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  1. hafy day

    *_RANDOM_* fun fact: you we're once the youngest person

  2. Nighthawk Dutch chameleon

    North Korea. Finnally we have this capability

  3. david lee

    Stuck in a deserted island? Need to signal a passing ship or plane? Use elephant toothpaste!!

  4. ShinmaRyuu

    Fun Fact Nate, oxygen gas expands VERY quickly and this reaction produces a ton of it 😁. Well at least it wasn’t on fire lol.

  5. The Aussie Gaming Beard

    hope that truck wasnt a rental lol

  6. All factz

    Yes😎😎 the king of random return

  7. Akshit Bhatia

    Make a potato canyon) canon or of this

  8. computergamer888

    Already pre-ordered 2 copies a digital and a paperback copy. Looking forward to reading & doing cool stuff

  9. Simon T

    How the food coloring did nerarly nothing.

  10. FullarVP


  11. Julian Tunge

    This bish dead

  12. Yannique Nelson

    Press f to pay respect

  13. AngeliqueFens

    A soap bar or maybe tooth paste

  14. Nathaniel Mohammed

    me: sees pipe explode also me: buys thinner pipes and recreates

  15. Ishmael Galaviz

    2:35 y’all ain’t slick 🍆

  16. Shiva Sethi

    You did it all wrong dude You would have placed it before like they did What a mess n no diamond 😂😂😂😂

  17. Glen Blair

    Could you make a rocket with elephant toothpaste as fuel?.

  18. SapphireRose GMLV

    i was wondering, can you even breath while doing that?

  19. Bruce Risley

    you need to find John Collinsthe Paper Airplane Guy

  20. Senna Bergmans

    7:51 that sound

  21. Zahid Zahidul Islam

    Do you have kids?

  22. Jacob Krout

    Why not make the throat of the beakers thinner...kinda like a rocket engine, with the combustion chamber leading into a small hole (the throat) then out to the nossel

  23. ábhì mísçhì êf

    11:57 cali's wow that's weird

  24. Manohar Namshikar

    I made elephant toothpaste for a science project I made it in a bottle and used potassium permanganate so the reaction was slow But I closed the cap of the bottle and shook it so the bottle exploded in my hand so I was the one to creat a elephant toothpaste grenade

  25. Under The Radar

    Queen of Random ❤

  26. Tommy the aussie legend

    I have that set

  27. Psychroclasm

    Nate: "It's activated, so it shouldn't be bleaching the trucks, right?" Nick: Conspicuously ignores Nate's question

  28. Inbread Redneck From Arkansas

    3:08 sounds like your redlining a Prius

  29. ibro khan

    Who is this dude?

  30. OXIDE Gaming

    What if you put cotton in a vacuum chamber?

  31. Gamer 22 Garcia


  32. Ironking 469

    I miss grunt

  33. Tearex_

    Anybody here that doesn't want to look for the exact moment the video starts: Nothing happens. Of course nothing will, because its a HV transformer with some noble gas in the globe.

  34. Kawaii Potato

    So uhhhare they grants children..??

  35. Jordan Gipson

    The elephant toothpaste bo... er... I mean cannon was epic!! 😂

  36. Dane Kaneshiro

    Yall made a elephant tooth paste mortar shell 😂😂😂😂 would if they could control that any better

  37. OCG - Overwatch Console Gameplays

    Only Nate's truck has been hurt while filming

  38. king kung

    Did anyone see big Bird in the thumb nail?

  39. J AFFAR

    RIP my hero

  40. Nathan Valley

    You only wanna use about ten drops of food color,, ah it's ok you can do about 20...... .then they all turn out yellow pretty much because of his chemical he uses and oxidizing lol

  41. Shriyansh Patnaik

    Saw this on my recommended today... Rip Legend 🙌

  42. yashra azim

    Can you see what happens when you freeze dry jam and see what happens when you heat jam up

  43. Johnnie Black X/

    As soon as I saw grants wife I started crying

  44. Autumn Johnson

    Me watching 2:49 for 3,000,000 time because of how Nate said "NO DON'T DO THAT" LMAOO😂😂

  45. lmaodrengen

    It's very happy. Yees, yes it is.

  46. Random Workshop

    On your counter...with COKE. I'm there dude.

  47. Fayerie Leow

    Can lipsticks/lipbalms be used?

  48. Ted24689 classified.

    If he says neodymium like that one more time💀

  49. yveltal lover

    Who else started crying

  50. Group Boy


  51. chris powell

    Thought that was Megan Fox lol

  52. Nightmare Kyøt

    The Kit Of Random - Kit Reviews and Hacks

  53. okuyasu

    *I can see this as an event item*

  54. Rafay Ali

    The frozen Coke looks like diarrhea.

  55. Bemizal Abid

    I really miss Grand.... I started to watch UKmine becaus eof his videos....

  56. strathgarda

    Keep trying to figure out where this is. Herriman?

  57. Yeet Gods

    At 1:14 did anyone else notice callies face

  58. Emma Baikie

    Little does she know TKOR will be her job

  59. Akhilesh Kumar

    But wwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyy

  60. RoyalCaoCao

    Pretty sure a normal duct tape, with enough, can provide even a better result.

  61. Group Boy


  62. Adam Crawford

    Can you make 1 video each week where you don't insult the intelligence of your subscribers?

    1. Under The Radar

      Don't like it, don't watch it. Pretty simple. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  63. Fantom 360

    Calli:your wearing a shirt that says ‘Cali’ on it Me in my head:well yes but it is spelt wrong

  64. Dan Sherman

    Use some short PVC pipes and water balloons to blow stuff up

  65. Briana Castaneda

    This is the 999th comment

  66. fasfan

    I think Mark Rober and his Guinness World Record Elephant toothpaste certificate might argue about who is the "King of elephant toothpaste." lol

  67. Inhuman Filth

    His dirty lab coat is the equivelant of a metal heads crusty battle vest. You dont wash off that glory lol

  68. Arley Rivas

    You can still see the pain in her eyes.

  69. Rainy R&R & R&R

    Crazy stuff

  70. dirtbikesforlife ###

    Get a huge ball of steel wool and put it on the end of a crane while it is lit👍🏼

  71. yagitka

    Deep Fry one of your videos

  72. Nick Z

    '"Just kidding its water !"' No really

  73. wonderwoogie

    Would an elephant toothpaste rocket be possible?

  74. Spencer Nelson

    5:53 *Uses it as a General Antiseptic*

  75. Nathan Coleman

    Can you light elephant toothpaste on fire?

    1. Under The Radar

      That would be so rad! Just a huge flaming foam nightmare! Sick!

  76. Jack Mehoff

    Whoever that guest is, whenever it's not his turn to speak it looks like it last killing him to not tell people what going to happen. And a few time he couldn't even help himself n he talked over people.

  77. Rainy R&R & R&R

    I like the glass ones

  78. Chaotic FPS

    Ik he was dead but I didn’t know how, and I almost cried when u saw it...

  79. Carlos Canales

    Superglue vs high altitudes

  80. Carlos Canales

    Superglue vs high altitudes

  81. Jonathan Lim

    You really gotta think about it, you know? Even if you dip the real lock in water and freeze it, it's still not gonna break. So imagine just a spray that coats the outside. 🤔

  82. yco67

    same bowl that i eat my porridge from..

  83. Joshua Morrall

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Cali is kinda insane?

  84. thallok

    Famous last words - "I think it's going to hold the pressure just fine", just before the cannon explodes. The pressure in the cannon built to 920 PSI !!! Read more Here are the chemistry calculations: 1000 mL of 35% H2O2 = 350 gm H2O2 (35% W/V); 350 gm H2O2 ÷ 34 gm/mol = 10.3 mol H2O2; 2 H2O2 = 2 H2O + O2; 10.3 mol H2O2 yields 5.1 mol O2 if reaction complete; 5.1 mol O2 x 22.4 L/mol (at STP) = 115 L O2 (g); Estimated cannon volume (18" x 4" sch 40 PVC and 12" x 2" sch 40 PVC) = (l)(π r^2) = (18")(3.14 x 2"^2) + (12")(π x 1"^2) = 260 cu. in. = 4.3 L; Volume of H2O in cannon = 1 L; Volume of gas space in cannon = 3.3 L; △H(dec) = 23.4 kcal/mol x 10.3 mol = 240 kcal; △T = 240°C = 538°K; Pressure (P) of O2 inside of cannon (with △T = 240°C) P = (14.7 PSI) x (volume of O2 at STP) ÷ (volume of cannon) x (538°K) ÷ (298°K) = 14.7 PSI x (115 L ÷ 3.3 L) x (538°K ÷ 298°K) = 920 PSI. The bursting pressure of 4" sch 40 PVC pipe is 800 PSI. Fortunately for Nate, a glue joint failed before the cannon became shrapnel!!!

  85. yco67

    looking safer than cell phone batteries..

  86. shadowfox9801

    can you mix brake fluid and chlorine from a previous video and start a campfire that way?

  87. Jade Lopez

    For bookmarks I've known for a toothpick to be an AMAZING bookmark low profile too. But okay sassy mate. We get it.

  88. duckforceone

    need more explosions with that.... :D

  89. AKA KHavens

    Need big pink balloon we had as kids. Attached to rubber band and you'd punch the balloon. Put hydrogen peroxide,soap,and color in big water container. Put activator in balloon. Stretch balloon opening over neck of bottle and secure by any means possible. Tip balloon upwards and see how big it gets before it explodes.

  90. ProGamerNG14

    Try making a intentional grenade with the toothpaste

  91. Nyan !

    This is a way to make your annoying vegan neighbor leave.

  92. cbock83

    I wish everyone a happy Day


    What if you drink liquid oxygen

  94. Rainy R&R & R&R

    Thats cool stuff to no

  95. francis white

    SO is elephant toothpaste in the book?

  96. Драган Васойевич

    Hey I'm sad and salty

  97. 10k Subs Without Video

    Vietnam chemical warfare colorized

  98. Gavin Hudgins

    Spray it inside the lock

  99. Doggy Colors

    where can i get a jarvis?