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  1. Jody White

    I'm a big fan

  2. Jody White

    Yore forehead is bigger than the titanic!!!! (Dont hate me!!!!!!!!!)

  3. Andrew Moynihan

    Talia's like oh, that electric shock explains a lot

  4. Raptor

    7:28 Simon having a good time down there

  5. Noir Weiss

    "down like that" sounded like early Rihanna, singing live <3

  6. The You-2-be Podcast

    Remember the lie detector test when it was proven that Talia thought Josh was better looking than Simon.

  7. Katelyn Hynes

    Book a flight to a destination somewhere on the other side of the world maybe

  8. shrek

    when she got that polyamorous reltionship 😳

  9. FaZe_ Wick07

    1:04 WAKANDA 4EVER

  10. Kak iela

    Omg she said that it is not singing...but omg she can sing better.

  11. Robert Bogaj

    WooooW you might win X Factor

  12. Lottie Smetham

    i need to know where talia got her top from

  13. Addy J

    Is josh recording ?

  14. Okami-Rose

    Now it's 597k :0

  15. Taco's in the freezer

    12:37 *soccer* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 she is becoming anerican

  16. Robert Villota

    I still listen to this at least a few times a week. Def need more live sessions. Bangers s/o from California

  17. Ethan Bauer

    How are you so good at singing? Your actually mad you sound like Ariana grande

  18. Lizzie Campbell

    I wouldn't of chosen that song for a begginer

  19. LUCY JAY

    FUCK OFF EVERYONE TALIA CAN HAVE HERE OWN OPINION IK SHE SAID SHE WASNT GONNA BE BIAST BUT LEAVE THE GAL ALONE . YOU LOT TOOK UR TIME TO WRITE ALL THESE COMMENTS JEEZ . I saw this time ago and I couldn’t be asked but even now people are still commenting ffs just leave

  20. S B

    This song is amazing!!! Love your style xx

  21. Kayleigh Ruston

    Who is here after Jake and gin and who wants Jake and jj to fight i do?

  22. nick sutton

    Love classic wii music

  23. DaveyBoyy25

    Miniminter + Talia = baby mintalia

  24. Matteo 2004695

    You are soooooooooooooooo loud

  25. MYSTAK1N

    Talia is so good at singing

  26. JvckOCE

    This is wat what money can get you guys!

  27. Cristina Rusu

    So pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. LUCY JAY

    Wait . So was this a song about that story time you did with those burglars . That tried to steal from ur home or is it just a song you written cause I listen to this when I’m going to school and literally last week I was proper listening to the lyrics and even though you said in ur vid like I scared them away you said my ego was broken so then it kind of made thing did she make a song about it because it was a traumatic event and so turned out amazing and should be more recognisable to more people but if I am right then sickkkk💕💕👸

  29. Malachi Carroll

    My birthday is the 6th of November aswell

  30. Allen.t

    simon defiantly got a boner

  31. Bart Lyons

    Tarlia go on the voice

  32. No one Will know

    How tall is Simon?

  33. Tyrees Tilling

    Talia: I’m gonna react to the diss track. Talia: makes strange noises (at the start)

  34. KingKongYT The Alpha

    Watch another video

  35. Majd8346


  36. Midge midge Plays

    Deji was that smart he went at a rapper Jesus

  37. zex ll

    12:35 i hope you said that because of the jet lag and ny and miami

  38. Desirée Persson

    what program are you using when you edit?

  39. Chad Gozzo

    She stops way to damn much

  40. SVK Wolf


    1. Ibraheem Hussain

      SVK Wolf it’s football

  41. Reece Hodgetts

    Ive only just realised how lanky simon is

  42. Robin Vigilante

    Ey stfu

  43. Noah

    What. A. Song.

  44. Rosebud _x

    CEO of “whyat do you meen”

  45. Iced Jamxz

    Jesus Talia looking fittt in this video....

  46. Sajko Bajko

    I am your and also Simons big fan. If you see this pls show him. Love you guys

  47. Reece S

    Talia looks Asian in this video

  48. Peeyush Savage

    2:18 I am scared

  49. Sameer Amin 2

    weird that this was posted a year later xxxtentacion died 😥😥

  50. I am a muslim ok

    I don't think kids should have the choice whether to do A-levels or not. They will just become lazy and it will effect their lives. *cough* cough* Kiera Bridget. Every human NEEDS knowledge and at that age you don't think properly, thinking of what's best for you at that time not in the future. If you want to become a youtuber fine but don't throw eductaion like that away!

  51. AP __

    She wears so much makeup jeez

  52. Emily Weekes

    Simon: Everyone around me wears dark clothes Harry: Hold my ket

  53. Agirlwithnoname

    extreme wheel....color your hair neon green love the video btw :*

  54. lara corinna

    this will always be my favourite music video, you did it so well, i'm obsessed 🥺

  55. SH JakeTankard

    4:12 When she hit the high note I was shocked she wasnt famous

  56. Alexander Haik

    5:06 That food looks delicious

  57. Tyler Russell

    She’s so bad a singing

  58. Tyler Russell

    Gold digger

  59. Tyler Russell

    She’s a fucking freak hew

  60. Lucy Jones

    with everything going on in the world to do with mental health this needs to be posted all over the internet!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  61. Big Boi

    How many people know who u are cos simon

  62. Jesse Van Dessel

    This stays so good

  63. IK

    Can't stop listening to this 🔥

  64. Abdi Mohamed

    Talia:I feel like I am in the middle. JJ:am I a joke to you.....😑😑😑😡

  65. Andrew Cross

    It's "Better" Than The Original! hehe..

  66. denkiyy

    proper stinky eh

  67. StrikeCorvus

    The title made me think Talia's bi

    1. Bailey HP

      and cheating on simon in front of him?

  68. ItsAspect

    Look at 8:22 and talias I have board on side moves

  69. Scrawndog Piercy

    You shouldn’t doubt you’re self

  70. Hough Famiy

    Love your music and videos 👍👍👍👍👍❤🧡💛💚💙💓💜

  71. Raghav Agarwal

    I watched it after kobes crash and cals throw just hit❤️

  72. Speed KillerX

    1 A star 5 as 5 Ds? that gap tho

  73. DucksloveRPGs

    Flogging molly in the background :')

  74. Rowan McShane

    I'm not even Christian but u get baptised when ur young bruh

  75. ItsJust Nik

    Simon: Make it last forever Me: *starts singing spice girls*

  76. chakra

    freya at the end was so cute she's a real friend

  77. Mo Mo

    why does this bang so much

  78. i i

    This deserves to be on the radio

  79. DeInfiniteGaming

    6:48 bet no woman understood

  80. Philgob

    first outfit looks like DJ Khaled lmfao

  81. 100k Subs

    2:49 Simon: Your not playing with Callux Picture: *LADBABY*

  82. Ratboy Junior


  83. Little_Manny II

    Your on Randolph side because your white

  84. Bees Bomb

    I have the same birthday as you

  85. Cutie Lamb


  86. Tejalkera_Msp love

    🔥🔥🔥you have an amazing voice :)

  87. rad lad

    Buyess Snakerinio

  88. Karnage

    Freya is so competitive funny when she realizes she lost the look on her face priceless

  89. Not_ Skylyr

    I feel as josh is hitting better iykyk

  90. Cheeseburger

    "What's my favorite body part?" *I think we all knew where that was going*

  91. rise and shine

    if i don’t find out what jeans she’s wearing i’m gonna cry omgg 😭

  92. Mosuviou5

    It's Talia , Talia Mar At school she didn't get to far Then she got with me And now she'll kill me Not "I'm awesome" 😂😂😂

  93. xillusion X

    it was probably her trousers

  94. Hira Khizar

    Those YPO whiteboards that they’re using yeah we use them in school

  95. First Name Last Name

    Simon looks so in love every time you sing 🥺

  96. Jenna M

    Lol I was BELTING good riddance. I was like no that’s not it but it was. Love Green day!!

  97. Jenna M

    I’m STILL standing!

  98. kaelyn elizabeth

    why do girls wear really short tops

  99. Joel

    so you swing that way young padawan

  100. esther hodgkinson

    I watched this video and then spent so long wondering why the Wii song was in my I just came back to finish watching the video and I realised, why on earth is the Wii song the background song???