Do All Cheaters Think The Same?



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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Nikki Harper

      pls do cheaters vs people who have been cheated on i wanna hear sum real arguing

    2. Liliana Rocha

      The girl w the pink hair was cappin when the guy asked her if she has ever said I love you in her past relationships and she said no

    3. The ShadowWolf

      As someone who has seen others cheating and being cheated on I have a somewhat unique perspective. A friend of mine got pregnant and had her kid in few months after High school. She then married her baby dad two months after this. The dad was.... he was awful. He was a great dad and dotes on his kids but he was very controlling and toxic with her. Despite all this she loved him and so had a major panic atrack when she told me how she cheated on him. She hated herself for cheating because the guy she cheated with was someone she promised not to be alone with (She had deep feeling for this other guy too.). In this instance I honestly think the cheating make more sense for a lot of reasons. Just because it is understandable doesn't mean that cheating was ok. However her situation was somewhat unique because she can't leave him even if she wanted to as she is very dependent on him. The only time I think cheating is ok is when it's mutal cheating.... as in maybe the two of you got married for financial or other beneficial reason but are not in love. You have to stay married but can fool around on the side. Think like back when there was arranged marriages and they could have affairs... as long as they didn't flaunt to public. Then again depending on your definition that may not be cheating as both parties know yet don't. As someone who was in an LDR for 4 years it is really hard. It is definitely not for everyone and for a majority it sadly can lead to cheating and dishonesty. Mine personally didn't work out because we were both too naive about the world. We had met in real life and thought we could make it work in a LDR but neither wanted to move and even if we did we aren't from the same country... which posed additional issues.

    4. daromes01

      Holy moly... I hope those people will read this comment section - that might help them to open their eyes. Geez, I mean how can you complain about lack of trust after you CHEATED on your significant other... I guess I will not understand some people in this life :D EDIT: I hope that fiance of that girl is going to think about it :D

    5. Mashpanda

      pink girl a "beach"

    6. Brooke Murray

      bro i have no sympathy, of course nobody gonna trust them tf

    7. stacy k

      I always try to be as open minded as possible, but I just honestly can't imagine cheating on someone I love. There's a person in my life, who I love more than anyone in this world. And even though we're not in a relationship at the moment, I just can't even imagine kissing or being with someone else. My heart belongs to only him.

    8. Alex Montes

      Don't take these people seriously, getting cheated on is the worst stab on the back and takes forever to heal from. This shouldn't be normalized at all, love and loyalty always 💯

    9. sarah cobden

      ‘I don’t believe in once a cheater, always a cheater, people change’ *cheats in 3/4 of her relationships*

    10. Simon

      I’m starting to think cheaters actually are psychopaths and that they don’t even know it (or maybe mentally deficient)

    11. RGXO

      See how most of them are women ,back off simps

    12. Chris Nicole

      *Damm... these ppl genuinely suck 😂. Even the one who said she felt bad cheating. How do ppl like this even like themselves 🤣. Can u enjoy ur own company when u suck this much😂😂*

    13. Olly VanNess

      Okay I think cheating is terrible but these comments are way to far and there is a possibility of reconciling a relationship after cheating. Cheating also IS NOT black & white. You kissed someone; is that enough for your partner to hate you and break up with you??? Maybe???

    14. Farukh Khan

      You don't deserve trust after that . No you don't have an excuse to cheat on someone . Break it up . The girl with glasses is the just wrong . How do you cheat only because someone else says your cute or hot . Like your guy wasn't enough .

    15. Reiika

      Pink hair girl ain't it man

    16. greenalfoil

      Marrying your first boyfriend who you cheated on so you could ‘experience others’. That’ll be a fun life.

    17. Amar jo

      If someone is toxic just break up with them, two wrong s don't make a right, you've only put yourself in the gutter with them.

    18. Jakob Weleschuk

      “But you still have benefits with this person” Ladies and gentlemen. This is called using someone. Don’t be like this

    19. Michel Ávila

      Yeah, cheating is bad and selfish, but this comment section shows how people just can't put themselves in somebody else's shoes

    20. unkown hi

      I wanna state this really quickly I understand that if you are Ina toxic relationship and you can't get out of it I'm not saying it's ok to cheat but you should get help before cheating I guess you should say

    21. Amanda Bonfante

      “The trust after was gone.”😂😂😂 I missing something? They expected immediate forgiveness? Lord! Y’all need therapy to fix whatever fantasy you have in your head.

    22. Keitha Paynter

      do it with people who have been cheated on pls, as someone who has been cheated on I have very different views than this

    23. HD Vision

      The point of things like this, and this episode specifically, is to have an open mind and hear different peoples opinions so these comments are honestly just disappointing. Why are you even watching something like this if you can't think outside of a box of your own. Everyone thinks differently.

    24. Mario Paul

      This video is hilarious.

    25. Baghuul

      Why do women who have multicolored hair have narcissist tendencies? imao

    26. Simply Drawing

      making excuses for you're shitty behavior nice

    27. Darian Shafer

      4 women 1 man

    28. _kiri_

      9:04 why would you inflect any sort of pain on anyone ? And why is she talking of someone else being selfish when cheating on someone just because you dont love them so it doesnt affects YOU is the most selfish thing i have ever heard.. why dont you break up if you dont love them anyways?

    29. Hannah Ceniceros

      Honestly, TOTAL TRUST shouldn’t be overemphasized in a relationship. . .My greatest disappointment was discovering my Husband has been cheating on me for over 2 years now , I was able to confirm this through the help of a Hacking company who helped hack his phone and social media accounts. All i did was share my Husband’s number, i got access to his Facebook, Whats App and text messages both deleted and incoming ones. He might be helpful to you too because you need a prove before confrontation...This is his contact ( /Tell (+1443)-296-5246)

    30. LilaDaDinosaur

      "People watching 'the stuff' are also cheating." Since when has watching porn been considered cheating? There are even many couples who watch it together, so I have no idea why this guy is trying to group people who watch porn in the same category as people who break someone's heart by cheating.

    31. Super_Otaku

      I just want to say, if you cheat on someone plz never use the excuse that you still love them

    32. colorgush

      These people don’t need to be in relationships. Especially the dude. When he said he cheated on people he “loved” I cried. That’s so messed up. There’s no way you could hurt someone you love. Total narcissist. He thought he loved them but what he really loved was the thought of them.

    33. Tom Holland Drinking tea

      I’m seeing a lot of females here.

    34. Zane TF

      Jesus.. why do i have the feeling that the marriage of the one girl is gonna go south very hard

    35. isaiah thomas

      I cannot empathize with any of these guys. How smug they are about hurting someone just comes off so gross. The fact some of them try to justify is just weird. Especially how they were baffled a persons trust would lower after they cheat

    36. Sinner

      "Do all pedophiles think the same?"

    37. Kermit's Underwear

      Alternative title: idiots trying to justify cheating

    38. Hannah Montoya

      You can’t possibly tell me you can love someone with all your heart and cheat on them. How does that even correlate AT ALL?

    39. Leather Hitman

      All women, 1 guy

    40. Brodha Sattva

      12:26 The word "Cuck" is overused these days.......but BRUH..Leah's fiancee is a C-C-CUCK. She cheated on him WHILE engaged and hes still going to marry her. WOW.

    41. Katelyn Brown

      Do: Do All Polyamorous People Think The Same? Do All Mormons Think The Same?

    42. jessica fairman gillan

      There acting like it’s such a good thing like shutup

    43. z

      I wonder if these these people considered that maybe they’re polyamorous and monogamy will just never work for them

    44. Dunya

      Am I going to be pissed of during this video, yes

    45. Brodha Sattva

      Erin the Vegan wants to thank you for finding people who are more hateable

    46. Tenebricōsum

      lol this guy really tried to blame his cheating on his partners because they werent listening to him are you kidding me... wack af

    47. Katariina Martens

      My father cheated on my mother, with many women. They had arguments. He gave her silent treatment. They divorced. I am like "why he cheated on my mom? Dont pretend to be 'happy couple' if you are not".

    48. Gh0st13

      ??? These people reaffirm the "once a cheater always a cheater" stereotype. They sound like they haven't learned anything from it lol

    49. Jayda Murphy Thomas

      the worst part about this is they think they’re speaking facts

    50. Matthew Curiel

      It may just be a fact ... but if you objectively love someone there isnt really a reason to cheat. Love usually would allow you to at least tell the person whats on your mind and whether you are attracted to someone else or are less physically attracted to them or whatever. With love comes being open and honest with one another. If you have to cheat ... it implies before you werent open or homest before cheating. You likely tell them after you fuck up. Thats the issue. So if you claim to love someone but cheat you didnt really love them as much as you told yourself. You may love certain aspects not the entirity of the person. Thats how i see it

      1. SillyRamen

        I believe the same. My bf is a past cheater, but spent the last 3 years before we met single so he can try to reinvent himself to be a better person. He describes his past self as an absolute asshole and nothing can justify the things he did. I have felt very insecure when he is with other girls or being friendly with then cause of his past. I hold back cause I don't want to be overbearing, but I will voice my fears when I believe its something that needs to be talked about. He has promised that if he ever feels attracted to someone else to the point he has urgues to act on them, then he will talk to me and consider the options: breaking up cause his feeling are stronger for them and wants a relationship with them, a "free pass" so to speak to satify his urgues with them (only with my permission and if its something I truely will be okay with and not hold negative feelings about in the future), or just talking about it to get it off his chest and working together as a couple to move past it. But never will it be an option to go behind my back with them and then having the last 4 years of his life being a waste on his progress to be a better person. He isn't perfect, but he is honest and genuine about his mistakes. A year together and we have never had an argument, disagreements and rough spots yes, but nothing with a source of anger. I belive we have been very healthy in our communications and how we handle our mistakes

    51. George Fernandez

      I cheated do the other person a favor break it up, you are missing something talk to them that don’t work the. Break it up. Yeah you trying to fill a void in but you shouldn’t do it not worth the pain after

    52. Diandra Phua

      she hit the whoa

    53. Omar Arreola

      Wtf this era people trying normalize this destructive behavior

    54. kimberly

      12:50 eye

    55. K B

      I would like to see this with a few older people and maybe a couple more men. Most of them seem very young and immature. Guessing that's why some of their answers are just trying to justify their actions.

    56. AyEsJay

      These People Are So Deluded

    57. Fayxinas

      *The comments section is toxic monogamy in a nutshell*

    58. JonniesMusica

      A lot of self-righteousness in this comment section. Guess everyone on here is an angel.

      1. SillyRamen

        Well, I assume everyone upset about this have never cheated, which is enough to feel righteous compared to the people in the video. No one is saying they are perfect or angles in the comments, only that they believe cheating is wrong no matter what which is valid

    59. Uriel Canales

      Cheaters are the worst because they not only break their partners' trust, but they might expose them to STDs.

    60. Юля Тен

      I liked there are 4 girls and one man so, no one would rub into my face that men cheat cuz they are polygamous by nature and it is totally normal, while women should defend their virtue by all means cuz we are born to devote to one and only man. I was told so by so many men and women here in my country. Once i biology scientist was trying to convince me that cheating is a totally normal innate quality of men." I tell you this as a scientist". So, i asked him how about european countries where women cheat as often as men. And he said: thats a different culture. So, if you say science-based fuckts what da fuck culture is doing with that? It is just easier for muslim men to justify their fornication and still judge women doing the same thing