THE BATMAN (2021) Official First Look - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal


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    First official look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit!
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    The Batman director Matt Reeves has finally revealed a first look at Bruce Wayne/Batman actor Robert Pattinson in the batsuit in a test video.
    Production on The Batman started a few weeks ago in London, so fans have been hoping to finally get a reveal of what the newest iteration of the caped crusader would look like.
    We have Robert Pattinson suited up as Gotham City’s protector, and while the red lighting (which is giving off some major Batman Beyond vibes) makes it hard to notice a lot of specific details, this Batsuit definitely looks different from the hero’s past cinematic costumes. Matt Reeves revealed on Twitter, this video was shot by The Batman’s cinematographer Greig Fraser and scored by the movie’s composer Michael Giacchino.
    While the cast for The Batman has been high caliber all around, the actual look and feel of the movie has still been a big mystery with teases ranging from Reeves posting images from Adam West's Batman '66 to Robert Pattinson teasing a more brutal, less heroic take on the character.
    With the star and director in place, a lot more information has since come to light. While the actual plot remains a mystery, a reported working title of “Vengeance” left some fans guessing as to what the story might be about. Plus, details that some scenes will take place in Arkham Asylum have left even more fans wondering. There is also confirmation that our hero will encounter a lot of his famous rivals during this new standalone story as well, including Riddler and Penguin.
    It's unknown yet where The Batman will pick up in terms of Bruce Wayne's life, but considering the working title, it's difficult not to assume that his parents death will be a primary motivation for his actions.
    The majority of the cast involved with The Batman have already been announced. Zoë Kravitz will step into the shoes of Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Colin Farrell will play Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), and Paul Dano will reportedly play the main villain of the film, Edward Nashton aka Riddler. Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) has also landed the role of Commissioner Gordon.
    Key DC movie release dates include:
    Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) (2020)
    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)
    The Batman (2021)
    The Suicide Squad (2021)
    Black Adam (2021)
    Aquaman 2 (2022)
    The Batman movie will swoop into theaters on June 25, 2021. Are you excited?

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    1. OleSegun Johnson

      Cool music

    2. McK

      Batman theme mixed with Empire theme mixed with Shinra theme from FF7 Love it

    3. ViceGraphs

      Batman aka Daredevil

    4. Samuel Gilpin

      The music mixed with this new looking suit almost gives me and old fashioned sort of feel with this new batman. Maybe that's what their going for

    5. Olallo

      This is already my favorite bat suit

    6. Jomari Capulong

      Looks like they combined the original 1939 Batman with the Arkham Knight suit

    7. cingram8168


    8. con mystax

      TF is this?!?

    9. Richard Hayes

      Whose going to play Batman next? Miley Cyrus? I guess they don’t want to go back toward manly so probably not lol

    10. Billy Holland

      Go ! BATMAN

    11. Piru Piru Puri


    12. zkzros

      Anyone else heard Darth Vader's background tune in here?

    13. Christian Knight

      A choose your character screen has never been so appealing

    14. ClassicAdden

      I mostly hear hate towards loppet and such channels. Yet many seem to give them free marketing, very fascinating!

    15. Acil Ibrahim

      Mads Mikkelsen should be Deathstroke, and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor in this universe.

      1. BizarreDiffo

        This is in the DCEU.

    16. The Strong

      Give him the hi tech white eyes!

    17. Filippo Di Giuseppe

      Sorry but i don’t like the mask, and i still think is to skinny

    18. mauriano baruso

      Ben Affleck is The Best Batman To Date.

    19. Max Bra

      Darth Wayne...sorry music reminds me something else 😂

    20. Gabriel Marks


    21. Daniel Sarti

      he looks like the owl guy from Watchmen

    22. Abel Segarra

      I thought it was daredevil for a second.

    23. Diego ARDG Perpetva

      It sounds more like Chopin's Funeral March to me, than Imperial March. If you ask me, this teaser resembles to me The Undertaker character from wwe

    24. Elena Sos

      I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if this new movie the villain was Joe Chill (the criminal who killed Bruce's parents). The story would be about Bruce, already Batman, to make Joe's life a nightmare for him to repent for what he did that night. It could be the most emotional and intense Batman movie ever made.

    25. umar arshad

      And the title is : batman on coke

    26. Jack Torrance

      Terrible choice!! Robert Pattinson!!

      1. andrew

        Jack Torrance how

    27. SmileyBoySa Gaming

      Looks like a batman who would still obey the law

    28. SmileyBoySa Gaming


    29. Kevin Chapman

      Too much of his jaw is exposed, need more mask.

    30. Silas Santana

      Davy Jones kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    31. Ronald McHeartattack

      I mean we are also getting Black Adam and Suicide Squad the same year as this

    32. svizgard

      Это фиаско

    33. Peter Leo

      STUPID pattinson ! BATFUCK costume !!

    34. Azamat Baimbetov

      Nobody said that music remind soundtrack Imperial March from Star Wars

    35. EternityKX

      We want a cool teaser for batman Put him under a red bulb and zoom. 😑🙄

    36. el gallo negro

      Not going to lie but he should play as batman beyond

    37. WilltheLemon

      Got Daredevil vibes

    38. Juan Maidana

      At this point I'm not mad at the cast decision, let's remember we thought the exact same thing with Affleck with the exact same character. We are not in 1997 people, actors do care about the character now!

    39. Dickydockydoo

      The music is great, though those drum beats are kind of poky, they can lose those or make them heavier (but not louder). I love the swelling trumpet at the end, I hope that really develops in the film. The suit looks cool. Not keen on the casting though, for other characters as well. Zoe Kravitz is a great choice for Catwoman though, and the Riddler actor seems suitable. Bryan Cranston needs to be Gordon at some point, they should've cast him.

    40. Jimmy Morris

      Well it looks like any other DC product, the lighting is to dark to tell what is going on.

    41. zae

      Music sounds like it’s building up to the classic Danny elfman Batman theme

    42. TheCheeseDragon

      There’s something ‘Darth Vader’ about the music and red lighting I love it

    43. hisham rahim

      From vampire to batman. Ok thats make sense.

    44. Abdulsami Khan

      This suit is SOOO SEXY!!! Better than the others.

    45. Nur Khalimah Oficial

      mari kita kebioskop

    46. luiz antonio

      i love batman but i will not see this shitbag in this character

    47. MusicOrGetMugged

      Robert Battinson

    48. incadove

      The nose gives away his identity.

    49. Incog Spectator

      Hopefully his cape doesn't get stuck in a jet turbine. A wise woman once said "NO CAPES!!"

      1. Hesham karam

        Incog Spectator Useful Video:

      2. MusicOrGetMugged

        E D N A M O D E

    50. Solomon Kane

      I don't understand why DC has such a hard time doing this character. The music sounds great, Patterson looks good but that suit looks odd. What's with the thing on his chest?

      1. John Martin

        @Solomon Kane or it is a soiecal batrang for a suicide mission by batman

      2. Solomon Kane

        @John Martin OK that makes sense, maybe an odd place to put it but still EZ access I suppose.

      3. John Martin

        It is a batrang most probably

    51. Sarang K

      Christian is lyk batman forever🤟

    52. Paul Hughes

      🤢🤮🤮 just no

    53. clavi20000

      Cedric : DDD

    54. Fidgetspinnerboy 489

      Big miss opportunity to add the Batman title card at the end

    55. Sammy Westenberger

      Michael Giacchino Isolated Score The Batman Camera 📷 Test

    56. Dom Mo

      S U C K S

    57. Daniel kennedy

      Fui tapeado

    58. Shivam Mantri

      I miss Daredevil 😔

    59. Ribeil Jean Stanislas

      Everyone : Woah !!! OMG ! That's cool ! Twilight : Edward is a bat ! Me : Meh ... so what ? Excuse me but the red filter sucks.

      1. John Martin

        It looks so great , Pattinson is a great actor