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  1. Bits and Frames TV

    I swear this the STUPIDEST EXCUSE I’ve ever heard in my life. So embarrassing! JESUS!!

  2. wobbly nostrils

    Excuses. Imagine my surprise. Lol

  3. Gerry D

    Fury was excellent so deserved the victory, but hope fury/aj fight is on sky box office as the bt sport pay per view was awful first half hr no sound then having to watch first fight all over again as they can't provide a decent undercard. Fury, amazing. BT sport awful

  4. Fatih Vural

    WTF isThisMan...inTheEndHisAssGotWhooped...hahaha...looksLikeA carnevalJerk

  5. Evil Dwarf

    He may have lost the fight, but I respect his ability to show honor to his opponent.

  6. Sonny Williams

    That costume looks heavy

  7. James Farrell

    This guy is the real life greatjon umber from game of thrones 😂😂😂

  8. Iqbaal Hardiansyah

    What name ia theme song in first minute video

  9. Just Facts

    I failed my exams because of my pencil.

  10. StretchGames HD

    This guys a clown

  11. Tony England

    Mike Tyson looks, and sounds, so world-weary. The guy is full of hurt inside.

  12. Isa Soruklu

    “Wilder gets his thin legs over the top rope and into the ring” 😂BT dissing it

  13. Franque Worren

    Are BT going to put the bout up now on the channel?? I want to watch with BT commentary

  14. Richard Gatecliffe Photography

    Wilders arrogance and ego clouded the fact that he had met his Nemesis in the first fight. If he doesn’t realise that now then he really could get badly hurt in the third fight. Never mind all this Warrior nonsense this is not Game of Thrones. Mark Breland deserves credit for pulling Wilder out. Boxing doesn’t need it’s athletes to be killed or permanently injured at any level.

  15. Jaroslav Baník


  16. Traveler _09

    I always like Mike Tyson ring walk! Not costume and one note

  17. klein and peach adventure

    Tyson Changed so much, the way he speak, so humbled now. Real GOAL in Boxing. my number 1 idol.

  18. lee

    never heard shredder complain when he lost against the ninja turtles

  19. jkl 931

    Those thin legs couldn’t handle all that weight lmao

  20. littleteethkeith

    These guys will have to fight a 3rd time or it just ain’t right.

  21. David David

    @7:56 David Haye dreaming he could have a dad like John Fury

  22. Neil Lucas

    Black legs matter..

  23. Ian Dog

    Wilders outfit looked like one of those hideous costumes from the Power rangers episodes

  24. beeqi

    Jack Reiss the legend

  25. Joseph Michael Billena

    wilder did walk a little funny, shaking his legs while taking each steps. but its not the costume, whatever the reason is, his legs were out even before the ring walk.

  26. Darby

    the echoey rapper was what he was gonna hear in that last round - how everything sounded to him then

  27. Amen Duoglas

    What a Shame wilder, too proud, shittalker, arrogant, wild mouth

  28. Ben Dover

    i thought wilder said to fury this aint wwe but he's the one with a dumbass costume

  29. Dork

    Thumbnail be like: Tyson Fury ÷ 2 = Joe Rogan

  30. Džiugas Baltuška

    yes its the reason he lost, because this was an act for devil and he got punished for that

  31. James Smith

    Great upload. Enjoyed it more without commentary. Loved the bit when Deontay struts away, does the throat slit gesture, then slowly realises he's getting up. Fury just doesn't seem to mind getting hit that much, which must be unnerving

  32. Lasha Zhvania

    რა შიგნით ნაკრავია ეს ჩემისა)))

  33. Mark Purcell

    Satanic fool hahaha wilder is a slug a sly little snake ..fury crushed him haha

  34. L'Quik Shrtz

    These entrance are so cringy

  35. Cookie N Creams

    Bad Man Fury 🇬🇧😜

  36. Anthony Willis

    The costume was ridiculous!

  37. Van Dam 1872

    Fury has beat this fool twice..Time for AJ now. Fury Fury Fury

  38. kiran babu

    Wilder deserves everything that happens to him for making this fight a race war.

  39. Spectrum

    It's all in the Gene's.

  40. stuzo666

    Sounds a good guy the wilder

  41. enrico santos

    Felt sorry for Wilder ... he walked with heavy a costume ... while the Gypsy King was carried around ... relax in his throne !!!

  42. Nathan Brown

    Bruh nobody told him to wear that big ahh costume all the extra was un called for it was best that he jus kept his mouth shut and stayed humble smh 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  43. Ella Brown

    His entrance music was what his father played in the car every day, he played this for nostalgia and comfort, what a king

  44. Кристиан Тошев

    All show and no go.

  45. Bb

    The costume is the only reason Wilder lost. Wilder would have had him with one more round.

  46. The Fountain OF Truth

    Wilder wants a body on his record. If they fight a 3rd time it’ll be his.

  47. A.V. LONDON

    What happen to Wilder's After party??😄

  48. Macgyver Smit

    This aged pretty bad🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. l337z0r

    Boxing ASMR

  50. Ben Dover

    watching old videos of wilder after he got beat up is both painful and satisfying to watch


    Everything black even Deontay got black out by Tyson's right hand.

  52. Verseollie

    he looks like the villain from into the spiderverse

  53. Dh8448

    Bruh ufc fighters like Kevin Lee for example have gone In there and fought people like Tony Ferguson with STAPH infection and still didnt use it as an excuse. Man up! And shout out to kevin lee man he gets too much hate hes a warrior


    He lost the fight because that wack intro song he came in with!....lol na but on a real tip he got whooped but i i believe he could come back from this lost stronger and as a better boxer.

  55. recurf

    is joe a midget

  56. George Clooney

    Should have left the armour on, he would’ve had a better chance and not taken such a hiding

  57. Jon Rend

    Age and rehabilitation of the mind and Doobies lol

  58. Wally Symons

    Wilder is never going to live this excuse down. Forever he's going to be reminded about his costume weighing 40lbs

  59. Yrtha 7

    Upload Tyson's full Walkout !

  60. Husain Azhar

    Could have just worn a robe like Fury! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

  61. Sam U. Rai

    Yeah that rap song didn't hold up now, did it? No disrespect to Wilder but the boasting and the bombast and the black pride got the better of him by admission then. Either way he loses the argument and looks bad doing it

  62. Kasra Fallen

    John Fury can be the greatest Kingpin, Marvel do something!

  63. Kelley

    7:00 He cracked alright. He cracked when that right hand hit him in the 3rd

  64. marcel van der velden

    bla bla bla black

  65. Daniel Plunkett

    According to Wilder the only thing that beat him on the night was his costume and said he wasnt hurt by Tyson. Hahaha wtf 🤦‍♂️ guess all that blood was tomato sauce

  66. Datguy Rm

    Dillian whyte needs fury fight

  67. Tom Smith

    Wilder should blame that wack rapper for the loss .

  68. yellow meloe

    Love this guy

  69. George Stratikopoulos

    The light always defeats blackness so get over your prideful skin color it is shallow! The raper forgot about Deontay's soul ???

  70. Grunk

    He knows his son and he believes in him! That's all it was

  71. french stephen pagarigan

    he still hasn't recovered from that knockdown. haha!

  72. Max Charpentier

    Man, this video don't mean nothing 🤦🏾‍♂️

  73. MrTheonlysane1left

    Fury has now proved himself beyond question!

  74. john wick

    What a way to end black history month.

  75. Reverend Vapes

    John is perceptive. What he saw in Wilder's eyes was trepidation - saw it myself through all the pre fight bluster.

  76. kerplunked 00

    Wilder lost this fight idc

  77. Adam zoabi

    My god john furry gotta be happy right now!!

  78. smokeweedeveryday 420

    Imagine if Fury came out with a rapper saying "WHITE EVERYTHING" lol

  79. Shahzaib Ahmed

    I blame this horrible song for the reason he lost..

  80. db30

    I did not understand anything from the introduction to Wilder. Just useless jabber.

  81. Meme Connoisseur


  82. B C

    KSI’s name being mentioned in the same list as those legit fighters, made me vomit. KSI plays fifa on UKmine. Don’t insult real fighters. KSI would be in a coma with the worst pro boxer of all time.

  83. Nahida Fama

    Deontay Wilder has short circuited in this fight...his right hand malfunctioned.

  84. Gaffur Abdul

    Let's go rematch again😂

  85. Tj Hodgetts

    Tyson obviously thought about what he said about his mum

  86. Michael H

    John was pretty spot on here 6:40

  87. Patrick D Rochfort

    Franks famous shoulder shrug, can’t shake the old ways 🇮🇪🥊

  88. Mr Perfect

    Pay the man.

  89. Jon Plasterer

    That is the dumbest song I ever seen a fighter walk in to, it was even gayer than that dumbass costume he was wearing. I totally regret defending Wilder now.

  90. Nicholas Nicoli

    5 generations of boxing history talking there

  91. Str8 Shooter

    No excuses, he trained hard, looked fit and got outclassed simple as that.

  92. Terrance Odare

    John Fury is literally the villain from Into the Spider Verse 😂

  93. Jack Johnson

    I understand Deontay Wilder just like how I got my wife pregnant because I tripped and fell between her legs.

  94. Nicholas Nicoli

    I hope David Haye doesnt want to get into coaching...

  95. Nikul Prasad

    Okay so after watching this whole entrance, I didn’t notice a single struggle from wilder, not even walking up the steps. Then when he was unmasked he was not breathing heavy in the slightest. If the outfit was heavy, he was in great shape and didn’t feel it. Fury was by far the better boxer in the night with a superior game plan.

  96. LuiFN

    All this black excellence stuff to lose 7 rounds to a white man. Making us look bad man.

  97. Schumi

    Oh man, i was listening without watching and i really thought it was Tyson talking about Tyson :)

  98. Colin James

    Fury won the first fight , and smashed wilder in the second simple

  99. jeeva suthan

    Learn from AJ how to accept the defeat..

  100. Ljokamoja Lijepa

    No man. He was cursed with gypsy magic.