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  1. Juan Perret

    Fati has been making fun of defenders tbh. Needs a little better end product but he's 17

  2. Belen Força Barça

    Donnarumma fake news and Fati wanna be? No way. Especially Gigi

  3. Njo Njo

    Warum bringt ihr solche Themen nicht auf dem deutschen Kanal? Finde hier auf dem englischen Kanal gibt es viel mehr verschiedene und innovative Ideen. Könnt ihr gerne auch auf dem deutschen Kanal bringen. 😄

  4. Potat

    2:16 you never walk alone

  5. Yahia Champ21

    Inter are in europa league not Ucl 😂

  6. Orozco Mary Orozco


  7. Circular_ Sleepy

    Where is greenwood

  8. Captain Bongos

    Matt: What team is gonna want a 34 year old? Juventus: I’ll do you one better!

  9. Jack West

    Jesus christ oh its his first season give him slack JUST FUCK OFF he was brought in at 150 million ( don t know how accurate I am ) he has to hit the groung running like Ronaldo like mbappe . He has been shocking he needs to improve so FUCK OFF use all 1 of your brain cell and milliond of chromosones and shut up

  10. Ryan Yowell

    pepe's not a young star. he's nearly 25

    1. Jack West

      Fuck off he is younger and is going through a big change in his carrear

  11. Maximilian LE

    Nicccccco 👌🏼✌🏼🤙🏼

  12. Ahmed .p

    I’ve heard rumours about Manchester City getting relegated to league2. Is that true?

  13. Andrew m

    Liverpool did play at the weekend 6:05

  14. Nana Yaw

    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL PREDICTION: Barca vs Manchester city 2:1 Aguero with the first goal of the game remember this. Plz note it

  15. Nana Yaw

    Barca has a different philosophy and so I believe Griezmann deserves a bit of time even though we need his best performances this season, he will get better but he has to bring it out this season and we will get it out of him.

    1. Jack West

      I can fault you like others cause you understand he is underpreforming and that he needs to start preforming quickly

  16. Latter

    Ansu fati literally just turned 17...

  17. jorge medina

    Benzema is having the season of his life but yet he has nearly the same stats as Griezmann... I can’t wait for him to get in form then

  18. Caren Philbert

    Aguero is like messi and cr7

  19. Oka Mayen

    Inter is actually in the Europa league not champions league

  20. Hanan Cheikhali

    Well OK about the city thing it’s not complete yet so I don’t know why everyone’s going crazy about it and about the PSG thing I hear one minute Neymar is playing and then another minute Neymar is not playing like I am really confused at this point

  21. Poisoned Bytoxic


  22. Rabbi Bob

    So you can't say dick, but you can say tits?

  23. Jesus Ojeda

    Aguero in particular is very unlikely to leave- he's a City's legend, as weird as that can sound. The mere chance of some champions' glory isn't worth damaging his legacy by leaving when the club is in a bad position (not to mention the monetary appreciation in the present and future that he would surely get by staying) Guardiola in the other hand is well known by leaving a club when things go south or he isn't getting his way. With both instances happening now, he's quite likely to leave, however City is powerful enough to bribe or intimidate him to stay, I guess...

  24. John Blessed

    I hope Man City will be an example to all football clubs in Europe that cheat in modern football.

  25. Ranting Swede

    City will drag the appeal out so they will still be in the ucl next season then they will have the sentence changed to just money or one year out of the ucl. Nothing will change city will get out of it without any lasting problems. They'll probably appeal the points deduction for next season as well and end up getting no deduction but pay a fine

  26. J.ojo.d

    Bayern ll win

  27. Michael Obrien

    Matt talks some rubbish

  28. Ashton Simpson

    Mo is the best player

  29. Pedro Martins

    Portuguese league cover thanks

  30. Nqubeko Majozi

    true matt they can't atract any playe4s like jadon sancho if they aint playing champions league football.

  31. H A R I Z A H M A D

    Neymar and Mbappe have been announced to be in champions league

  32. Saish Sail

    Can't believe my question got picked!!!😊😊😊 Thanks Matt!!!

  33. Asif Shahriar

    Matt, as much as I love Onefootball, I didn't like how you guys completely overlooked the disgusting racist event at Portuguese football league. You didn't even include it in the daily news. That's a real serious issue

    1. Jack West

      N offence this is an issue but this is a comment based episode and was what people wanted discussion on

  34. Ibby FC

    Friday Feels Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle

  35. Giuliano Hofmann

    i absolutely love these videos

  36. thatwouldbestrange hi

    Salah broke the premier league in his first season for liverpool

    1. Jack West

      Now is overrated you Can t deny it

  37. Jay every Day

    Agueuos career is over

  38. SimsV

    Dortmund will go through..!! I hope..🙏

  39. Istvan Egerszegi

    Barcelona home kit is one of the best so is the Wolfsburg kit

  40. Harry Kane

    Why don’t UEFA go investigate Liverpool the real cheaters

  41. Deri

    05:20 Woooow .. major Griezmann issues dude.. You need some kind of Griezmann-Therapy :P :P

    1. Jack West

      What is this comment it is pointless

  42. mehdi abdulameer


  43. Purab Baruah

    Wish you and some like minded people were on ESPN instead of those Knobheads speaking bullshit all year

  44. Jad Ghanem

    I watched the 4-4 psg match , Tiago silva coming from injury wasn’t ready , he was very careful playing , when he got subbed in the second half Marquinhos was way better , psg should start with Marquinhos against Dortmund tiago needs more time

  45. TheMasterpiecePD

    If Mohamed Toure is 15 years old then Barack Obama is my long lost brother.

  46. Shay’s Studio

    2 season ban and 30 million pound

  47. Shay’s Studio

    Man City we’re done before the season even started

  48. Najma Gedi


  49. Wolves n Kylez

    Deutsche hier?

    1. RotWeiss 1907


  50. Ulrik Hrenovica

    City is f**ked

  51. Lyrics 3D

    Ney is in the squad for the BVB first leg

  52. Jeshua Esher

    Come back to Atleti Kun, we lack good strikers

    1. Jack West

      And you lack loyal ones cough*greizman*cough

  53. BeanTaz 20

    Who do you think could finish 5th in the PL?

  54. Spacedust Daddy

    What french players ? Umitii is not the same guy who lost his spot for France Dembele is always injured Lenglet just got in France and hasn't even played a major game. I don't understand the hate for griezmann. Yes it is his first season and now he's under second coach in just 7 months. Give him a break and talk about someone else.

    1. Jack West

      No no he has to preforme his fee literaly says that at that level you don t get a chance to adapt over a season a few weels a month maybe but then you have to start preforming so FUCK OFF WITH YOUR STUPID BULLSHIT

  55. I Bims

    Onefootball Deutschland is beste ja

  56. Sidharth Agrawal

    Hazard has been injured for 84 days.....

  57. Speed Damon

    If only man city could forfeit their players to man United for a bargain

  58. Uilliam Dante

    Exactly IF, city wasn't going win it anyways even this ban and all that didn't happen! 😂

  59. Rewan 10

    Griezmann has been decent 11goals aint bad he is not a flop like Coutinho

    1. Jack West

      Coutino was even that good whrn he came greizman is and he isn t to a good enough level FACT

  60. Tocilo

    Pep said he is staying at City even if ban isn't appealed,same with Aguero.

    1. Jean-Louis Jabouin

      Managers and players saying things vs actually doing what they promised are two different things.

  61. spondon kashyap

    Kdb should leave city he's too good to be not playing in ucl and matt just calm down griezmann is struggling because the whole barca team is really bad this season first valverde misused him and now he's playing under setien who uses completely different tactics so just give the guy some time he's certainly been the 3rd best player for barca this season behind messi and ter stegan and it's not his fault that barca paid 120 mil for him

    1. spondon kashyap

      @Jack West yeah he's saved us countless times this season cuz our defense is just so shaky without him and messi we wouldn't even be in a title race

    2. Jack West

      And ter stegen

    3. Jack West

      3rd besr ohh shit I have more to say ok then one meesi was better suarez was better fati is doing better

    4. Jack West

      So mabye he sould step and help to end this spell and even carry the team if he has to he could at athletico he can do it here. Eveb fred managed to step up and make up for the loss of Mctomminay

  62. Farnoud Tavakoli

    I think psg will win the first leg 3-1. Yes, we’ve had a bit of a hiccup and it pisses me off that this almost always happens against the worst teams in the league, but I think this year will be the year we are actually mentally capable of beating a team that has a slower defence that a disabled turtle

  63. jayasree A ayyaruthodiyil

    Where is kepa? he's one of the best managers 😜

  64. Conrad Toby

    If, if, if....why don't you all stop the stupid speculations. What ManCity is accused of, all the big clubs have done prior to 2011/2012. Football is a business, and in business, you can not succeed unless you take some risks.

  65. Jack Greenacre

    Someone needs to talk about Marega: He was getting racially abused, then scored and celebrated by pointing to the colour of his skin. Afterwards he told his manager to sub him off as players from both teams tried to stop him from leaving the pitch.

  66. MrRolemaster

    Moukoko. 'nuff said.

  67. Ajay Hoey2

    Hows life treating you Matt

  68. Emmanuel Stephenson

    Barca is not every club in the world. We have a system. We try to play a certain way. Barca DNA is for real. So it takes a bit more time to get into the system. Griezmann will come good. He is pure class.

    1. Jack West

      Oh god he is a forward he scores goals when pep put this style into city it didn t affect aguero

  69. Chris333

    This dude is lacking intelligence. Most noticeable when he was talking about Griezmann and Pepe.

    1. Chris333

      Griezmann was basically THE star at Atletico, at Barca he is one of many, he had to adapt a different mentality. That also transfers to play style, its not like Barca and Atleticos playing style are alike whatsoever, like you make it sound, saying he should be able to adapt immediately. Simeone and (then) Valverde expect completely different football from their teams. Pepe has no pressure whatsoever and has never had any expectations put on him and he still doesnt perform. Also, he is a former Ligue 1 player with a single good season so far, would not expect too much improvement from him. But that could just be what playing at Arsenal does to you. Why does Pepe get a pass because of age? Because Griezmann has had consistently good seasons since he was around Pepes age and Pepe is still young but had one good season a year ago?? That makes no sense.

    2. Chris333

      Onefootball English Because you contradict yourself with those nonsensical statements.

    3. Jack West

      Fuck off i have replied on 8 comment with this bullshit pepe is young needs to improve this was expected grezman is 28 in his prime he just isn t meeting expectations

    4. Onefootball English

      Just because I share a different opinion to you?

  70. Morad Abuasab

    No one adapts to Barca easily, especially Considering the shift in philosphy from Atheltico Madrid. Neymar also struggled in the first and second season.

    1. Jack West

      Yes as a young player not a 28 year old frenchman in his prime mate sane has been better he hasn t even fully recovered yet

  71. cai nyo

    were is kubo, greenwood and tonali

  72. Francisco Paris Aparicio


  73. Sam Allardyce

    stones & otamendi to man utd confirmed ! ole is a big admirer of them two

  74. Mozory

    Nico der Ehrenmann

  75. Luzkiefer

    Can we talk about the right guys stupid t-shirt

  76. FuryKingW

    kinda think that Man City will get off the ban

  77. Samuel Black

    I think PSG have no excuses to lose, with Icardi, Di Maria and Cavani up front they should get goals, but the defence needs improving. There are no talks for PSG to sign a new defence at all so they aren’t trying to stop conceding

  78. M.x.o. 7

    Sergio back to Atleti!

  79. aleksandra kekic

    Winning Chapions League won't help,but that will be cool and that will means that they are champions and that they don't need Chapions League.

  80. Ninadh venkatesh

    Barcelona should play griezmann at left back he is better at defending

    1. Jack West

      I love this

  81. Chinmay Das

    Your background juventus jersey is ruined btw.

  82. 1k subs no vid sub to me

    No one knows wat I said

  83. quick mammal

    If City is banned, and Girona FC qualifies for La Liga, I know where Pep will go and half of City squad "on loan".

    1. Rajat Chorghe

      quick mammal that’s actually a pretty good idea, you should tweet it to the entire manager staff at least one person may see it.

  84. Spitfire Gaming

    I think Matt is completely correct about Pepe, he is coming good which pains me to say as a cfc fan, but he is no Tammy

    1. Jack West

      And tammy is not martial

    2. level 99 keyboard warrior

      Two completely different players

  85. Shai Levy

    Pepe will become amazing mark my words

  86. Abhinav Chauhan

    Thanks for the non-bullshit honest talk matt

  87. Cristobal Cruz

    Pep literally said he was gonna stay

    1. McAulinho _

      He has to. Managers and players say that all the time and then leave like 3 days later.

  88. Aidan Thomas

    It’s hard for greizman because he’s out of position but he needs to be playing better because he’s not been good enough

    1. Jack West

      Shut up he still is under preforming it dosen t change a thing

  89. Arnav Desai

    Haland scoring is not exactly the best prediction🤣

  90. Veera Sekar

    haland is going to rip psg apart

  91. Rakesh Ramphul

    You need a sleep really need a sleep your information are shit

    1. Onefootball English

      Based on what?

  92. William Hennyng

    Please dont diss Hazard. That draw with Celta was terrible from Real Madrid but he was fantastic. Comparing him To Fati is dumb. Messi is giving him goals, he has got so much more playtime and Hazard came from a completely different league, club and style. From a Real And Hazard fan

  93. Ibrahim Ben Haj Rhouma

    Guys guys guys. Griezmann did this when he first joined Atleti. He didnt do well but then he got used to the playing style and became a world class player. I think Griezmann will just need a while and he'll become better. His performances have also become better slowly

    1. Jack West

      @K13R4N_32 thanx bro

    2. K13R4N_32

      @Jack West yess lad

    3. Jack West

      @erion lejthizeyou idiot he is 28 in his prime 8 goal isn t enough halaand is 19 amd already has 7 goals one less in like 4 5 games FUCK OFF HE HAS TO DO BETTER

    4. Jack West

      Oh FUCK OFF yes i know this but then he was younger a player for the future but now he is 28 in his prime at barca with a massive transfer fee and isn t preforming. HE HAS TO IMPROVE final shut and lose your extra chromosone it dosen t make you cool

    5. erion lejthize

      Ibrahim Ben Haj Rhouma yeah 8 goals in la liga in is first season isnt that bad at all

  94. PatatoMan 90

    I think ManCity are gonna be a team who will soon be in the EPL Championship...

  95. Furious Gamer

    Thanks for choosing my comment 😃