What Will My Giant Magnet Find in LA's Most Dangerous Park? (Magnet Fishing w/Steve-O)



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    Filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico
    #RiverTreasure #MagnetFishing #Steveo #Fishing #Magnet
    What Will My Giant Magnet Find in LA's Most Dangerous Park? (Magnet Fishing w/Steve-O) ukmine.info/vid/VTRjTVNub1RPVGM/video.html

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    1. DALLMYD

      Drop a thumbs up if you want to see Steve-o and I team back up to magnet fish for more possible murder weapons!! On a side note, I've been watching Steve-o since I was a kid and it was such an unreal experience to spend the day with him. Steve-o, thank you so much for joining me on a hunt and cleaning up your local park! Big fan. Make sure to buy one of his signed posters please!!

      1. Madelyn Shinn

        DALLMYD do it again? This was fun to watch

      2. Esmeralda Salazar

        DALLMYD I watch jackass and it makes me laugh especially the bull one.

      3. Luca Macri

        You'r the best UKminer

      4. King Clan

        The cam is like so good dude it must cost 3000

      5. Decompression Stop

        @TristanPlayz Explore by LiQWYD ukmine.info/vid/MFgyVHpBVHZwZXc/video.html

    2. mikespurgin

      Steve o is the man best sense of humor I would definitely want to see more of you and him teaming up

    3. Ella Krasnow

      why is it so dangerous

    4. Icecoldsteele 2008

      Steve-O sounds like hes on crack...

    5. Blanca Ortiz

      I’m dead 3:10 though haha 😂

    6. For The Love of Blogging

      You team up with a man who has a tattoo of a man with his penis in a baby? Yes he’s covered it over with an ostrich now. But who would even get a tattoo like that in the first place? We all know why though, don’t we. Really enjoy your videos but I’m unsubscribing and I hope others do too.

    7. Melanie Magnetic

      COOL!!! Okay first of all, fuc***g STEVEO!! Yes! And second, that double magnet is great, I've never seen that before!

    8. Pancake 47

      Damn bro I’ve been watching you since 50k subscribers I haven’t been watching bc I’ve been busy with boxing and school but damn your channel grew

    9. BRRZ

      An average car weighs 2985 pounds so no, your magnet can not pick up a car.

    10. king tobasco

      Hi voice

    11. Ns_ClapsYew BTW

      Okay there has to be a dead body and their work often because how is there a bag full of rocks then they find knives and then they find keys there has to be a coffin or something like a dead body or something

    12. nimrah_101

      What's up with his voice ? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just genuinely curious

    13. slingshotvibe

      imagine the kid that threw that skateboard in is watching this vid like wtf

    14. Shatteredmoon YT

      Lemme get dar skateboard tho

    15. God Vegeta

      Awesome video

    16. jacob mann

      Wasn’t the bike from Danny Duncan???😂😂😂

    17. El Gallo De Califas

      They have found death body’s in that west lake park

    18. Samuel Gonzalez

      Bro i live 3 blocks away i miss his video noooo whyyy and i was near that day whyyyyy gooodddd

    19. joejoerrr joejoerrr

      Weird keys man, definitely owned by a murderer

    20. GILZER

      Love it, I am just starting to get into this . I'm gonna use mine at a spot where my grandpa and dad and uncles always fished . So who knows what's in the water , its exciting .

    21. William Burdon

      That bag of rocks once belonged to Jimmy Hoffa, he always swam with it.

    22. Jorge aranaf h

      Tham if i new you were in LA i would of gone to mcarthur park

    23. William Burdon

      I walked thru McArthurs Park in the mid 70s , pollution was horrible , black dust lowing 2 feet high along the ground everywhere , the park at noon was full of winos and dope heads , trash everywhere.

    24. jay ortega

      steve-o is the real deal hope to meet him one day ...sweet video i got that same magnet from seeing your videos

    25. Chad Bays

      LA=Shit Hole #Trump2020

    26. The Gamer Plaze

      dEfInetly UsEd fOr mUrDeR

    27. Sarah Johnson

      Steve-o’s voice is literally my favorite it’s so unique

    28. The Boss

      First try

    29. David Lopez

      Do it again in another dangerous city

    30. Curt Herrera

      I’m curious as to what happened to that zippo

    31. Team Eight

      anyone know what pants and boots hes rocking?

    32. Jeff Monahan


    33. 007tallguy

      you sure seem to put a LOT of emphasis on murder and crime in general. what a great image to bestow on the younger viewers. way to go!

    34. Jonathan Clark

      His voice sounds like he smoked for 12 years

    35. Zalán Sajbán

      Check out Lmen Prala - steve-o😉(ha van magyar, akkor az kommenteljen)

    36. hunterofpike

      It's always great to see Steve 0 out and about. Last time I saw him was in a Steel Panther video. Not sure what happened to his voice, but he's well on his way to sounding like Nick Nolte.

    37. Low batery

      Skatebord is epic

    38. Parker Hein

      Wtf they find a skateboard they all jump on it do a kick flip or sumn like they skate every day

    39. ChairWarrior

      Damn Jake gonna be the next pro skater kickflip that waterlogged board like it was nothing

    40. Carson Brogdon

      wowwwwwwwww dall said a cus word jackass

    41. Metsurit

      All the cocaine really have burned steve-o's voice. But his humor has luckily not been affected

    42. Clean glass 4 life

      My man be smoking hella lot

    43. R.I.P Juice

      Steve-o omjackass!!🤣🤣

    44. Stray Cat

      Yooo more vids with steve please!

    45. CHPherz zrehP


    46. BlueBoxGirl

      i love everything is MURDER XD

    47. Sharp Shooter

      I’m going to make sure this poster is signed nicely Puts the poster on rugged concrete

    48. Dahlern

      Not the co-op I was expecting, but not disappointed B-)

    49. ProGamer 5971

      Come on dallmyd almost 10 mil !

    50. OG_chorizo18

      7:24 You can see Steve’s ass crack😂

    51. XandeR ToXic

      Steve-O is the colab king of UKmine. I never saw that coming.

    52. Donny Cameron

      If there’s anyone who can identify drug paraphernalia, it’s Steve-O!

    53. Tripsie Is on Mobile

      Steveo sounds like he smoked cigarettes for like 50 years

    54. JustSomeGuy

      Where did you get you black jacket tho?

    55. CageThe Monkeys

      Noone: Steve-O: MURDER

    56. wilson hall


    57. Jeremy Cazares

      The clout house is close to the first place

    58. Corky Cora

      was steveo sick or something??

    59. Christopher Romina

      Did u ever find the gun in there

    60. a jdm and alpine fan

      His voice sounding bad rip stevo voice