Derek Jacobi scenes from Henry V


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    A compilation of Sir Derek Jacobi's scenes from Kenneth Branagh's 1989 film Henry V. He's just wonderful in this.

    Published on 9 years ago


    1. Civmiiuydux

      Easiest costuming in movie history.

    2. Caleb Collier


    3. Jorun28

      My favourite film , and Derek is the actor whose Hamlet introcuced me to Shakespeare...nuff said.

    4. rockys201


    5. peter morningsnow

      You, Claudius.

    6. Kat Harper

      I absolutely adore Sir Derek Jacobi! I have his series "Brother Cadfael on VHS...I actually went to a 2nd hand store and purchased a VCR just so I could watch the series. Howzzat for dedication? But one would have to look long and hard to find a better "Chorus" in "Henry V" than Sir Derek Jacobi...... so I don't think I'll bother....

    7. ziggy2009

      British actors are the best.

    8. Kat Harper

      NO ONE could do Shakespeare'a "Henry V"'s "Chorus" true justice but Sir Derek Jacobi. You just KNOW you're in for a helluva ride when he says "gently to judge....OUR PLAY!!!!"

    9. John Sarmiento

      Sir Derek was such a gem!!! Brilliant voice and acting.

    10. MrRRHHMM

      S. W. France '' The Worlds Best Garden'' !! Love it....

    11. 67lindyloo

      Once again Sir Derek Jacobi intrigues me to look further into history 🌹

    12. jstrahan2

      What language is he speaking? I can't follow. Modern English subtitles would be nice.

      1. Roland Harbord

      2. jstrahan2

        @Konrad Wallenrod - Danko Sekulic : Good for you! I know that this is English. But, Shakespeare is Early Modern English, difficult to understand. Please read my previous comment as to why I don't like this film and why I would like some kind of translation in today's English.

      3. Konrad Wallenrod - Danko Sekulic

        @jstrahan2 Whatever your "ear" tells you, it is a linguistic fact that this IS English in its recognizable form, with many archaisms, of course! Enhlish is not my native language, and while reading Shakespeare for the first time was confusing, i understood well over 70% of the vocabulaty! It certainly wasn't as difficult as if it were a whole new lanhuage.

      4. jstrahan2

        @Kat Harper : I'm not joking. I'm completely serious. I never said anything about slang. I would simply like to understand what is going on. It's like watching an Italian film (a language I don't understand) without subtitles to explain what is going on. Or like watching opera (which I don't like) performed in the original Italian.

    13. XavierKatzone

      Someone didn't like these segments?

    14. p 28

      Jacobi reciting shakespeare.!

    15. Brenda  Harper

      Sir Derek Jacobi is utterly magnificent! Combine him with Kenneth Brannagh, Brian Blessed, Ian have represented some of the finest actors the UK has to offer. Superb!

    16. MisterTutor2010

      The closest England and France came to being one country.

    17. John Miller

      The English are clearly capable of passion and emotion, as exemplified here. When did they learn to keep such a supposedly civilized and calm exterior, so much so they act stunned when confronted with a toned down (but still uncomfortably energetic, for them) sermon from Bishop Curry at Prince Harry and Meagan Markle's wedding?

      1. Leonard O'Grady

        The restraint thing comes from the top- before Victoria I, William IV was such a scoundrel that the monarchy was in real danger of just being abolished altogether. Victoria went on a PR campaign of moral propriety and emotional austerity that lasted her whole reign. It created a way of acting that the upper and middle classes emulated and still carries on today in some form. That said, while the British aren't nearly so starchy as you'd think, displays of religious fervor leave them uncomfortable- their history tells them such behavior can be subversive at best. As an Irishman with an African American wife, we spent the sermon creased over and howling with laughter at their discomfiture. :)

    18. Erium

      Everything else is....silence *HUUUUUUH*

    19. TheLocoUnion

      BRAVO BRAVO!!!!

    20. DoctorXander

      Even better after watching his performance in Frasier

      1. Miguel Domínguez

        Wait, what? He was in Frasier? It's been a long time so I don't recall.

    21. Steve VanDien

      But still too large, pressing too hard --

    22. Steve VanDien

      Jacobi is a highly accomplished actor regarding technique. But he has always had difficulty adjusting his large performances to the screen. Here he's not nearly as -- BAD, no other word will do -- as his priggish Cassio in Olivier's "Otello" film (read Jacobi's autobio; John Dexter was right) and equally irritating Hamlet for the BBC circa 1980 -'

    23. iamjohngalt

      4:05 "Umm you left something here..."

    24. Snuggles McSquishbottom

      I wish the Prologue had been left complete. It builds to a marvelous crescendo of language that was forced too quickly here.

      1. Kat Harper

        @Miguel Domínguez Hear! Hear!

      2. Miguel Domínguez

        Totally agree. I guess sacrifices must be made for timing reasons when you are making a film, but I would have loved to hear Jacobi deliver that Prologue in full.

    25. John Castillo

      this is amazing I love the William Shakespeare done so perfectly by Dereck Jacobi

    26. BlueBoy0316

      4:06; hey buddy, how's it hangin?

      1. Jeff Smith

        Yea, Hernandez's family grievest so as the battle over the fallen Knight's sign-on bonus reaches the very heights of the King's court, but the purse of several million gold sovereigns seem deemed to be granted to the wretched peasants of the man whose murder was done so foul.

      2. BlueBoy0316

        Jeff Smith opinions on this act will sway in either direction, but don't get too tied up in the details

      3. Jeff Smith

        I heard of an American hanging thus, most recently. Yes, Hernandez Of Boston did so do himself in. Doth thou know of which end of the rope he hanged himself with? The tight end, of course.

    27. Vicky Bala

      Simply the best

    28. Eric Patterson

      AWESOME ... *many* thanks Idling101.

    29. richserver 101


    30. westtxtapper

      "The scene is now transported to Southampton." Said while standing on the cliffs of Dover.

      1. Stan Whattmore

        TO Southampton, not FROM, get it?

      2. Herald of History

        Well he did walk off at the end of that scene, didn't he? Perhaps he walked all the way to Southampton.

    31. iamjohngalt

      3:57 "and DOWN goes all before them!!!!!!" I could put this on an endless loop.

    32. Mickey Maus

      Hey, it's Cadfael.

    33. tuxguys

      A great Shakespeare film, great work by Branagh... and how brave and generous of him to let SDJ's even greater virtuosity shine this way. Addenda: --What a brilliant directorial choice to have Jacobi's Chorus wear contemporary dress! --These pieces, spliced together, are practically a one-man show... Every aspiring actor should memorize this, verbatim, order, intonation, cadence, pronunciation, all of it... ...think of it as the acting-equivalent of practicing scales and arpeggios.

      1. Terry Westbrook-Lienert

        Well said! Bravo! 👏👏

      2. Miguel Domínguez

        Hear, hear. This film was my first experience of Shakespeare (it was extremely rare to see a play in English in Spain in the late 80s) and I was electrified. I memorized a large part of the play because of that. Sir Derek Jacobi's delivery was a master class in itself. As you said, intonation, cadence, pronunciation... everything is simply perfect. I would have loved to hear him do the entire speech at the beginning, but I understand that timing is a factor in cinema. I completely agree about the directorial choice to have him wear contemporary clothing. One of many excellent decisions by Branagh. Now, I know I will get a lot of hate because of what I am about to say, but I prefer this version to Olivier's or Tom Hiddleston's. The speech cadences are way more to my liking. Not only Branagh's but everybody else. Then again, what do I know about Shakespearean theatre.

      3. Ludlow889

        What I love about Branagh's film version is that he wasn't afraid of being outshined by surrounding himself with a cast of the greatest living Shakespearean actors. Many actor-directors would be too insecure to do that. Bravo, Branagh!

      4. William Martin

        So true. A masterful beginning. And to show the audience behind the scene.... perfect.

    34. anyviolet

      0:31 *glances to audience* "weren't expecting electricity were ya?" hahahaha the whole role is terrific and Jacobi as usual is awesome in it. Love this movie.

    35. Laura Finocchietti

      Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!! A legend!

    36. Fabio Gaucho

      Yes, his participation in this movie blew my mind. Also liked him as Claudius. As Hamlet and Richard II in the BBC productions, I thought he was just ok.

    37. Sweetie Kay

      It just amazes me how one human being can be this gorgeous and have so much talent. Definitely my most favorite actor on the planet.

    38. Blossom1948

      What a fabulous actor in every sense!....but also a very sexy man....Mmmmmmmmmm i could eat him up...ha ha!

    39. excaelis1

      Suchet and Patrick Stewart playing with The Merchant of Venice from the same series is probably my favourite workshop.

    40. excaelis1

      Every word, every pause and breath. The epilogue is breathtaking. I'm dying of envy with every line. His Cyrano De Bergerac ( English Shakespeare Company, I believe ) is heartbreakingly brilliant.

    41. Hannah Lynne

      To my mind it's the best film!

    42. Premangsu Bhattacharya

      ' on your imaginary forces work'

    43. Esiona Shehu

      beyond his age i find him very atractive

    44. Lesley Les Paul

      ...i like this much more than his Hamlet ! an adult acting in this ! he plays with his voice so brilliant ! LES

    45. ian skidmore

      the greatest shakespearean actor for many a long day. Shakespearespeaks through him

    46. naly202

      Sir Derek Jacobi has such fascinating eyes and voice!

    47. Andy A

      oh he has amazing presence

    48. TheImpossibleMan

      Henry V, probably Branagh's best film. It is interesting to compare DJ's "Now entertain conjecture" speech with David Suchet's study of the speech with John Barton, as they appear in Playing Shakespeare.

      1. William Martin

        I agree. Hamlet was great, but this is perfect.

    49. TheImpossibleMan

      Henry V, probably Branagh's best film.

    50. dryad61

      Thank you so much for this! I always fast forward to his parts anyway!

    51. Straussian

      4:02 "Now entertain conjecture of a time--When creeping murmur and the poring dark-- Fills the wide vessel of the universe." Oh, my! 7:11 "...a little touch of Harry in the night." Great post! Derek Jacobi is wonderful.

    52. Idling101

      @JPPT1974 Thanks for watching! I agree, I don't think he's ever looked better, and his acting is wonderful. He charges every single scene with a different emotion--I don't think he repeats himself. Really masterful.

      1. William Martin

        What I love about Jacobi and Branagh is the real range of emotions that they bring. Some old fashioned versions are too one note.