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  1. Reezy Savage

    "ignored the call of the athan" that tore me apart.

  2. no sam semaj

    All about role models. If you have positive role models in your life you'll do well, if not you'll sink.

  3. Maryiam Ijaz

    I love this

  4. Maryiam Ijaz

    I cant remember the last time we actually brought soap

  5. Halal Eats Ender Kid

    Humza I luv it videos been watching scone the chronic!we of full I remind ever line!!

  6. Halal Eats Ender Kid

    2020 anyone

  7. Milly

    That guy who stabbed the boy is he from eastenders😂


    I’m sharing this dw

  9. Em

    2:50 lol I remember some kid asked for that when u came to Kingston college 😭😂

  10. top gun

    Very powerful story

  11. Ayaan Hussain

    Hamza should make a bad man book not about the series but like a fresh book like the series one but a few changes

  12. Sufyaan Mohammed

    This is too jokes I've been watching humza since Chronicles of tutoo 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  13. DragonBeast

    This is so shit

  14. علوش العراقي


  15. علوش العراقي


  16. Jay Lucky

    Amazing, respect speak from da heart my brother , this is what we need to heal build bridges n move forward TOGETHER IN UNITY ,

  17. Darragh Cunningham

    This video hits different respect

  18. Jay Lucky

    Powerful ,sad this is happening in our society, love all

  19. Bishan Magar

    Bringing back memories from 6 years ago ]

  20. Phantom

    Who misses umar and the guy with no family

  21. Turjan Ahmed

    this dude is funny he first told us to love our parents then now he say leave a like

  22. Nashmiya Ali

    This is an amazing and true story really wish there is a part two

  23. Biamah Alhtar

    Third time watching 🤪💯


    Preach it bro

  25. Aram V

    My main enemy is white people coping other Muslims by saying wallahi

  26. Zara Khan

    I was 3 when this was made 😮

  27. aaya Chothia2135

    This video was hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing. You're so underrated hope you achieve 1 mil subscribers

  28. Dont Know

    i need to meet this guy one day hes the best and soo funny omgg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️

  29. Furqan Butt

    This film had no right to hit my soul that hard. 😔 Beautiful work.

  30. 8

    scene starting at 10:25 / 10:26 is powerful af to us young youth 12-21

  31. dj Khan

    Fukn deep 💯💥

  32. Az Kadiri

    Excellent film.

  33. Gang Gang

    When’s that bad man coming out the new episode

  34. Fahrenheit 2019

    He looks like a angry gerbil in this scene 1:17:44🐹


    One time in Pakistan my uncle put all my cousins on one motorbike with my little baby sister at the front saying it will all be fine then 2 minutes later they all fell of the motorbike and I couldn’t stop laughing

  36. Fahrenheit 2019

    3:26 what Bradford boys sound like.....

  37. Asif Khamisa

    M7h is a good one for our country but it will have been able to play

  38. Fahrenheit 2019

    Who else misses hamzas old videos, no offence to him.

  39. RG

    Why did man just jump out of the car he should of just done a drive by

  40. 5MinuteSchool

    Fantastic video Humza! A great message!

  41. Meme central

    How has he still not got 100m subscribers

  42. Like and Subscribe


  43. hadi raja

    Yo you're

  44. Like and Subscribe


  45. rehana78677

    If u disrespect humzah he’ll get auntie rishta

  46. rehana78677

    Yes bro yaara look at me

  47. Itsludba


  48. Samad Hussain

    I dare ya

  49. Samad Hussain


  50. YUNG malc

    that's the best short clip

  51. Elizabeth Agbettor

    A truly inspirational short film

  52. MoSet

    love this mashallah. keep it up brother

  53. John Whoskins

    Hopefully when I become famous, I will mention humza for being my motovation

  54. John Whoskins

    This g should of hit mils time ago, 🤷‍♂️

  55. nabila abdi


  56. Mohammad Khalid

    i got so shocked she started talking norwegian

  57. Hashim Tauqeer

    12:54 look at the guy with the v cut he was making it so bait that they were all just gonna fight

  58. Hashim Tauqeer

    2020 and im still watching this guy Keep up the good work bro tml❤

  59. RYAN .10

    Wow there was snow 😂

  60. Therobloxer -


  61. Abdullah Jamil

    Yo I know I’m bare late I thought this is gonna be some next shit but I couldn’t be more wrong.keep up the good work mad respect for you bro

  62. Muhammad Usman

    Fam come to Springwrst academy


    Man your getting too good now. This is some next level. I wouldn't be surprised if you make a feature film that gets global. Big up yourself Badman. Peace

  64. Commander1SUV

    Isn't ace just the d tech version of Dre from power

  65. Dalal

    Wait his “dad” doesn’t use a lotta he uses toilet paper

  66. 100 subscribers With 0 videos

    Why do they all have bmw 😂

  67. salman khan

    What a message that was deep

  68. Fearless Tiger

    This has tought me a really good lesson to respect your parents

  69. Rajvir Singh

    2020 I’m back again

  70. No.1_MK_2k18 Capz

    whens episode 2 comin out

  71. Gujar T


  72. Salih ozhot


  73. Cat GB2

    this is some deep shit but highlights big issues in todays society

  74. Yusuf Butt

    Is that blood?!?! 0:22

    1. Yusuf Butt

      That is blood!!!