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    A ninth person has tested positive for Coronavirus in the UK. The woman flew into London from China and was tested after developing symptoms.
    The man at the centre of the main outbreak in the UK, has now been discharged from hospital in London after being given the all-clear.
    The World Health Organisation says the number of new infections in China is stabilising but that it's too early to say if the epidemic is past its peak.
    The BBC News at Ten is presented by Huw Edwards, with contributions from BBC Health Editor Hugh Pym and the BBC Global Health Correspondent Tulip Mazumdar in Geneva.
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Manal Theret

      Ban flights from China until this tragedy is finished !!!

    2. Frank Leung

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    3. MEGA MAN

      If that is real then why do your facts change and why are you Hippocrates???

    4. David Liggins

      So the 🇬🇧 Government are bringing those infected back to 🇬🇧 to spread the killer virus all over our country are they bloody don’t want to 💀 from this 🦠🦠😡😡👎🏻

    5. Rock Lover

      2mins 33secs be a Bus Driver and get immunity .

    6. moon flower

      Anybody turning into the walking dead yet

    7. ibs ibs

      eating animal can make you sick

    8. MountainMash

      How about to all the people she met at airport

    9. Pedro degreat Lazoro

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    10. Sal S

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    12. Rajkumar Davu

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    13. Andrew Johnston

      Why aren't you reporting the genocide that's happening in China, haven't you seen the videos of people being led away tethered by rope, the whole world can see these things that I'm sure you would brand as fake news. This is real and its happening and no matter how much you try to distract and lie to people they wont believe you anymore. When all this comes out and it will your Chanel is going to look at best dumb, and at worst criminally negligent.

    14. Baseball Dude

      WHO is lying, of course.

    15. BIgBanG VIP

      I'm staying here in Africa this shit is crazy why not ban all Chinese flights

    16. Hug Man

      Guys i think is many of them nfected now in uk they acting in weird way you can tell.this some of them got

    17. Public Public

      Tested AFTER showing symptoms with a virus which is contageous before showing symptoms in the UK governed by those without the wit or the wisdom to quarantine all those coming from high risk areas. Why does the conservative party hate the people of the UK?

    18. john taylor

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    19. Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni

    20. Wallor wallor

      Coronavirus of course its man made. Depopulate or just as targeted bio weapon. Who has benefit over it. Well hello USA of course. Its so simple. Who ha benefit?. Why? Well economy dominance. How. Well previous bans at some companies etc etc. Now lets get to history part. Who have battled the most in wars over time. Guess who. Who is overtrowing other countries. Guess who. Who is always implemeting sanctions and emargo. Guess who. Isnt obvious already. What are people? Stupid?

    21. Abdullah B

      Chinese government is lying about the numbers as usual I mean are we really going to trust the most censored nation on the planet come on think critically

    22. Mark Duggan

      More proof our government's don't give a shit about us.

    23. Manusia Games

      Infect the world

    24. R M

      Japan 🇯🇵 still continues to keep border open from mainland China anybody there before 14days... Will Japan 🇯🇵 be Pandemic like China 🇨🇳 ? Japanese government is not smart!!!

    25. hd31

      Stop eating dogs please

    26. TheIxtlan

      It's going to be epidemic in UK. Better start stocking up on face mask and gloves. lol

    27. Mr j and harley

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    28. Hi Korea

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    29. Hi Korea

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    30. Mohammed Abdul Basith Mohammed Abdul Basith

      OMg this is just spreading insanely fast

    31. parodie non richieste

      ehi BBC why in eastern europe have zero infected? Weird nobody talk about that

    32. EzbonGamer

      Looks like the women kissed an infected man!

    33. EzbonGamer

      OMG The Uk is getting dumb! Why doesn’t Uk block all the flights from China even though the person is not infected

    34. k t

      uk politicians not just selling out hong kong people, they also sell their own citizens.

    35. k t

      uk ambassador to china said travellers from china welcome.

    36. Alexander Carder

      “That’s cos we’ve TOLD THEM” that’s what I call totalitarian attitude. Because parents obviously don’t know what’s best for there children, obviously.

    37. Fakte Mister why are bat viruses so deadly look at this linq

    38. John Mulcahy

      Her uber driver should be tested as well.

    39. Bill brown Bill brown

      Snp think it's ok to teach this to kids but can't discuss with adults

    40. Dave jay

      Bla bla blah bullshit bbc talking shit!!

    41. DEE

      Remember this virus is completely airborne.. funny how the wind in the UK has been really strong. 👀

    42. Napalm

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    43. toni toni

      Why government they dont stop flight from china till its normalised

    44. AsiA I.

      timefor Chinese whoareinfectedto start datingwhites.

    45. Bryan S

      This is spreading around the World. Cases growing in UK and US. In the next two weeks your going to see the numbers grow. Do not believe the FAKE news. 15 new cases in US.

    46. Mavisth555

      What the fuck UK? Do you try to achieve the diversity of diseases?

    47. David R

      !!!!!!!ppl reporting from China say all the numbers they are telling ppl around the world are fake it triple quadruple the numbers they say !!!!!!!!

    48. Gabriel angel


    49. Corona Virus

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    50. Maria Monti

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    51. Peter Vys

      China underreporting the numbers, they have only limited number if test, the doctors are pushed to report most of the infected report as pneumonia, the scale is much Higher, for comparison one pacient on the Cruise shop infected 200 tourists...imagine the uber driver who passed IT around London...IT will happen



    53. Daniel Svendsen

      Why is everyone panicking this virus has only killed 2% of the inflected. That’s nothing compared to the normal flu.

      1. C Y

        You are obviously very naïve to believe there is only 2%. The citizen journalists reporting the truth are missing. Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin. Did you see the video one of them secretly recorded? Piles of dead bodies in funeral vans. I am more shocked you actually believe the figures!

    54. Christopher Kearney

      I don't pay my licence fee, so can you fu@k off my phone please

    55. Goatboymagic

      this chinese lady didn't take any precautions after contracting the virus, took uber ride and tried to infect others. and the chinese in uk are crying racism...amazing!!!

      1. BIgBanG VIP

        I have enough 🤬

    56. New Report

      Wow, can you believe it? Imagine that we actually need the media coverage to feel we are being protected, i suppose the world does go around in round about?

    57. Simplyepicgamer

      "stabilizing" lol, Over 900k people infected. The virus is not stabilizing fake news. It has a bigger spread rate than the spanish flu and common flu combined.

    58. Chi Ebele

      NHS boss talked self-isolation; who will isolate self? Where people are freely coughing without covering their mouth. The virus is for the poor who uses public transport system. Without application of force nobody complies to any advice. Who went to public bath after a visit to China with all the advice given to him to self isolate, you saw what the government did to him in North Korea. People you deported back to Jamaica may look back and say they were really safe from an outbreak. You have the facilities; make announcements on your services, Buses, Trains, people should cover mouth properly while coughing without which it will be considered as a serious assault by anyone with moral to challenge the coughist

    59. stanbilo vaneijk

      The Coronavirus must hit the British Press#mywish#

    60. Polis88 are you ready for your red pill

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