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    A new chapter begins this summer on @STARZ.
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Surf N Turf 201

      Tasha and Tariq were the worst characters of the show and you kill off your bread winner characters ghost and 50 this show literally did a nose dive on top of the Empire State Building shit will be canceled you threw away 50 percent of your audience could of went hella deeper in ghosts story having him go into Washington as a dirty politician very stupid

    2. Phil Alexandre

      I think Michael Rainey is going to pleasantly surprise in Book II. And i think Courtney Kemp is smart enough not to make the whole show be about Tariq. She proved once that she could create a hit show. I'm counting on her doing it again.

    3. Richgal Lxjojo

      Hell nah no more ghost no more of me watching✌🏼

    4. 9N07Stream

      They better find a supernatural way to put Ghost in Power 2 ... if not I ain’t watching

    5. walter harris

      Ghost is not dead. It’s who shot ghost? Not who murdered Ghost. If dead need a furneral, RIP MUSIC, AND POLICE TO GRAB TARIQ FOR DISMISSING BOTH MOM AND DAD. KILLED TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. FROM DREE, PROCTOR,POLICE, KESHA, TRIED TO GET TOMMY AND VINCE, SAX SCARED. YEP NOW WHEN HE GOING TO PRISON FOR BEING JEALOUS OF HIS DAD. YOUNG THUGS GOT TO KNOW IT COMES BACK DONT LEAVE THESE KIDS THINKING THEY CAN TAKE SOMEONE ELSE MATERIAL THINGS TO COME UP. Tasha, umm my girl ain’t doing time for Tariq. Love and all she may give him up.shet she got another kid to raise along with cash.

    6. Vlad Panchenko

      Power was amazing. Omari was amazing, Joseph was amazing. I was ready to see Ghost's next chapter in politics. Awful ending tho. Ghost's death was so stupid. That was almost torture to watch Tariq in Power for most of the show, and now he's got own series. Meh

    7. Alesha N

      NO THANKS!!!

    8. XO

      Would rather watch a tate spin off

    9. LDN

      Huh, i thought we was getting a prequel or tommy spin off. Nobody wants this tf 😂

    10. Matthew Murdock

      Congratulations they just Game of Throned Power smh jeez (ruined the show). Smh Why did they kill Ghost?

    11. Alonso Martii

      Power Book 5: lethal Force

    12. Mauricio Gomez

      Hopefully Tariq dies at the end of this show. We might as well make it a tradition for the St Patricks.

    13. Jefx

      Ghost faked his death, in order to save tariq from that life, knowing the only way to make things go according to plan is to fake his own death and have his will set out to put Tariq on the right path

    14. jaana avellan

      best series ever, I love Power !

    15. Jake Philips

      Don’t be fooled ghost is not dead, re watch the last episode the ambulance was leaving the scene when it should of been arriving, ghost has links, you think tariq is out smarting ghost? He switched the gun or bullets to suen less damaging hence why there was not blood splatter on tariq, kanan said to tariq the same thing he told ghost before the best way to sneak up on your enemy is to already let them think they’ve won

    16. BOSITHA Fernando

      Boooo 👎👎👎 bad writing towards the end

    17. Jordan

      Everyone acted out of character this season. Bad writing. They better redeem themselves with this.

    18. Pirvu Cosmin

      No Ghost, no Power😥😔🤬

    19. nomoremrniceguy swift

      Season 6 was good but I’m not going to be watching nomore of this lot of two facing going on plus’s you don’t do the things u do n then act like u didn’t do it

    20. dismissed7

      I mean why in thee hell would you make a spin off starring a character nobody liked?

    21. Daniel Marchant

      Yeah, no one wants to see Tariq. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    22. Fay Ahmad

      No one cares bro stop forcing it.

    23. Andre Lopez

      What song is in the trailer???

    24. pound14poundking


    25. No Name

      Hey, it check out my podcast. It's about me sharing my experiences throughout sex work, motherhood, college and etc. Basically, how a woman is fully capable of being multifaceted. Follow me on Instagram @DrHeaux. The link to my podcast is my bio.

    26. MichaelKayTV

      appreciate power what a show its been but bruh I'm out! I'm not watching this Tariq kid (love the actor though)

    27. JJ Bigga1

      Nah im not feeling that with all them snakes as main cast members especially tariq 🤢🐍

    28. bacara18

      Whyd they have to make ghost out to be an asshole. It's not in his character to behave that way. They should release the original/ideal ending instead of this shit

    29. J M

      The black community is the community that allows media to feed this poison to our children and people, I cannot wait until Jesus Christ returns

    30. New York Yankees

      I hope some way ghost is alive

    31. Femzinø


    32. Havilah Driver

      Am I the only one looking forward to the sequel? It will be interesting to see Tariq balance Ivy League and the drug game. I would imagine Tasha will help Tariq from the inside and make some powerful connections. I wonder how Mary J Blije and Method Man tie into the story. I’m surprised Saxe has a job again 😒

    33. asila isala ilasa

      With out GHOST , No power

    34. Deshawndre Twitty

      I hope they keep Tasha in prison to keep it more realistic if they don’t this show gone be corny asl.They should do it like WeeBay from the wire

    35. Michael Coffey

      Terry silver told Tasha to get tariq to turn himself in she said no then ghost told her to the same thing she said no if she would have listened and chose her son over the streets they’d be living their life still and tariq would be riding his sentence out and could get out of jail and expand truth with his dad

    36. JaredPlayz

      Give the show a chance

    37. Cody B Music

      People the main character of the original show can't be in a spin off 😂

    38. R A

      I was satisfied with the end of Power ... That ending with Warren G regulate and Tommy going off to Cali was so good. In my opinion he is the REAL Ghost in the series. I didn't really care much for St Patrick's death. Glad Tommy survived.

    39. Maurice Turner

      Why they kill ghost he was the show.....stupid stupid stupid oh did i say stupid........

    40. Victor Skywalker


    41. ESPN First Take

      I'll give the show a chance for atleast one episode but since ghost is dead and Tommy in cali I'll probably not going to enjoy it I don't like Tariq I never found his character good they better do some good writing in this part 2. .

    42. Harun Kelly

      How can you fix something that was never broken.

    43. Jimmy Butler

      Go to school ‼️

    44. Alisha Rochelle

      ,..the cff

    45. DW 001

      MARY Y’ALL SEE MARY ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ DAM‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    46. Kate Ramrattan

      Tariq boy bye 👋

    47. Laughing Sadist

      Power been kinda boring for a while now ghost stuff got lame doe I would have liked to see ghost die a more painful death involving torture and being set on fire

      1. Laughing Sadist

        ESPN First Take Shut Up Molly

      2. ESPN First Take

        Laughing Sadist something wrong with u man😂😂😂

    48. Robert B

      Tariq was unlikeable in power why would they make a spinoff with tariq? This show will bomb...

    49. Symphonia30

      I'm only going to watch it just to see Tariq fall from power ( no pun intended). After everything he's done, he really does not deserve this. He killed his father, got his sister killed, and even set up Tommy to get killed. Yeah, you are defiantly likable in my book Tariq. Aside from that, I'll be interested in seeing the new cast like Method Man and Mary J Blige in action. But yeah I'm less interested in seeing mini Ghost.

    50. Jazmine Bryant

      Instagram @watchthey

    51. Mohammad J. Parsa

      First I’m gonna say you did great guys specially 50cent and i hope u forgive me for downloading the episodes on free websites because in iran I hadn’t any access to buy them because of the sanctions so i hope u forgive me then I really Hope that Ghost is still alive somewhere out of town because I’m following Power since 2017 just because of this Man James Saint Patrick and his strong storyline. ❤️

    52. FuturisticMike


    53. Phillip Anello

      What’s the song playing it goes hard

    54. Tammie Goodvine

      Won't be watching Ghost & Tommy gone🤦. This a flop🤷🤬

    55. kjdnyhmghfvb

      I'm not really here for a prequel, I already know the end result. Also Tariq killed his father, got his sister killed, set up his uncle to be murdered, and he gets a show. Saxe was the worst agent of them all, he had no integrity whatsoever and he makes it, plus Tasha is in Prison so...I'm Good.

    56. anharali zaman

      Oh my god are you serious!

    57. Tony Toota

      Power is over! No Ghost no Starz!

    58. Scorpio10 L

      Not watching power without GHOST !!!!!!!!!!!! Perioddttttt

    59. ¿SabesQue...?

      This is too lit

    60. Tony Toota

      I'm not sure what happened but those last 3 episodes were trash. Seems like the writers were on strike and Starz was scrambling to but an ending together. That was one bad climax to a phenomenal show.