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Zoe Sugg

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    Organising The Pantry
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Christiana Holt

      oh zoe perfection, but where the heck are those stunning shelves from ? I presume custom made... I need the in my life. This is exactly what I am looking for !

    2. Judith de Hoop

      Definitely want to see the hair tutorial !!

    3. ImAriBear

      I'd really love to see more home projects/home organizing stuff its sooo satisfying !!

    4. Alyaa Sheikh

      So satisfying watching organisation videos xx

    5. Hermie

      Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous and your makeup is on point, specially with that beautiful floral dress...❤️👌🏻

    6. Fanny Andersson

      How many liters is the tall Ikea jar? I can't find it anywhere!

    7. Dan Maton

      Can’t wait to read !!! Soooooooo excited😍😁🤓

    8. Jessica Duckering

      You know your getting old when you are excited about watching this! #ohtobe30! Xx

    9. LA

      Does anyone else think Zoe with long hair is the spitting image of Louise redknapp!?

    10. Roxy Elgar

      You have to store potatoes in a dark place or they start sprouting and become poisonous to eat. I store mine in a basket with a newspaper on top to keep the light out 🙂

    11. Seanna Miriah

      Zoe you made that pantry look SO good! Literally my favorite kind of vid. My fella and I just did a home overhaul as well, I vlogged if one enjoys these things. 🤓 Oh, and surely someone already said to put spaghetti noodles in the last jar right? ❤️

    12. Jackie Brown


    13. Sofi Orchansky

      I reeeeally need you to do a wave tutorial!! I just can’t do it

    14. Sandra Phan

      How i love your clearing and cleaning vlogs. The timelapse and where you put everything is so aesthetically pleasing 😍😍😍

    15. Debi Radcliffe

      Love the eyeshadow!

    16. D Rao

      When you need a refill of the sugar or flour, you could go to a grocery store that sells those things without packaging. You just take your containers and fill them up. Reduces the cardboard/recycling/waste you accumulate!

    17. Katie Dollins

      Love it!

    18. Alissa

      Love this so much! ✨

    19. Lillie hunt

      Omg Zoe I’ve been watching u when I was like 9 and I’m still watching u now

    20. Martina Welcome

      where are the pants and the sweatshirt from? 😍

    21. SunshineMusic11

      me : "omg zoe uses the same shampoo brand as me!" i get so happy over the small things lol :)

    22. Carol Wilson

      Well done! Thanks for sharing your hard work (and Holly) ☺️

    23. Bridget's Bucket List

      NO NEED TO BUY A NEW LABLE MAKER. You just need to realine it. A UKmine video will show you.

    24. Arik Geary

      You made so much progress! The pantry looks awesome.😂💞📸🍃

    25. Taylor Abel

      always excited for a zoe vlog but just a little bit extra excited for an organizing pantry vlog!!

    26. Issy grad

      does anyone know where her white lounge co-ord is from?

    27. Samantha Chomin

      Love love love the long hair but please do a hair tutorial because I need it lol

    28. Jamar Vlogs TV

      This video was very satisfying to watch and gain ideas from for when I move back home to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Loved this!

    29. Sanja Kovacevic

      Also, just scrolled down and read comments for a bit.. literally haven't seen any bad comment at all. Everyone is just so nice!!!!!!!

    30. Sanja Kovacevic

      This video has made me Google Ikea immediately 😁

    31. sharon hughes

      Love you Zoe😀 your a Gem xx

    32. Kyra Donini

      I just ordered some! I’m excited for them to come in!

    33. emma lang

      You should use the wire basket that you don’t know what to do with. You should use if for a fruit bowl. 🍇🍉🍓🍌🍎

    34. Isabelle Rachel

      Your pantry is the pantry of dreams, so aesthetically pleasing

    35. Rachel Smith

      Hey Zoe! I’ve been lovinh your style of content but I was wondering if maybe you include yohr favorites into a vlog! I miss your monthly favorites a lot

    36. Holly Palmer

      I so want to try that shampoo and conditioner, but it's just so expensive, I would if I had the money x

    37. Lotte Zijderveld

      Love this video so much

    38. alina alam

      Loved seeing you work your magic

    39. Brittney Seeley

      Beautiful 😩❤️

    40. Mahnoor Fatima

      Can you pleaaaaseeeeeee do a full house tour

    41. iv Rhino

      Blond and long hair suits you the best

    42. Murray

      In the most respectful way possible, you look very nice.

    43. silvia paparella

      I'm so jealous how Zoe can declutter, clean, and reorder her pantry, dressed in white as a classy princess. Chapeau!

    44. Imogen Collinson

      Hi Zoe just wondering if you could link where your white/cream tracksuit cozy outfit is from please ✨

    45. Africa Cohen

      I absolutely hate when you put like your cereal in a jar and then you're stuck with a little bit left in the box! Pet peeve!

    46. Jiya Joshi

      It's pretty cool I get to analyse Zoe's career as apart of my GCSE's. All we do is just sit around and watch youtube videos with Joe, Zoe, Alfie and comment on lighting techniques.

    47. Luke Catleugh

      The pantry is actually GOALS.

    48. Heather Kane

      I started using fuction Of beauty because of you’re recommendation and I looooove it

    49. Lauren Eager

      Is the purple conditioner and shampoo for coloured hair available from them too

    50. natasha radinow

      that is the dream pantry

    51. Heather Boll

      Where is your tracksuit set from???

    52. Susan Hull

      Good job! We are redoing our pantry this weekend; my IKEA jars arrive Friday. I bought the Function products on your recommendation and I love them! They perfectly match my hair needs and my hair has never looked or felt better. Thank you! ❤️

    53. Alexandra Flygar

      I would really enjoy a GRWM on a date night video! 💛

    54. Theresa G.

      How does she make mundane things so Interesting!!!😁 I'm tired and want a nap but I'm watching someone organize their pantry! 🙈

    55. Sarah Steur

      The storm was craaazy here in the netherlands as well. It is still going on right now with strong wind and hail for the past few days :0

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      Literally LOVE your kitchen esp at night. Also wheres that white loungewear from? Im obsessed xx

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      You do not want the egg broke into your books, you better put something under it or place it somewhere else xo

    59. Aurélie


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      The storm is rightnow in my country. ☺