Coutinho to Manchester United? Or would Steve Nicol welcome him back to Liverpool? | Extra Time



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    ESPN FC's Steve Nicol features prominently in Extra Time, but first Julien Laurens must prove he was at Neymar's birthday party. (01:23) Stevie's asked if he's ever apologized for throwing Liverpool's throw-in coach under the bus, (02:05) why he decided to take (and miss!) a penalty in the 1984 Champions League final, (03:35) his thoughts on Philippe Coutinho's next move, (06:15) and the panel debate whether Kylian Mbappe will go down as a bigger legend than Thierry Henry. Rounding out the segment are (08:00) Stevie’s thoughts on Karim Benzema and (08:56) why Craig Burley seems less grumpy these days.
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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. O.B.1 Slam

      Just imagine the reception he would get at Anfield if he goes to Man U lol.

    2. FatStarZzzz

      Bonjour So "Jules" went to Neymar's BD...? f that's true...well you are a part of Paris's atrocious behaviour on an European campaign... Also ...he made a bet with french journalists on the radio about payin' dinner if Liverpool took Champion's league and still has not paid this famous dinner you can always trust the guy.... Mon Dieu...

    3. lil Minien

      as a Liverpool supporter, i dont wont him back, i am fine with him being at any other club. but if he goes to Manu i will never forgive him

    4. usman qadir

      Okay this is might turn out to be a pretty unpopular opinion, but I think we should take back Coutinho. The way he left was pretty shitty, I agree with that, but before he left in the premier he got 7 goals and 7 assists in 14 matches which is a remarkable return and even in champions league before he left he scored a hatrick so without a shadow of a doubt he is one badass player. If we were to get Coutinho for about 40/50 mill I think we should take it becuase he’s a proven player and we need a creative mid. And it just means we’ll have got 100 mill for free since we sold him for 142.

    5. Lewis Diamond

      Very bitchy.

    6. Hademine

      miss Cotinho at Liverpool

    7. john wedgbury

      don't want him back at liverpool. wouldn't care where he goes. thought he was overrated when he was with us. liverpool is a family, we build special bonds. wouldn't take anyone back who give up on us. no coutinho, no torres and no suarez. they all left us and look what we're doing right now. everything happens for a reason.

    8. Per Spellman

      I'm glad it's not Steve Nicols who is in charge in Liverpool.

    9. The Captain

      If he goes to Tottenham, they will for sure be favored to win PL next year.

    10. dinogove

      Steve Nicol renamed Tottenham stadium to "Jew Stadium"

    11. Philip Doyle

      Coutinho already sed out of respect for liverpool he wont go to Manchester United

    12. Shooting from the Hip

      Coutinho should try a mid-table or Europa-league type team. He isn't consistent enough for top teams, he doesn't work hard enough for managers like Mou, Simeone or even Klopp, and he doesn't really have a clear defined position. United supporter here and despite our current state, I don't want him either for his work ethic.

    13. Lukhman Family

      We have a team with a pattern that the collective is greater than the individual parts, Coutinho won't enhance that and a bench warmer at 70m would be a waste of money

    14. Hadoken L

      Benzema better than firmino how dare you

    15. Rishabh Raj

      How will COUTINHO do for MAN CITY as D.SILVA will be leaving in summer. FODEN is also there but it will not hurt to see the Brazilian in city Jersey and just imagine KEVIN and COUTINHO side by side!!!. Any thoughts.... Well teams that win have an X FACTOR and COUTINHO might be that for man city.

    16. Tigre Joe

      The best in the world is bobby firminho !

    17. jason o

      Werner and Saul is all I need Coutinho can kick rocks

    18. Emmanuel Tobing

      Who Cares what Steve Nicol thinks. But I’m not sure Coutinho is a good fit for Liverpool at the Moment. He’s probably better off elsewhere.

    19. Kim jong Un

      No top star player eill play for united. They are kooking for next ronaldo

    20. Seantino Lin

      Coutinho will come to Liverpool to......... Borrow a toilet and leave

    21. dadt

      Grammarly is not a word.

    22. Chrissy Hooton

      Liverpool should re buy him for cheap and sell him for double the price :')

    23. alan duncan

      Barca don't deserve Coutinho after the way the fans treated him. Bayern have this guy on the bench! We'll see who's "not performing " when he wins the World Cup in Qatar with Brasil. He's a wonderful players! Morons!

    24. Boi Banana

      Am I the only one who finds this painful to watch?

    25. Thierumaal Siveraj

      In my opinion. Coutinho should resign liverpool

    26. Tom Ewens

      I like it when Craig Burley is grumpy, funny stuff.

    27. Leo Avila

      Graig be off the gas at work now

    28. Lal Shrestha

      Mbappe is manner less player,

    29. Tide Detergent

      Coutinho is an L

    30. Jiang unchained

      It would be a disgrace to see him in a man united shirt after being a Liverpool player, it's unacceptable and will not be tolerated, he blew his chance at being a legend at Liverpool and decided to become barca's benchwarmer and irrelevant after joining bayern and ever since he's left the clubs been the best it's ever been so I thank him for the money we got from him and that's it he doesn't deserve to wear the Liverpool shirt anymore.

    31. PhillySportspassion 85

      We gotten better without him. Look what we’ve done without him. CL, Super Cup, FA World Cup and leading the PL by 22 points. Could win CL again

    32. dttr

      I'd pay money to see footage of Stevie at Neymar's party next year...

    33. edaneo11

      We don't want Coutinho back he he will not fit into our team, he wanted out.

    34. Zack

      Tbh while Coutinho left the Reds abruptly I doubt he goes to United. Maybe the Prem league, but never United.

    35. revistinha1

      Coutinho is a decent player be his way too expensive for what he is United could get a player that would suit them much more for a lot cheaper He's almost 28 years old too If I had to guess I think he's probably going to Italy or back to LiVARpool

    36. EpicNostalgia

      That's karma for faking your back injury to get transferred to Barca. Now stay on the fokin bench forever bruh.

    37. Palo olaP

      Why wouldn't he just stay n try to settle

    38. Zane Hamid

      Not a good choice for him to get back to Liverpool , I can see him doing an amazing job at Atletico indeed

    39. The BrainChild

      Cool. Still think Man Utd has more critical position to look at than Coutino right however.

    40. ras power

      Honestly what them guys think the premier league is?

    41. y1521t21b5

      To ManU. Liverpool not really in need of his services...

    42. Aw Some

      Coutinho was great at Liverpool but a difficult player to shape, 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 could not use him due to his midfield centre forward shape. Shame for a 27 year old to almost be legendary at Liverpool to this now......would suit a medico Man U squad perfectly provided they get rid of the dead wood that is Pogba. I’m happy supporting Liverpool for the last 45 years!!!

    43. Wakaas Akram

      Juelz is lying and even worse as a football pundit on Espn

    44. Luvsu Luvsu

      But why would Coutinho swap a Champions League team and a Champion and join a mid table team like Man Utd?

    45. Sergio Maseke

      We don't want him pls stay at FC Bayern or go right back to Liverpool 😂😂

    46. mikemacdt1

      Terrible music

    47. terence w

      He wants to win the UCL by joining Barca. Liverpool wins UCL by knocking Barca out in semis. Who could’ve written a better story?

    48. tubson Richard

      then send him back to Barcelona pls. See, dreams are good, but u should always be contented in life, coutinho situation should be a life lesson for every thinking football fan. He had everything going well for him at liverpool, playing time, good wages, awesome team, and a definite future. What does he do..he threw it away and chase his dream as a child, what does he get? Enbattlement....🙄 and now liverpool went on to win trophies. How interesting.

    49. Abdullah H

      8:49 Thats a saying of prophet Muhammed

    50. Jagjeet Kandola

      Coutinho wouldnt go stop wasting time.

    51. Lovensky Demorcy

      This show is so boring

    52. Mo oM

      Fck Coutinho the snake

    53. Johnny The Pencil Slayer

      As if United have ambitions to sign Coutinho

      1. Tepid21

        wouldnt surprise me with that clown woodward in charge of transfers

    54. afunny username

      aside from the fact lfc signed Phil rather than youth, its strange how similar his career path has been to Michael Owen. Get a worldwide reputation playing at Anfield, move to Spain dreaming of winning the CL, then missing out as LFC go on to win it. Then when the Spanish giants get bored of them they sign for Man Utd, because LFC didn't care enough to go all out on bringing them back. I have no hard feelings towards either man, and hope he performs as well for United as Mo did should he sign for them.

    55. Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch

      Thierry Henry is one of the greatest players in the premier league he was a masterclass playing for the gunners i dont understand why you would think Mbappe is bigger then Henry His not even worth it!!!!

      1. Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch

        Yes but i was talking to shamack he message me on youtube!!!!

      2. Tepid21

        they never said he is bigger than Henry the guy asked if they think he has the potential to be

    56. Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch

      Countinho was a good player at liverpool but he wanted to join barcelona to win the UCL and what happend in 2019-20!!!!! LIVERPOOL WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE THE SUPER CUP THE WORLD CUP AND PROPLEY NOW THE PREMIER LEAGUE

    57. Julio Pisano

      Stevie is just wonderful

    58. greenboy 93

      Biggest betrayal in history

    59. james mcdevitt

      I thank him for the money he got us to buy great players

    60. JJet

      1:34 Looool how is Steve Nicol complaining about one of the biggest clubs in the world paying 100k a year (one week of Lovren's wages) for an improvement that large, just admit you're wrong mate 😂😂