Art Students PRANK Teacher with REALISTIC Drawings



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    Art Students PRANK Teacher with REALISTIC Drawings! Do you think you or your friends would have been fooled? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch How To Draw 3d Art On Paper Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Finch Paw

      8:09 Did you see the pug licking the screen? ♥︎👀🐶

    2. Vibe-Freak :3

      My: draws smh My friend: ooOoOo new drawing style? Me: no just smh different My friend: ;o; n-not anime NANI

    3. mansi mehta

      I can literally bring in a whole kitchen in the back of my classroom and eat food but the teacher wouldn't notice or care

    4. Smoll Ice cream

      azy looks like your sis sssniperwolf


      Why your sweater look like it say 69 all over it tho??

    6. Microsoft Excel


    7. Carlina Xxxx

      imagine if these were maths teachers OOP

    8. YRN_ZAY07

      Lia out here flexing on us wit the Gucci shirt

    9. Famira Camille

      Sssniperwolf we have the same glasses TWINSIES

    10. Na'ziyah Jones

      If I ever did that I would get and m.p.c straight up

    11. Peaches Queen

      *you make me so happy, I was crying and I was stressed.. You made me happy!*

    12. Bubbuh Squad

      Me an ugly person after seeing this: at least I don’t have to try hard at drawing, I look ugly anyways 😊

    13. çòókïë wolf playz ÜŴÜ

      Lol who wish that they could draw like that?

    14. Cutie Kat Playz

      At first on looks like it was made 2 years aga

    15. Michaela Bryant

      Techie needing to plug in phone People probably laugh about it

    16. Mary Anne

      I just am in love with your responses. They are so funny

    17. Ash gacha life Ashton

      How are the students in the class are most likely smarter than their teacher 😆

    18. ANRIS Arthur

      That looks like my phone

    19. Jenna Derby

      Wait.. To tape the mouse to the paper you need to touch it.. YOU TOUCHED A DEAD MOUSE AND TAPED IT TO A PAPER

    20. Olivia White

      Omg so my sister is still in High School and she drinks coffee now out of real mugs. I HAVE TO try the pig snout one on the bottom on the mug!! 🐽🐷☕️😂😂😂

    21. a11gr0wnup

      i have that same XL notebook at my house and right now i am shook OMG

    22. Hi Le

      Wow you learn something every day

    23. OCEAN ONG

      I did the paint and water prank to one of my friends then I got detention😬

    24. Alexis Goodchild

      The pug on the tv tho 8:10

    25. Anna Connolly

      Hey sssniper wolf I did a drawer of You. I wish I could take a pic of ti 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢

    26. turtle lover


    27. LaKinda's World

      Did anybody notice the dog at 8:08??

    28. Ashleigh uwu

      I would try ALL;-;

    29. Joey Causby

      You didn't say awooo!! THAT'S ILLEGAL!

    30. Isaiah Almeron

      Where's tanjiro? Zenitzu and Nezko????

    31. Mike Riordan

      They cant have food in art classes beacuse it's a hazard

    32. Najae Bailey

      Eat your cearle

    33. #INFINITEBEAR 666

      Get outa here haters or maybe losers

    34. These YouTube sisters

      The poor teacher that has to deal with this

    35. These YouTube sisters

      The poor teacher that has to deal with this

    36. Madeleine Molona

      Sssniperwolf I am sorry because in a video it says that you are singing dance monkey just to inform you

    37. ZombsRoyale Edits

      notice how there all aisan

    38. Jackson Knight

      fresh chicken juice

    39. Jackson Knight

      2080 we be drawing you every one be like sssniper wolf they grab you and they grabing paper

    40. xx wolfix

      Where was the awwoooooo? :((((

    41. •Łíàpłáýż•

      2052: "Im boutta skip but i'm going to draw myself so the teacher thinks i'm in class but im skipping" Students gonna be drawing themselves while they're skipping class

    42. Asa Fisher


    43. Yukine Gacha

      SSSniperWolf: inosuke is that you Me: *chokes on orange juice*

    44. Exotic_gue

      9:30 *thats what she said*

    45. Sara Andi

      A pig *snoute*

    46. • FionaAsGacha •

      I would probably eat All the Drawings Just in case they are FOOD

    47. Broken Beoken

      Hi I like your videos and your hair

    48. Mari Fruit

      Artists: draws a detailed drawing of a 3d person. Me: draws a stick figure with lines coming out the head... Mom: is that the grudge??

    49. The person who doesn’t care 3

      9:38 my teacher’s birthday is on April fools day so I’m going to pretend that I don’t know what today is 😂

    50. The Unicornverse

      8:47 those egg shells look more realistic then the egg

    51. Zahira Hernández

      8:00 why are they watching a dog licking the screen😂🤣

    52. Jordan Peters


    53. Sara Christensen


    54. Sam Weaver

      Gosh Sniper you so loud

    55. Monkey Splat

      Ssniperwolf: says F word and doesn't bleep it. UKmine: SEND HER TO THE RANCH

      1. Monkey Splat

        @ツRaizzed the beginning

      2. ツRaizzed

        Monkey Splat what time stamp

    56. Amy Herndon

      we ate eggs and made eggy jocks

    57. Hannah

      here is this classroom XD

    58. Rosalie Salgado

      Sees JOIN (under subscribe) Me:MOM IM BROKE