John Oliver's Quest For U.S. Citizenship Culminated In An "Utterly Petrifying" Citizenship Test

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    The host of "Last Week Tonight" on HBO, John Oliver, passed his citizenship test but not before being shaken to his core by questions like, "what is your phone number?" #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Kimberly Colliins

      He just killed a yellow lady 3 fingers and 1 thumb he knocked her off the top row RIP MAUDE

    2. 1123581321 34

      Honestly, I'm a dual citizen and it's a huge pain in the ass (I think that probably because I was born one) because I can't get DoD security clearance for work, but I have too much attachment to my other citizenship to give it up, so here we are.

    3. gtoss chddy

      born and raised in the US do worse on the citizenship test than the new Americans.

    4. Celienet

      Why does anyone want to become an American anymore?

    5. Mr Screamer

      "There is no Uncle Sam" ... erm no. We have Britannia. She's on our coins. She stands there with her trident, her union jack shield next to her lion and she looks hot. She's way better than old uncle sam. ... Also you can keep John Oliver. Don't send him back like you did with Piers Morgan.

    6. AcchaAadmi

      Be glad you were not Indian/Chinese - takes up to 150 years (yes one hundred fifty years) to get a green card.

    7. Darius Manson

      Escaping a pussy of any nation does make one a member of that nation. Many of them are like mazes exclusive to the geographical area one resides

    8. Ian Graham

      The US are welcome to him. Comedian? You're having a laugh...

    9. Bram Moerman

      “America is not quite at it’s best”. . . a bit like Rome in AD 475. . .

    10. doriann bourrillion

      Go anywhere kill anyone hum how does it feel to be on the same level as a president?

    11. foopyu nooui

      Any Indian immigrants laughing at the fact that he considers 14 years a "long time" to get citizenship?

    12. lee madden

      I love it when the 1% massage the ego of another member of the 1%, and the liberal crowd lap it up

    13. acacia816 squared

      Man these entrances are so Americans reminds us that were still American jim carry entrance n this makes you feels so great

      1. foopyu nooui

        Usurper Oliver send him back so he can be with Piers Morgan

    14. hassan palomo

      So Comedy Central and HPO we're hiring a foreigner to infiltrate our democracy

    15. dot suk

      feb 2020 and nobody want to be in the bisexual female of color.

    16. Shana Adams

      I can't believe no one in the audience got that coming to America reference.

    17. flacousa62

      The biggest disappointment he will have is when he gets the Citizenship certificate signed by the Orange moron now occupying the White House

    18. Jeff Berg

      How did Colbert go so quickly from our next Mark Twain to yesterday's man? Oh ya, lots, and lots, and lots of money. Never mind.

    19. manfredomd

      Oliver? why did you want to become an american citizen? honest question.

    20. jakerun1

      If you are a bikini model and marry a rich man, even if you have broken the rules by working while being in the country with a tourist visa, you will get your citizenship in record time without having to move a finger. If you are a genius like John Oliver you will have to wait for about ten years and take a test . I mean, who would want to grant citizenship to a successful genius so easily..

    21. Saint Dufus

      "As a comedian, you're kind of slightly allergic to sincerity." (5:17) Love this turn of phrase!

    22. Sma 556

      Donald Trump was born for this era: The Biggest Underdog in U.S. Election History, Biggest troll in Edina history ripping down the Brattiest, leftist BRATTS in World History!...He is a total stud and the Greatest TROLL IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND....THANK God for President Donald John Trump. Btw, protect the 2nd Amendment.

    23. Veegee333

      I am so damn proud to call this man my fellow American!

    24. Music BuZz


    25. kuru K

      Lockheed Martin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.......teachers pensions invest in lockheed martin missiles dropped on schoolbuses in yemen and africa

    26. Carrie Horner

      I get tired getting out of a litter too.

    27. bssni touir

      Brilliant! My Korean wife, who's lived in America longer than she ever lived in Korea, is about to take that citizenship test. We're so nervous about it!

    28. Jim Davis

      Trump 4 more years

    29. Jim Davis

      Usurper Oliver send him back so he can be with Piers Morgan

    30. Henri Pelissier

      So terribly bloated with self-importance and thinking himself 'funny'. Many Brits will think: good riddance.

      1. Henri Pelissier

        @bssni touir Right. Except that John Oliver is fake all over. All he is concerned about (and able to) is striking a pose for maximum self-gratifying effect. How often have I cried in utter despair in the middle of the night: Jon Stewart, come back! His wit, intelligence, sincere concern and insightful interviews are unsurpassed to this day, and will remain so, I am afraid.

      2. bssni touir

        I guess he'll fit right in with the loud left Americans that also hate America.

    31. Monarch

      How does he get dual citizenship? I thought becoming naturalized means you give up your other citizenship

    32. P S

      John 1st appearance post becoming a US citizen, and what does he do... fires a gun.

    33. James Rounding

      I have two passports as well so I guess I'm looked Jason Bourne too. Lol!

    34. manbtm1

      Congrats John Oliver ! I passed my citizenship in 2018, ( from Canada, which I love dearly ), after marrying my U.S. spouse in 2014, got green card first etc...It was a bit of a process..( forms, interviews, paid over 8000. In legal fees over the years ), but was successful, NOW, I can VOTE !!

    35. tnskyhawk

      He’s out of breathe now because he’s now an American citizen. This country will make you fat.

    36. Cyrus Slapatich

      He's out of breath after being carried out? A true Liberal, the only body part that gets a workout is their mouths.

    37. Cyrus Slapatich

      He's out of breath after being carried out? A true Liberal, the only body part that gets a workout is their mouths.

    38. mick o'green

      who is this idiot?

    39. vbddfy euuyt

      "As a comedian, you're slightly allergic to sincerity..." The perfect description of a Late-Night Talk Show Host in today's political melodrama. Time for some melodramamine...

    40. Sim z

      Here I am trying to get Canadian citizenship before Trump declares himself dictator and start rounding up people who disagree with him...

    41. Tristram Shandy

      US citizenship? Why bother?

      1. Tristram Shandy

        @Mary Rose Kent That would only apply in some States - especially the voting part. He should count himself lucky he's not here in Australia - he would have to vote!

      2. Mary Rose Kent

        Tristram Shandy Won’t be capriciously booted out; keeps the family together; able to vote.

    42. ttma11

      Why did they play the Hawthorn theme song when he came out. "We're a happy team at Hawthorn, were the night fighting Hawks." Only Aussies would get that

      1. ttma11

        @vbddfy euuyt what on earth are you talking about

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        communist state. My country has abandoned me and mine. Go ahead, Make America Great Again, and leave the hearts of your native sons in the dirt. Idiots.

    43. HMSBlackPrince

      One thing Oliver didn’t get, nobody choose to became American NOW. The people who want to become American NOW are so far down the line, they probably need to wait 50 years.

    44. eliz2000

      Is he registered to vote yet?

      1. Mary Rose Kent

        eliz2000 As he told Stephen, they registered him after he took the oath of citizenship.

      2. Nellie K. Adaba

        I think so.

    45. The Professional

      I guess he'll fit right in with the loud left Americans that also hate America.

    46. Shashank Gupta

      i dont think uk provides dual citizenship. lemme check on that. okay so they does but there something odd that it considers pio card as citizenship

    47. ILuvAyeAye

      Has he never worn those shoes before?

    48. Fussbudget the Ninth

      He wouldn't have done it if anyone in Britain had thought he was funny. Hardly anyone here has a clue who the boring little bugger is.

    49. neverlistentome 0325

      Colbert always seems so tense when Oliver is on. I wonder if it's because John Oliver is sooo much funnier than him.

    50. Titus McCarthy

      Who the hell would want to become an Amerikkkan citizen right now? Moron.

    51. John King

      As a British man, I can see the appeal of America. I really can.

      1. John King

        @mikey mize Why?

      2. mikey mize

        As an American man I can't; I really can't.

    52. Alistair Morrish

      I have literally no idea why anyone would want to be American...

      1. Alistair Morrish

        @John King The American people don't care for each other.

      2. John King

        Why can't you Alistair?

    53. Jude Irwin

      There's no Uncle Sam in the UK, but there is "John Bull", the symbolic quintessential British bastard.

      1. John King

        I am British and I adore the USA

    54. Richard Owen

      Be careful Trump is only allowing orange people into the country.

    55. dueeh nyyu

      analogy. 🍻

    56. Charles J. Brainard

      Why would a Brit want to be an American citizen? Let's see; John Oliver - rich guy - more tax cheats available in US - and he can afford private health care. Okay. Got it. I'm guessing the average Brit is okay with losing another rich git.

      1. Charles J. Brainard

        @John King And yet he retained his British citizenship (Don't need to research that. He said it himself). On the political thing; I guess he prefers the US style of "preselected before they're elected" system in the US. Different way of keeping rich people in power, but no less effective. At least it's different rich people. Ones that have voted in tax cuts for themselves and their campaign donors that he can now seriously benefit from.

      2. John King

        John is married to an American war veteran doctor and his children are American, so maybe if you do a little bit of research you might understand why. Also John does not like the idea of a monarchy or un-elected parliaments.

    57. FredRedFrred

      I am a lawful American citizen. I have a little girl and wife in Thailand. She is a clean and good woman. I cannot bring them to America because they are refugees from Laos, a communist state. My country has abandoned me and mine. Go ahead, Make America Great Again, and leave the hearts of your native sons in the dirt. Idiots.

      1. dueeh nyyu

        When he said he was out of breath all I could think was “Yup that’s a real American, now let’s get you some crippling debt”

    58. sandman3126

      Talk about your Darling Michael Avenatti AND HOW HIS GONNA BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT

    59. sandman3126

      Talk about your Darling Michael Avenatti AND HOW HIS GONNA BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT

    60. sandman3126

      Talk about your Darling Michael Avenatti AND HOW HIS GONNA BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT