Bioware CONFIRMS Anthem 2.0 Overhaul Coming!



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    The AJS News Crew discusses Bioware's announcement of Anthem's 2.0 Overhaul. Our Thoughts!
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Grizzly Pina

      If anthem gets fixed then its going to be another no man's sky !

    2. Trafford Freeman

      Why did they let ME:A die but not anthem. Imo ME:A would of been a better financial route

    3. donnell outlaw

      Give us the No Mans Sky treatment!!!!!

    4. Torukmakto

      The only way I would ever go back to anthem is if the game had a better story which sucked. The game had a end game and the loot wasn’t trash. Yes I know it had cataclysms that were timed based but after that you stop playing until they release another one. I still want a new javelin like they promised. The same they have to make is next to god tier to bring players back

    5. Chris Landmann

      Unless they revamp everything including that lame ass story for a campaign and give it to us free if we already own it. They got $90 from me. Fuck Bioware then. They need to pull something amazing out of their ass or close shop please.

    6. Xaevage

      There's lik wat a 0.05 improvement, which I guess means none lol

    7. Mark Crumb

      I'm excited for Anthem 2.0.

    8. Blastedgnome

      Ohhh shit not agin joe

    9. Rafael Perez

      Just play Warframe.

    10. Eddy Gutierrez

      I've said on another UKminers video about Anthem: Once Anthem bricked my console, I will not give BioWare/EA another chance on this game. I will not go back. I'm a huge looter shooter fan and would rather play Destiny 2 and Division 2 over this.

    11. Jesse H.

      Wish for the best but expect the worst, that's about where I'm at with this

    12. rich19722

      Dont preorder any games. Its the reason companies get away with releasing betas for $60.00 . If these soy boys preorder and get burned again, then they deserve it. Hey joe, get a back bone and be blunt as you were in the beginning of your channel. Fucking sell outs.

    13. M.A.D.PandaGaming

      Why is Bioware full of horseshit? They know their game was one of the worst games made that year. Bet you anything that they charge you for all the stuff they add/redesign that you've already played for. I don't give a flying purple fuck if it becomes the greatest game of all time with 2.0.....I will not spend one penny for any of this update. If there's a price tag, they can all get bent. I've already paid for it, as far as I'm concerned....and if they can't respect that and give this out for 100% free (because they should have day 1), then they don't deserve to have players return. And FFS.....add about 20000% more Javelin customization and lower the price of all of the parts. The pricing is a joke...

    14. Grayson Brady

      All everyone is doing is trash talking the game but it was actually very fun.

    15. Graham6761

      Never played the game, it didn't seem like the kind of game I like. Multiplayer shooters I hate except counter strike so I didn't get it.

    16. x66 happy66x

      Swear to god if they charge me for 2.0 I'm done with all EA related games

    17. Hatef Hatamy

      Fuck you anthem.

    18. Enrique Fajemisin

      It’s a shitty fucking game, bet they want me to pay for dumb overhaul

    19. chris edwards

      The only way I'll play this game if they put it on Xbox game pass

    20. RayUp

      And yes Anthem has improved 💯 since launch 🚀 way worth it!

    21. vivek parashar

      Wait they gonna do destiny 2 new light thing 🤔 a lot of peeps might not even play anthen for free

    22. MtMarshi

      If they make 2.0 FREE for owners of the base game (with maybe some bonuses for "legacy" players) then I'm willing to give the game a second chance as it's always had huge potential. If they even charge $1? I'm out.

    23. I Am Numa

      When are these companies gonna learn quality is better than quantity? They need to stop trying to shell out games and just take their time to make something that’s legitimately good

    24. Krooks44

      I know it was far from perfect. But none the less I still enjoyed it and really am looking forward to the 2nd go around.

    25. StaticXYouth

      Never touched the thing not wanting too I am not into shooters. BORING!

    26. Demotae

      Well...... I still play periodically...... and the crazy ass long load screens are still a thing

    27. robbytube24

      I played anthem recently. It's not a bad game compared to launch. But yes the content gets stale fast. Also the legendary system being full RNG kinda sucks. As specific weapon sets get ignored if you get one legendary in that category.

    28. Rashid SMGPro

      Y’all beatin on a dead horse, just be happy that their trying to improve the game

    29. Riley Fisher

      Please make it so you don't need a playstation member ship to play it I don't want to pay for the game and then pay to play it

    30. Andrew Young

      My expectations are low... RIP Old Bioware

    31. Parzival Anubis

      Personally I think this is exactly what E.A and Bioware wants is for the community to doubt them and when they drop that fat update it'll spread like wildfire I mean you saw Battlefront 2 it was dead for a long long time then BAM it came back like a bat out of hell and its great now this is exactly what will happen with Anthem people will pick it up now and wait for that update and when it does the player base will SKYROCKET and it'll be great

    32. Mario Mario

      Add more loot dammit. There should be near endless amounts of different armor pieces to mix and match. Why does everyone look the same? I really want to like Anthem. Burned out on other looters.

    33. EagleEye 31

      Bruh its map is still Christmas themed...prood the game is dead.


      I redownloaded on pc cause I had the origin premium but I had to start all over cause there’s no data transfer. Honestly it doesn’t seem worth it building up another jav. But the visuals on pc are so much better than console.


      I redownloaded on pc cause I had the origin premium but I had to start all over cause there’s no data transfer. Honestly it doesn’t seem worth it building up another jav. But the visuals on pc are so much better than console.

    36. Kyle Peters

      no one should be proud..... thats so fucked up to say, like the game is graphically amazing.... why would someone talk so fucking negative on devs that put hard work into this game, even if game is bad.

    37. Risotto Nero

      I will come back when they fix the DAM FUCKING SERVERS:)

    38. Crimson Vance

      The only way the overhaul has a chance of righting their wrong with Anthem is if it is free. But most likely it wont. The fixes will most likely be included in a dlc expansion

    39. The Architect's TV

      They changed a lot since launch just glad that there is consistent updates season to season but loading screens are really so minimal I forgot they were an issue. My personal response

    40. Jago Strife

      i dont know how you fix something that is just straight up bad, its boring. its the most vapid game in history.

    41. Karel Tesař

      This game has such a great potential. I will not write about loot, but world can be bigger, some kind of volcanos and more huge rivers and jungles and forrests. Then bigger option in javelin customatization and more javelins unlockable ingame withou some microtransaction and here we go. Add more interesting NPC make world more alive and youre halfway there

    42. Soulrot

      I'm not completely shunning the game. The developer of no man's sky, managed to completely fixed it. Granted, it really wasn't his fault that the game was garbage when it was released. But he did manage to fix it. It turned out to be a great game in the end. If bioware can do that, with this game. If they can make sacrifices, and give what they promised, and then some, I'll consider coming back.

    43. ImCroozy

      I legit forgot about this game, although if this is free (or cheap af) I'll definitely try it out.

    44. Thomas P.

      I bet they sell it as an "expansion".

    45. Ethan A. Kaknes

      See I took a very long break from the game and when i came back it was better on some parts but thats about it. Load times improved, gameplay was still great and i almost never had lag, loot had improved a lot but not enough, they still need to tone down some of the grind challenges, and the store still needs a complete overhaul

    46. MysticNinjaSoul

      The real question is do we have to "rebuy" the game

    47. R.H. N.A

      If they really wanna save anthem, they’ll need real gamers not “influencers” to sit down with h this game and create a new breathtaking layout. Suit and weapon customization, new weapons, take away those Super Mario numbers, and a smoother melee system - so that the user can control the combat system

    48. Ez T-bag

      games 2020 buff, nerf, fix... dlc..buff, nerf, fix...

    49. Saeed Saeed

      EA 💩

    50. Shadowchildx

      So you’re saying instead of them fixing this game and letting us go back to it for free, you want them to make a whole new game, named anthem, and charge us again? Ok..

    51. Max

      This revamp better be good because the current anthem is shit and me and lots of friends regret pre-ordering

    52. Ran Shiv

      It's a trap!

    53. DEATHrocket777

      It DEFINITELY needs to be free to play, because the old PSN account got perma-banned for some fucked up memes some buds and I had in an old group chat from over a year ago, and I already paid for the damn game once. I'm not paying for it again.

    54. tony j

      I've never left Anthem.. I'd like to remain positive... & I've just been happy there's something other the destiny to play... but it would be nice if it had a richer storyline like destiny... I'd be diggin that...with more cutscene's for story depth..

    55. Frısk

      whats an "Anthem"?

    56. Blazingboy15

      The load times the same as day 1 in my opinion as of 10 minutes ago.

    57. Uncle Fester

      Haven’t played it since probably may.... I actually uninstalled it back in November.

    58. Patrick Gin

      Subscription for EA origin is what they are aiming for

    59. Salamander TheGr8

      So can I be refunded now cuz idgaf


      I want my money back!!!!