbie. Where the hell was she raised, Queensland or Tasmania? Maybe it’s just her own weird fetish lmfao ;)

  27. flyingzone

    Chadwick Boseman is so handsome.

  28. R13h D

    Someone needs to let Taylor know that Mr Cleese is this thing known as a "comedian" and they do this thing called "comedy"...and British Comedians do love to give biting remarks.

  29. Mauie B

    Ohhhh de niro smiled 2:06 😁

  30. Sinequanon J

    Sam Smith looks like a Scottish aunty from a council estate ready for a night out.

  31. K E

    Lady Gaga is acting like she´s dead. Hello?

  32. Starscream1

    Switch that thing off.

  33. Puds Deroiste

    He must have suggested the plot line where Monica dresses up and roller skates at the 50s diner

  34. Joe Pistone

    people that like cats and not dogs cannot be trusted

  35. Ivan Santana

    and how do we go from laughing at the moron's gross manner of speach in his own language, and then curse a non-english speakers who actually make en effort? I really don't see anything "fonny", or attractive, let alone a reason to laugh.

  36. Neil Taylor

    Still sounds like a 12 year old though. 😏😂🤣

  37. J D

    Damn those Wakandans are racist.

  38. Joabe Nascimento

    Hello, Cambridge? I need to take my FCE test again

  39. anakin Skywalker


  40. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Well, The Duke wasn't wrong.

  41. Sade Adu

    retuen of the mummy....awful and disgusting how she looks....

  42. Eoin McElligott

    "An upmarket Brothel" , how classy

  43. Daniëlle Zwinkels

    Ru's laugh is so contagious

  44. MyessYallyah Americus

    I know that none of you understand how much pain im in right now. I don't like any of you. id like nothing more then to watch you all die today. you are revoked.

  45. Shehanaz Pañth Pathan the mpopde

    How is. You all do nowi. It ok. To. Writing nigth time

  46. Luci Felder

    Anyone else waiting for her to speak russian?

  47. Kevin Sills

    That was too funny.............loved it! :)

  48. Snowy Owel

    God what a big head 🤓

  49. Ronnie Perry

    Everyone swetas buckets on this show

  50. Andy Pounder

    How racist was Kevin Hart in this? But white ppl just accept it

    1. Andy Pounder

      The whole interview not just this

  51. Warren Beatty

    People always want a number from me. I honestly have lost count back in the day. If I had to guess it'd be closer to 1300 than 13'000. It's somewhere around 1000. I dated the most desired women back then, but Wilt Chamberlain was right when he said that to sleep with the right woman 1000 times is more satisfying than to sleep with 1000 different women.

  52. ComedyRole6

    Gosh I've not seen Sam Smith in ages. They look damn glamorous now haha

  53. R G

    It seems it took 15 years for Graham to invite Rupaul to one of his chat shows again (and 10 since Drag Race started...): ukmine.info/vid/YTJabTFITEFrTkU/video.html

  54. Elisa Bocquillon-Iglesia


  55. Keith Courson

    You could totally tell Ms. Nicole was digging him.

  56. Mitch Swanson

    Definately still a hottie!

  57. Walter De wit

    Jeff Goldblum is always chewing something.

  58. Kathy Childress

    The Rock has a nice smile

  59. Ruslan

    didn't know Magnetto was gay

  60. depannist

    "Yeah, too far.. " lol

  61. Murmurs of Blaustein

    1:51 this is what Mike Bloomberg said and it ended him in two ways.

  62. Raina Musabelli


  63. Alice Koltun

    What's so funny about Charles and an Albert Charles is just as perverted as Andrew and that's nothing to laugh about is it both hurt a lot of people

  64. Craig Davidson

    These 2 need there own show

  65. Sufian Abuahmad

    Sometimes we forget Ruffalo is actually a great with natural comedy

  66. Billy West

    Normally I don't say such negative things, but wow, Sam Smith is one of the most overrated artists of all time, and his 007 theme is actually, according to anyone with functioning hearing, the worst ever made. This dude is a total joke, he just has good sound production behind him, aka, people with actual talent.

  67. TYR FREE

    "You can't see me" 50 cent. John cena makes it a household name. WWE claims it. RAPPERS NEED TO TRADEMARK THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FOR GODS SAKE.

  68. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Wow.Harry&Meghan to be in Graham Norton Show? When?

  69. Yamimoto Nokamina

    I was listening to an episode of the TV series "Supernatural" dubbed in Latin American Spanish. The character Dean (Jensen Ackles) is known for his deep voice, but the guy doing his voice in Spanish has a voice a little higher in pitch. If you watch the early episodes of "Supernatural," Jensen Ackles' voice wasn't that deep, so he has cultivated that lower pitch. The dubbed voice matches Dean's early voice.

  70. Not the expert

    Andy looks like Jeffs dad.

  71. Adam Badali

    She was going to say: *“I don’t remember ever being apart from you.”.* but he ruined it. 😝

  72. Adam Badali

    J Law is always thirstin bruh

  73. Full ARM

    "free" masons having a meeting at blue logde

  74. Kripht

    I've seen her play the doctor and I still wouldn't recognize her as him.

  75. Emmanuel Morales

    Nope. Simply twenty seconds in and NOPE.

  76. Silver Back

    Down at fraggle rock

  77. Ms. 008

    Didn't MJ buy the rights.... To his ✨🎶🎶🎶🎶📻📻📻🎵🎼🎵🎶🎶🎶

  78. Sugarsmaxx

    Rock got busted on the graham norton show lol

  79. Nonnonbutlove

    Jealous of that tweet!

  80. Romina Estrada A

    He’s so beautiful

  81. Adam Badali


  82. Bekkhan T

    Am I the only one who’s getting excited to hear Aaron’s voice?

  83. stephen meinhold

    now we know that her excuse that was she was on boob watch was totally bogus I am glad she is out of the closet but my dream of us together has been shattered. but there's always the chance of a threesome. about as much chance of me flying to the moon by flapping my arms up and down.

  84. Robert Emerson

    That just became my new saying. 😃

  85. Daniel de Gruchy

    'Stupid is as Stupid does'

  86. Hawk Eye Station Paranormal

    AND dark fate floped world wide mmmnmm i whonder why🤣🤣

  87. Gralex1080

    did anyone hear that strange sound at 0:46 ?!

  88. Arlene Duran

    What a stupid non funny show.

  89. E H

    Did you know there doing a pitch perfect four I'm so excited I was like what?? If you don't believe me go search it on msn! Can't wait for the 4th one!😜💙

  90. Marlie4Dark 21

    Am I the only one that doesn't find the puppet anything close to real?

  91. mishka kviriashvili

    A drag queeeeeeeeeeeeen a drag quuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  92. videobenji

    Alicia Vikander doesn't even know that Sweden is NOT a socialist country. Higher redistribution than other countries, yes, but the government does not own the means of production. There were eras when it did, and those were Sweden's darkest times. Modern Sweden's wealth is due to markets working.

  93. Osvaldo Ortiz

    They look old , old looks olmoust dead , dead it's no good, so they don't look good .

  94. Precious Mercer

    Emily blunt and the 2020 Adele are totally twins

  95. Naya Mun

    Is it the funniest thing in her life? Doesn’t she have nothing more interesting to say? She already talked about this on some show.

  96. Stephanie Kolb

    Whoppie’s man-spread with two cross-legged gents. She’s an adorable boss.

  97. fleu elise

    She's one of the Red John's squad

  98. Daria

    I don't understand the so called american prudishness. Westworld is HBO which is US, no? Where's the prudishness? Like we all watch filthy TV but otherwise we're really shy about that stuff? What? :D

  99. James Goldheart


  100. Avi8or

    omgggg "che brutta" - so ugly. lollll and look AT HER now. best actress ever. also the difference between the graham norton show and jimmy fallow is abyssal. cant stand jimmy's fake laughs.