STRONGMAN DOES ICE SWIM (38•F 3•C) ft Ross Edgley

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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Ross Edgley

      Brother thank you SO much for being an ABSOLUTE HERO! Whilst it was SUCH AN EPIC day, I just really appreciate you putting your body on the line to highlight water safety and cold shock! You're a MASSIVE MASSIVE MAN HERO of the highest order..... 10km swim next visit? haha

      1. Jack Sanders

        That looks more relaxing than a cold shower.

      2. Marcus Harding

        Where about is this .... looks like Manley meer but been a while lol looks fun though

      3. The Old guy that lives here

        That burp...was...stylish. My partner would call you a disgusting c... and that's why we men do shit like that. You are really coming in to your own as an entertainer I've noticed. Keep going Mr Hall

      4. Jaimmv

        Ross Edgley you look like a Bowling ball 🎳

      5. Dingbat dez

        Ross Edgley do any of you guys know were this is because its really cool and down to go 😎

    2. Johnny 2 hats

      I wish I could have as positive an attitude as your guy Ross

    3. Ant

      I like this guys attitude.

    4. BelowFreeze

      Watching Eddie slip a few times was jokes

    5. Grant T

      This is comedy gold 😂😂

    6. Tinu

      *Laughs in finnish*

    7. fakeuser87

      XD hahahahahahaha eddie you' the man!!!!!

    8. Jake Charlton

      You need to get on joe rogan podcast about your career

    9. _ Juggernaut_

      5:30 😂😂😂😂

    10. beanz

      The jiggle physics on eddie are spectacular

    11. Road Rage compilations

      3c isnt an ice swim... Finnish, Nordish and Swedish people know that it has to be under -8c

    12. tsohgallik

      Wheres that Only Fans?😭👀😭👀

    13. Nikita Heinkens

      do more videos with ross!!!

    14. James Gilbert

      14:56 I trapped my finger in that door

    15. Sam Higginson

      What have we learnt from this? Ross is a psychopath.

    16. ツDempseyDaPro

      14:56 Eddie goes in ladies change room lmao

    17. TheHolydruid

      Imagine you're out walking your dog and you feel he ground starting to shake and you turn around and you see 11:30 coming towards you

    18. Bosskingethan

      What’s the sexy music called

    19. DR Z

      When he grabbed the electric fence to warm up I fucking died

    20. Graham S

      how many people would it take to drag Eddie out the water if he passed out?

    21. Sultan Alawad

      Eddie: Can't feel anything. Yeah yeah thats good!!

    22. sea tea

      Eddie: I CANNOT FEEL MY FINGERS Ross: Yeah that'll happen

    23. vaping wonderboy Pinder

      i do not go to the jim im 42 and bin told it will help my asd and adhd love yor vids buy the way


      Hahahah the way they were running 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. senta ukrai

      3:11 Rubber Ducky, you're the one...for me, for me.

    26. Thomas Sinkiewicz

      You should do a challenge where you eat the hot chicken wings while in the freezing water

    27. Kamal Naser

      Ross starts laughing in the worst situations even if he’s the one in them himself, I can just imagine Ross is hanging off a cliff about to fall to his death, eddie comes running to save him but slips and drops to floor Ross : HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...breaths in...HAHAHAHHA

    28. frankos rooni

      With mates like that who needs enemies ??? Damn fine effort

    29. ファントム

      I didn’t think he was that dehydrated

    30. Harry Robson


    31. j3s0n

      Poor swimming form!

    32. Chazal Prime

      Hi hulk


      That guy is so big that the ground under him kept giving way


      That intro was an impersonation of a government officer

    35. Paynezerfaust

      Could you imagine if Ross had to save Eddie from drowning only for Eddie to save Ross from choking on a chicken bone? Brothers for life!

    36. Squaley

      Go to a party 🎉 it is fun

    37. Oxim2100

      evain ewww pregnancy water. volvic best water :>

    38. Elephant Gunners

      9 inches brilliant one linee

    39. Dex

      but where is the ice?

    40. GaryTaz Carroll

      These two guys make ya want to live ❤️💪💪👹💥💥

    41. Andrew B.

      Girls: OMG she wore the same dress, what a bitch Boys: 3:20

    42. Mehol Jamnadas

      This is very much biases. He is no longer the world strongest man. HAFTHOR is the strongest man at present.

    43. Yesindeed126

      Eddie is a funny guy cracks me up.

    44. G7 B

      Esse cara é muito monstruoso!!

    45. Duyphuong Duyphuong


    46. Rasmus Bjersander

      I have 2 rules for cold swims never go alone always have a body at hand you never know body might lock up, and number 2 don't panic in the water afterwrd you can cry.

    47. Dirk van de Kerkhof

      Are you actually supposed to go in 'dry' without a warm up or more of a acclimatization stage? If the body was already in exercise mode the shock of vasoconstriction of the extremities might be lessened?

      1. Dirk van de Kerkhof

        @Johnny 2 hats exactly my reasoning, youre already in calorie burning mode then, the shock should be less

      2. Johnny 2 hats

        @Dirk van de Kerkhof I'm not sure, but I guess that would probably help since you're meant to be nice and warm at the point when you go in

      3. Dirk van de Kerkhof

        @Johnny 2 hats true but its from standstill, so I meant if you first go for a jog and then hit the water

      4. Johnny 2 hats

        The bit at the start of the swim where they stand around waist-deep in the water and then submerge their hands and head *is* the acclimatization stage

    48. Meshaltheflipper

      He sounds like true Jordie

    49. Leo

      Do they ship those bad boys to California? Lol

    50. Master Bone

      Eddie, please go on First We Feast/Hot Ones, that would be awesome! Much love big man.

    51. Sam French

      It’s funny how you look so big and then you reveal those amazing abs🤣

    52. Vishal Patel

      I feel a lot better knowing that a pure man like eddie hall was a little bitch in that water. Not saying I'd be any better and most people wouldn't. It's nice to know hes human in some way 😂

    53. Vishal Patel

      Lol when they were running slow mo and eddie pushed Ross he made him look like he was pushing a child... and ross is a big boy

    54. Janne

      Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in Baywatch look a likes

    55. PepsiFruit

      I want to see him yeet a child through wall.. i have weird fantasies, i know..

    56. The Young Wolf

      so where is this?

    57. JW

      Isn't this the country that has prozac in the water? Everyone always speaks slow and calmly.

    58. Song Remix

      I love how you can see Eddie's abs despite the belly.

    59. Arzan Laskar

      goooooo good good good!!!

    60. YTisDangerous

      That guy would even laugh the day his mother dies... i can‘t stand this insecure giggling