Restaurant Shows Off Mouldy Desserts | Kitchen Nightmares

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    ThAt'S WhY YoUrE HerE
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Cool Beans

      If it's ok to eat mold have him eat it!🙊🙊🙊


      Must have been temponauts doing.

    3. Tm Mac

      I would rather Donald trump stay president until he’s in diapers shaking like a leaf than watch this idiot Gordon Ramsey belittle and criticize people

    4. Tik Tok Compilations

      Me serving Gordon a glass of ice water. Gordon: Is the ice fresh? Me: Uuh, yes... Fresh frozen! Gordon: For fuck sake

    5. Josiah

      *ill double check* knowing the answer but just wanting to get out of it

    6. Nacmack VonStin

      At least use fake food for display

    7. austin davenport

      What episode

    8. cl94

      Nino wouldn't let the presentation desserts have mold...

    9. nath9920 nath9920

      Gordon to servers I’m so so sorry Gordon to chefs YOU FUCKIN DONKEY

    10. Keeley Parton

      “I’ll go check if they are frozen” Personally, I wouldn’t bother because 99.9% it will be fresh frozen

    11. BananaBread the not so great

      what I don't get is why they use actual food for presentation instead of wax or something that won't go off

    12. bluebellcookie

      Oh jeasus...this is just disturbing.. The fucking waiter apparently dosen't know how fast germs and fucking diseases spread, god this just scares me!

    13. VGV


    14. Gachachii 2

      I like how he doesn't "judge a book by its cover." The normal person would eat it without knowing the mold covered below the butter.

    15. Mrs. Doctor

      Am i high Or

    16. Nathan Anderson

      I feel stupid. Which episode and season is this from?

    17. Monkey _420

      Fuckin shut is shit down nasty fucks

    18. lavender fields

      Don't need a display, just make samples, take a picture.

    19. D.E.A.

      "Fresh frozen" is just as bad as "fully/semi automatic", like they contradict each other.

    20. yungboxer

      Which episode was this?

    21. Kimble Flow

      Which episode is this? I forgot

    22. Selena Goudreault

      How to become a chef: - say it's fresh frozen

    23. Always Nya

      This man just touches everything with his bare hands.

    24. Kiko Bang

      This is why plastic display foods are used in Asian countries.


      Who runs this channel! 😂 your the best!


      Am i the only one who sees faces on those mouldy desserts?

    27. Fiidzz

      0:17 someone chef: ”Maybe if I put a piece of butter on it, Gordon won't notice the mold”

    28. NOOTNOOT

      If you dont want to waste fresh food for a display then dont make a display, it's that simple. Just show a picture on the menue or something. Most restaurants are doing just fine with-out al of that shit.

    29. Larry T

      At least the butter covered the mold 😁😁😁😁

    30. IcyMask

      This is why I just stop talking if I don't know what I am talking about

    31. Anime Girl024

      If they made a fresh one everyday couldn’t someone eat it instead of throwing it away?

    32. Jordan Westfield

      How about not displaying at all? Just have a nice picture on the menu

      1. Nathan Aldana

        Exactly what I was thinking lol


      Im pretty sure nino will not display foods like that and he has some pictures to prove it.

    34. Vanillabean 318

      Butter melts.

    35. Haqeeqee

      Should of made the general manager eat the mouldy dessert, and then have him explain how fresh it is.

    36. Aditya Khemka

      *Seeing Gordon's concern for food he must meet the HowToBasic guy*

    37. Magy De La O

      CEO of it's for display only

    38. Tika Teeqa

      Lecturer:- why is your assignment not complete? Fabio:- it's for presentation only

    39. Sunshine Perez


    40. stani

      0:32 why they got me lookin at cardi b

    41. Nathan Locklear

      Why do they add those slimy sound effects on the food lmaooo

    42. Kelly Cohen

      They could’ve just had realistic plastic replicas of their food created for display purposes, instead of potentially exposing susceptible people to whatever comprises the growths of mould all over that cake.

    43. Ya-chan desu

      The mould is fresh though !

    44. Sandy Heesom

      I would be UPSET if I was served moldy food. And would walk out.

    45. John


    46. Unkon Delux

      Jesus Christ guys give him a break who cares if it’s moldy ? Tf I’d eat it!

    47. Brady Rogers

      Honestly fuck Gordon he’s being a bitch

    48. Musa Aimen-Sabeiha

      The Gm stands all day probably maybe he should get off his ass and run his fucking restaurant and stop being a pussy

    49. Plus Ultra

      “As long as it’s fresh.” *There’s literal mold all over it; if that’s fresh I’m the Queen of England.*

    50. Rosario Garza

      You can't fool chef Gordon 😂

    51. In2sanity

      Or maybe make a model of the food, really showing off rancid food. Like it just makes you think "is that how is gonna look" or better just have them on the menu's

    52. Jonathan Espinaco

      Have a gold star ⭐️

    53. Mike

      I was waiting for the “Fuckin’ ‘Ell!”

    54. kinfmin

      Owner looks like YandereDev.

    55. Lori Gagliano

      That cannoli is weeks old I would know made them too many times

    56. Wiket

      Wait, how come they have someone who works there just to present deserts, and they cant even have them made fresh, makes 0 sense....

    57. Lonely Cat

      Wait did she just say that the butter is used to cover the mold

    58. m00dyb1ues

      bruh, am I the only one that can’t tell if some foods are frozen or not?

    59. William Riddick

      checkmate You all know where that’s from

    60. ScrubSenpai101

      For display? Has he never seen fake plastic food for display?