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  1. brian65058

    After he got defeated by big white whale he became assassin.....

  2. Supreme Tunes

    He's perfect for batman

  3. Morfeo Daniel Hall

    Es tan omnipotente e intimidante, ¡Me fascina!

  4. Noah Mackney

    Nice try

  5. Immortal ZoDD

    Idk... The whole thing with Bruce Wayne is that he smiles a lot. He is Playboy Billionaire after all and he never shows how much his parents' death affected him because that would give away Batman. This gives me Twilight vibes of inexpression and sadness when Bruce is supposed to be a smiling, witty, smug womanizer. Can't you find footage of him smiling?

  6. Peter A Hernandez Jr

    Why should they fight?👑 Kong only comes out when someone disturb s/destroy es his jungle Godzilla destroys cities

  7. Shannan Lee-Oldfield


  8. Văn Lực Nguyễn


  9. D. W.

    So Batman is like James Bond now with a new actor one every decade and basically retelling the same story over and over?

  10. NAYEM

    Robert pattinson was the best choice for a bat man.. love you pattinson💕💕

  11. Felipe The Mouse

    Batman: Staring The Joker on downers

  12. Louie Mead

    i love it

  13. James Van Houte

    If they did bring back the dinosaurs, they would be small because of the lesser oxygen content of our atmosphere, still a T-Rex the size of a Clydesdale or an Elephant is nothing you want to deal with.

  14. desmondmark121

    If only this was real this movie will be too good

  15. i LuvCubing

    I think they are planning to set up JCU - Jurrasic Cinematic Universe!!!! Chris Pratt Trying to be RDJ - LOL😂

  16. Joshua Martell

    Wow the sparkle vampire is the new Batman, can the nucular war start now?

  17. Mana Adda Gundampally

    When release ?

  18. Martin Lynch

    a fucking trap!!!!!!!!

  19. venomsnake53

    The music sound like it was from starwars in the start

  20. 4Curses

    i think pattinson definetly is a better batman than buttchin xD

  21. Mark Cambrone

    Because... I’m Batman Because... I’m Batman Because... I’m Batman Then Superman opens the bathroom door

  22. LeoN _BS


  23. RedTeen2 dumass

    Jurassic world dimion

  24. Nathan Cole

    What is the song at 1:50

  25. Myrthle Nena

    The true word for Godz and KingK is Frenimies

  26. Paxton Pratt

    Thanos: I am inevitable Galactus: Bet

  27. PlayerJACKs

    Que maluko genio

  28. Mark Esteves ( Student )

    Christian Bale will always be the real Batman

  29. Matthias Propst

    And don't forget to rename it 2021 when the next year comes along ;)

  30. Heru- deshet

    Fucking waste of time.

  31. Abbey & Amelia Phillips

    Rachel and Ross aren’t dating Monica and chandler divorce the only thing that is normal is Joey being immature

  32. Aj Monzon

    WTF. Por e lo niño con la tapa de basura

  33. King of YouTube

    Instead of appreciating the masterwork, people are fighting over the visual and music being copied. What happened to you people. Story is what's important.

  34. Richard Edwards

    It's called Jurassic World 3: Dominion, not Jurassic World 3: Extinction

  35. Will Power

    So basically you grabbed Nolan's armoured suit & popped his collar up 😂 So creative.....Way to add a new dynamic lol.

  36. Rigor Mortiz


  37. Trista Chandler

    Sadly Ashley had already said she wouldn't do it if it became an option. Zac and Vanessa haven't talked or gotten along in many years. I don't think it would go to well

  38. Hansen Guitar

    Joker o vilão?

  39. Noah M.

    if it’s the Joaquin Phoenix version of the joker in this movie then i’m definitely sold


    WTF? 🤦‍♂️


    Doctor strange reading news paper, stranger walks In with Mordo.. Strange askin to sit down to the stranger. Why your here, who r u ? I'm actus, I'm looking for my brother. Dormamu.. Strange -what was your name again

  42. AlexKx

    There is no music industry any more. Not for the past two decades. So you are not going to get good music. It's that simple. You/I/we have not in super hero films in thirty years since PRINCE.

  43. kali kisses

    don’t know if this is real or not (probably not) but it better be real bc I’ll freaking blow my mind or else I’ll be very sad

  44. Me Me

    I miss blue so much

  45. Cumulus

    I picked no because there was no middle ground option.

  46. this is the pussiest batman ever, what the fuck is this twilight shit


  48. Pawix Jegons

    It actually lools good

  49. Norma Emmerth


  50. Mogul Smith

    Nothing to see here

  51. S D

    Godzilla is gonna tap that ass.

  52. Casey Jones

    They need to make this happen

  53. razorback9999able

    First, Baleman, then Batfleck, and now, Darth Batman.

  54. James Miles

    "What will you become" didn't know rogue one was merged with this

  55. ichigo Korosaki

    Batman é muito louco mano você tá doido

  56. Sataned •

    SICK! whats the music???

  57. Wanda Howard

    Palpatine would have loved this

  58. Wanda Howard

    the avengers saga ended mmxix(20190

  59. morzansreddragon

    Dun, dun dun dun... Dun, dun dun dun... Dun, dun dun dun... Be-cause I'm Bat-man, Be-cause I'm Bat-man, Be-cause I'm Bat-man... XD

  60. Unhinged savagE

    no one is going to talk about the sideburns hairs sticking out the edge of the open parts of the mask?

  61. Mr PyroCraft

    Totally not gonna like. Go and throw the Batman 1989 score over this. To me it just sounds like they could only get the opening 4 notes of the Imperial March from Star Wars, and then decided to pull a Mysterio and was like "You know what? Lets just loop those for about 3 quarters of the trailer and then Double the anti at the end and call it a Batman Theme!" Also this looks veryyyyyy Daredevil Not saying the movie looks bad Just Daredevil.

  62. miguel castro

    La mayoría que votaron negativo sólo lo hicieron por el actor, por no se muestra casi nada de la película

  63. Moni_is_Sharp

    It seems like the Batman movies just keep getting darker. I mean come on! Someone turn the lights on I can't see!

  64. solomon grant

    Yea yeah Batman, my main concern Is who they’re going to get to play Alfred!?

  65. Sandy Soares


  66. Brandon Rowell

    Its called dominion not extinction

  67. RAZlEL7

    look very very similar to Daredevil begining on Netflix. Almost a copy

  68. Sakurai Shirayuki

    After watching HISHE all I can hear is "Because I'm Batman" being sung over and over again

  69. Mack 26278

    What are you doing I didn’t like the video because on Instagram or Twitter or whatever social media Chris Pratt posted image of them making Jurassic World domination But good video

  70. Cyanide entertainment

    Absolutely a awesome idea

  71. Ian Choquette

    Who’s the enemy

  72. Lucario Pokemon

    Because I'm Batman.

  73. alex2622 alex2622

    if this was real I'd watch it a million times

  74. Ramona Ventura

    Fuck godzilla Kong versus is the best fuck them hos that like Godzilla

  75. Yosha. yt

    when you forget that people need light to see a suit that is very dark:

  76. Dean Trojan

    Lol these are Titand szenes

  77. Dean Trojan

    Arent theses szenes from titans.?

  78. GakiFanClub

    i barely managed to make anything out from the video but thanks i guess

  79. Big_Mak _Jak69

    It would also be cool if they used the Danny Elfman theme I think it would be really cool.

  80. nombre apellidos

    Mi novia es mas fuerte que pattinson.

  81. huskeryu

    Heavy Netflix Daredevil theme color tone vibes, here.

  82. Big_Mak _Jak69

    The only thing I don't like is the symbol, it's just a little too small and there are no ears on the bat, and by the way why does the bat suit always have to be all black, they could throw in a little dark blue and a little yellow or just black and yellow for the belt and the symbol.

  83. Iilyana Dejesus

    They better do everything right this time cuz DC already cant compete with marvel they switched there characters back to back

  84. //sander nothing//

    Robert just looks too young to be Bruce Wayne

  85. LK

    This looks amazing I love friends

  86. Ihar Pazharytski


  87. Dakamaru

    Batman works for the empire: confirmed

  88. bobcat173

    Just because twilight was a garbage story doesn’t mean it had garbage actor. Singular.

  89. Nice

    This can work

  90. Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Jurassic world dominion

  91. Trần Lê Gia Khang

    I am looking forward to the launch of High School Musical 4.

  92. Bojangbn Stevich

    Thanks to this I know there is someone beside me who watches Black Sails

  93. bobiboulon

    Oh no... that actor doesn't have the kind of charisma it takes to make a Batman...

  94. minus1

    Hey, is that new batman video everyone talking about? Looks like ...

  95. Mátyás Kassay

    Just give up already DC

  96. Jim Postlethwait

    Reboot number 7

  97. Spiritmule76


  98. TheLonelyWanderer 1

    U shafted my boi Matt Ryan

  99. Stróbl Ödön

    I think it might be a better idea to make a series about Skyrim, maybe 5-6 season.... It should work 🤔🤔

  100. AKnight

    Magneto as an Assassin 😬 Thor as an Assassin 😏