1. CherryCherryReiki / KirschbluetenReiki

      This is the my new anthem I will listen to whenever I think of my friends who messed up their brain chemistry with drugs. And in particular when I think of two close friends who committed suicide following psychatric treatment. Women who were born in the 80s and who have adhd or aspergers belong to the undiagnosed lost generation. Many of us self-medicate. Only the buddhist nichiren community has been able to teach me what happiness is. I really think Crimes is adorable. I wish you so much success and energy 🙌

    2. cal murfet

      The intro sounds like wonderwall oasis

    3. Luke Harrell

      Wouldnt it be cool if you could control all the solar flares from all versions of the sun? hehe :) Hope you enjoy your new masque

    4. sara balenzano

      this is so freaking cathartic. i think it’s gonna end up being my go-to in my feels song for a very long time, it’s just super beautiful

    5. Shak0033

      Not one for lyrics or vocals,instrumentals. Some of your tracks have an okay beat.genesis bass nectar remix,crystal ball fox speak louder than words.bloodlust and fighting ability go hand in hand.met your mum in kenya say hi to these are beats below are not worthy to delete. Only the instrumental.

    6. Venusboi Xananas

      biophilia realness

    7. Erol Sabadosh

      why did I only just see this today? everything about grimes' current era is awesome

    8. 4rekleface

      2:31 Woo

    9. Cheeba

    10. Lita Johnson

      A space angel

    11. Trenton Corbett

      This video reminds me of the Two Weeks video by FKA Twigs

    12. ninjapower

      просто шикарно

    13. enitoys

      Brilliant song! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    14. Hef

      Martian Country. A new Genre has been unlocked.

    15. Leafinmaeye

      Carole and Tuesday vibes

    16. NoLivesMatter

      This song makes me miss what I never had the fortune of having.

    17. Matthew Lee

      She is the best artist out there

    18. Matthew Lee


    19. Olivia Barattini

      never thought I'd say so but that banjo feels like a taaaaaaaaaall glass of water

    20. Graham Kristensen

      This makes me want to cry and twerk at the same time.

    21. Shinaizo Amer

      Thankyou for the ad, I found this.

    22. Alessio Bazzo

      What a wonderful discovery, beautiful!

    23. Anoush Xokleng

      Sounds like Oasis' "Wonderwall" meets Justin Bieber. Awful.

    24. That Shigen

      Listen twice and fall in loved ❤️✨

    25. Anthony Br.

      Akira Throne :D

    26. rdzlx

      damn I’m sad and I don’t even know why

    27. KanyeSlaysUrFav

      i listen to this everyday

    28. remember tomorrow

      bro it hurts...

    29. Kaique Silva

      Conceito caralhoohh

    30. Moxy 6

      0.75 speed, you’re welcome

      1. Joseph Serna

        Sound like shit at that speed

    31. Violet Mae

      Grimes I made you a song. It's literally for you.

    32. Courtney Edwards

      I want to see grimes and Noah Cyrus do something together

    33. Said Von Löwen

      3, 2 ,1 Today is gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you...

    34. Sylvain Todd

      "Hey, let's give Shania Twain DMT and get her to cover Landslide."

    35. Melon Grab

      The guitar started and i was like huh thats a bit weird but now ive listened to it 700 times so It obviously works

    36. Alex T

      I said maybeeeeee

    37. GhostsOfOurForefathers

      Good song

    38. Wayne T

      This is a Canadian pop song. I can hear the influences. Just my opinion.

    39. Rilëy Dempséy

      That Tesla money coming in for the amazing production shots.

    40. James Robert Archbald

      anyone else see the pbr can artwork.?

    41. Rainbow77Girl

      grimes and kacey collab?

    42. Hanns Rhinesdale


    43. Nijii


    44. Miguel

      Grimes looks like she’s from Naboo

    45. Malle

      Great song! ❤

    46. Marcin

      Am I the only one needing subtitles?

    47. Larry Beckham

      I just wonder...if she is a girl they will named her Podkayne or Michael Valentine if it is a boy?

    48. MK 96

      She looks as a horror clown from far in this :)

    49. TF

      that's the chair from Akira right?

    50. Tee Roar

      The guitar and beat literally drown out her voice, I can barely hear her! Disappointing man, couldn’t finish listening to it.

    51. SpiritsDayDream

      I heard a reference to one of her earlier albums. There's a knocking sample somewhere she used before.

    52. fidaj

    53. Ben O'Mara


    54. Naśty

      25 February 2020

    55. Ümit Deniz AYDIN

      Could it a message...i just delete someone forever right now ✌🏻😉😉

    56. B3T0


    57. gonerder

      reminds of Oasis - Wonderwall

    58. Sable Marsh

      Damn this song is everything while high. I feel like sailor mars up in this bitch.

    59. 김범수

      현기증 나요!! 빨리 앨범 내주세요!!!1

    60. Ya Boy CatSquatch

      Bloody wonderful