1. ZainoSZN

      Cant lie are ass is a madness @3.29

    2. Kai Gales

      I swear this is a mixed rip off of impractical jokers😂😂

    3. James Grass

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    4. Oscar tik foot5

      Joe47 and I'm 19 years old from Liverpool

    5. Aron

      if one more person says I feel like Gucci man in 2006 imma feel like Ted bundy in 1974

    6. ErolSrku

      He didn't say that every time you use his code and get £5, he also gets £5.

    7. Mr Blueberry

      Niko and his Sad Asss American Accent

    8. Amir

      Is it just me that finds it super sus and weird that Weller thumbnail is one of someone who is clearly young? Weird vibes lol


      Impractical jokers much better than this

    10. Baraa Rawhy

      Do more Iam dead 😂😂💀💀

    11. Anurag Dikshit

      Ngl she do be kinda thicc doe 😳😳😳😳

    12. BLADE

      Lool if you've all registered using curve code from him, you're a muppet lol. He gets a fiver from each of use. Just sign up and refer a family friend

    13. Sonny Strunkey

      100000% not a single person over the age of 15 watching ur vids lol

    14. Sonny Strunkey

      Fuck of NO ONE wants£5 lol

    15. Trix


    16. Gaming With Jaquis

      Sellout Joe 3 times wow🤣🤣

    17. JAMS Official

      Joe Weller has become funny again wtf

    18. JAMS Official

      Defo skipping the first 5 minutes of joes next 10 videos now lol

    19. JAMS Official

      Have u seen Niko prank johnny carey with the fake brand and johnny ppromoted it for like 10 of his videos at the start imagine if he was doing this to joe lol

    20. JAMS Official

      Were all getting a fiver he's probaly getting a contract with £5000 and a modeling job

    21. Nevaeh Angel

      Joe 47

    22. kalunga Shadrick


    23. Darwin

      Who else thinks the sidemen should do one

    24. deez raps


    25. Billy Barrett

      1 like 1 prayer to the 4 year old nephew with no arms

    26. Kajuho


    27. Dolma

      Shipping 5$

    28. Games of Pyro

      Whoever play the game bully why joe look like the dude you had to fight at the end lmao

    29. Hembers

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    30. TheSwazMaster 1

      No one gonna clock the Joe47 reference? 47 tests and they’re all tomorrow. No, just me ? Fair enough.

    31. Robert Quirke

      Shit video

      1. Strawberry Milkshake


    32. Haroon Chishti

      You need to add more to your haunted and abandoned series,they were good

    33. Cillian downey Jonner

      Make a series

    34. Traci_Angels

      I do deserve yur money cuz you're such a scared cat .... lol

    35. Siege Connoisseur

      Weler is actually the best youtuber out there imagine beta squad plus jonney carey and weller

    36. NashBeatz

      Who else is watching from Africa? ...Like if you love your mom

    37. George Papadakis


    38. Martinez

      You're a bitch

    39. Aaron Shone

      Bring back public fifa celebrations please joe,like so he can see

    40. mason wilko

      this is all ive been waiting for in life

    41. Jonathan Brylle Lozano . I saw a comment of yours saying "Brock seems such a soft friendly lad!!"

    42. Brendan wububu

      cringy asf and only 1 min in

    43. Brendan wububu

      lfmao dickhead doesnt even tell you when you use his code he gets £5 too

    44. Cello Youngster


    45. II_4_R_Z_II

      9:13 was that a fart?

    46. Darkstalker Albatross

      When he started moaning next to that dude 😂😂😂 (7:40)

    47. LM01

      I need a 2 hour long video of this😂

    48. Aaron Manyan


    49. Otis The beast

      I’m gonna wait until I’m 18 then get my 5 pound

    50. Owen W

      3:25 it’s not my birthday but thanks for that cake 🍰

    51. Gabriel Isaksen


    52. Daniel Asasa

      I only clicked this video bcs of niko.

    53. Glitchyy _

      Where is Elliot ?

    54. Logan Cranfield


    55. bz.06_

      Sick vid bro but can u do Omegle again that was jokes bro

    56. Jula-iwnl

      4:46 song in the background? Please :'(

    57. Kajetan Jaworski

      Under weather do you know that I have a phone that actually have a card inside of the phone so when I scan it you're actually giving me money by phone

    58. James Beattie

      she had a nice back a must say