Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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    Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:
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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Павло Осийчук

      Росия Ето наша земля и наш дом где нас ждут и любят..

    2. Facts _Not_Tea o.o

      Billie: there’s just no time to die Me really feeling the emotions when I’m listening to this at 1:45 AM: **starts crying out loud**

      1. tayvion johnson

        Facts _Not_Tea o.o Billie eilish Collaboration done by me co signed by Billie eilish and the small all girl has cancer I painted her the shirts co signed by billies mom blohsh her brand and her personal stylist

    3. Goodvillain 101

      Still can't believe she's the daughter of Samara's VA from Mass Effect.

    4. Cometmoon448

      Sounds far too similar to the spectre song in my opinion.

    5. Ronny SCHEID

      awesome song so much feelings. Hugs and Kisses. Ronn.

    6. Christos Alpos

      Bond is Bond... People in the production, show some respect please.

    7. Salisca1

      I only like this song when I'm sad. And here I am.

    8. Lorna Bagley

      Another depressing Bond theme... Oh joy

    9. Marcellus Wallace

      This sounds like a copy mix. If you listen closely you can hear several elements from different older bond songs.

    10. DarkRacer Gaming

      No time to die Corona virus: *"am i a joke to you"*


      Sky fall vol.2, but a little bit slower :))))))

    12. Milky Way

      Вахвах русские вы тут? 👀

    13. Reetam Naskar


    14. Reetam Naskar


    15. geddoe316

      Good song, but many other artists could have sang this

    16. Aditi Chaudhry

      Is it just me or this song sounds very similar to skyfall by adele

    17. Fischstix95

      Reminds me of Blu Holliday

    18. Varun Kapoor

      why is this so uncomfortable to hear?

    19. Irina Baicu

      As expected her voice just wow

    20. 50k subscribers without any video challange

      Adele:Hello.. Charlie Puth: We don't Talk anymore. Justin Bieber: What do you mean? Selena Gomez:I'm so sick of that same old love. Justin Bieber: Let me love you. Ellie Goulding: So love me like you do. Ariana Grande: Love me harder. Meghan Trainor: Me too. Justin Bieber: Love yourself. Selena Gomez:I needed to lose you to love me. Taylor swift: I'm feeling 22. Demi Lovato: I really don't care. Selena Gomez: Good for you. Demi Lovato: I'm having a heart attack. Ariana Grande:Just keep breathin' James Arthur:Impossible Billie Eilish:Bit**es broken hearts Taylor Swift:I Forgot That You Existed Selena Gomez:Bad Liar Dua Lipa:No lie The Chainsmokers:Hey Ariana Grande:break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored Shawn Mendes:I Don't Even Know Your Name Billie Eilish:I'm the bad guy Niall Horan:Nice To Meet Ya Selena Gomez:And now it's goodbye,'it's goodbye so you should give a like' 😂

    21. Ami Ami


    22. Dayna Woodruff

      Every day I hear your song's

    23. Dayna Woodruff

      Wow! Billie ellish I love all your song's. I wish I can see you cuz you are my 100% fan.

    24. Steffen AM

      Death doesn´t care if you have time or not or any plans. But I don´t want to be afraid cause death is the gate to the other

    25. Ebb tide Official

    26. Daniel Vazquez


    27. Antonio

      1:56 *Elsa enter in the chat*

    28. Congisto Marxista

      So Bond

    29. Im a dude :}

      You’re amazing I love you

    30. leminhthuc

      Billie Eilish: No Time To Die Corona: give me Korea *-*

    31. Lynie Brown

      For a second I thought the 007 thing said oof 😅

    32. Katydeer !!!

      The oof next to the word to

    33. Mega WOLF

      Pls make Billie Eilish as a agent in James Bond #skyfall

    34. Ajmal potter

      Bring Adele back

    35. Ryan Mcbee

      This song is so bad It has completely turned me off from seeing the movie now

    36. Frances Zapata

      This song will win the Oscar.

    37. OhYeahYaahYeet

      Epico, just epico

    38. D&G Azneita

      Stream Isa Pang Araw Cover by Zephanie 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯💯💯

    39. Gi Leon

      A note to all Billie haters: Billie eilish back words is shilie eillb which is irrelevent just like your diddly darn opinion 😎*man it feels good to be a gangster starts playing*😎

    40. Ysrael Rael

      muié na net kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    41. 1000 subs without any videos

      Billie and Finneas should make a song together, they need to do a Brother / Sister duo (And i know what you guys are going to say, yes they make every song together, yes Finneas has vocals in some of Billies songs, but as i said they need to do a Brother / Sister duo !!!!

    42. Ashitha Sunil

      On repeat ✨

    43. HZTL Qadar


    44. {フォクシーMireya's Gacha Life!}

      ...fuck um like this song is deep, should i plan my suicide already or no..?

    45. seanwinter sax

      Songs with a distinct lack of drums or beat make me nervous.

    46. Agiee Chhani


    47. ANDRES felipe

      No entiendo un carajo pero me gusta como suena xd

    48. NiGHTBOY

      So beautiful best voice in the world

    49. Chris Richards

      Billie absolutely killed this 🤙🏼

    50. Gabe Hcuod

      No Time To Duh

    51. Raita Nusaiba

      1 second in the video and I already love it

    52. Juan Tovar

      I love it just me all me

    53. SableSiriSaai

      This reminds me of the korean film “The Villainess”.

    54. Legna

      Perfeita, merecedora de todos os prêmios, artista sem defeitos ❤

    55. Kelly Bello

      The beginning sounds from some song in a scene from the vampire diaries but I don't remember which one.

    56. David B

      What a horrible song

    57. Adam Collins

      This or Skyfall?

    58. Halid Okur

      I'm the bond guy

    59. PomZz Hoffphles

      I not a fan of billie(I don't like her character much) but I really like her song!

    60. herrbetto 55

      This is no time to die. Let us fight Corona Virus together!