What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Special?

Dave Lee

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    Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 / S20 Ultra
    With a Snapdragon 865 and a 100X zoom on the 108 MP camera, this is the most powerful Samsung phone on the market right now!
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Dave Lee

      Is an S20 your next phone? or is it too $$$

      1. Ankit kumar

        It was to be my first premium phone, but samsung fucked the headphone jack..

      2. Logan Cross

        I'll wait till the note 20

      3. Maciej Wełna

        I will stay with S8, I don't see anything more interesting which is worth the money.

      4. Andrei Cudal

        Might be the next phone but i have to earn some money

      5. D Z

        Winning the lottery is my only chance to have one i buy s7e before in the gray market for 550$ and that's my most expensive phone that i ever bought. My mom is using it now.

    2. JohnReviewer112

      64mp in a sensor that small makes just makes it more expensive...

    3. Stitch

      "No headphone jack" *aight imma head out*

    4. dinesh prabhu

      What is so special about the ultra. They forgot the 3.5 jack. Brilliant.

    5. Krillin 1993

      Good Design, good input, BUT it is tooo big and there is no headphonejack. AND last but not least it is so freaking expensive.

    6. Smufter16

      Nothing...it runs Android. Next.

    7. Tsyuna Desu

      They made the screen slightly bigger android fanboys like OMG ITS SOO DIFFERNT AND UNIQUE AND I CAN ZOOM IN SOO MUCH FOR THE M0ST USELESS REASON BUT ITS SO INNOVATIVE!!!! lmfao android sheeps are so stupid.

    8. Rhys Bird

      Spending thousands on something to watch UKmine, scroll social media and occasionally take a photo. Can’t do any of that on a cheap phone can you? what a retarded generation.

    9. HorrorTubeHD

      Ever year is the same crap... with a bs price tag, no thanks..

    10. Ti X

      it has exynos not snapdragon

    11. Simon

      Does it have graphen battery?

    12. Jay Mo

      Where are the S11 - S19

    13. WV8090

      Here I am thinking my new S10+ is spiffy :(

    14. Ash Bethel

      These new phones look great but I am still very happy with my Note 9.

    15. Yong G !

      New sub👍

    16. Yong G !

      Like how you explain things to detail 👍

    17. Jonathan Fernando

      i just don’t like that punch hole camera. i hope samsung will get rid of that. grrrrr.

    18. John Dough

      I've heard 5g isn't so great for my dna.

    19. Anonymous

      Damn that phone CHONK

    20. Marcus _

      _"In terms of pricing it starts off at $999 US...."_ You're clearly mad if you're paying that for a mobile phone. Everything you need can be picked up on a phone around 1/10th of the cost. This is a Personal Display Unit with telecommunications. Professional photographers don't use mobile phones to take photos with. They have very expensive cameras. People who are into computers use computers they've built, not mobiles to do all their work on. Everyone can download apps from Google store, on Android (and IOS) regardless of their phone specs (as long as they're a smartphone). A complete waste of money paying over £130/$160 or so for a cell/mobile. More money than sense. All I ever see, with the idiots who buy them, are they drop them, having to pay a lot of money to have it fixed or worse, they lose them and still have a 2 year contract to pay off their phone at £70/$100 a month. People have lost the plot.

    21. Jordi Sanchez

      Nothing at all. It's almost the same thing as the S10 and there already was a 108 mpx camera (Mi note 10 as an example) before it was launched.

    22. skipstah70

      Wow.. They make it feel like a dslr when u click the camera button?? Just wow.

    23. Chris W

      Everyone that does phone reviews needs to study 5G and what it REALLY is, and then pound it into the public's collective brain. For most people it will mean a more reliable connection at the lower 4G frequencies, which is great, don't get me wrong. But the glitzy advertised 30+ GHz features' availability is going to be so spotty it will be like buying a Lamorghini that can do 200+ mph - yeah, that's great, but how often do you get to _use_ it?

    24. YOLOSWAG420

      and will be keeping my SE, dont like the direction new phones are taking at all.

    25. WAN

      And still with their bullsh*t price!! I'm still with HUAWEI.. Sumsang 👎🏻

    26. Timo R

      S20 series HAVE NO SNAPDRAGON 865 in Europe, it has Exynos 990 which is 20% slower (but is doesn't cost less money). Many europeans will miss that fact and wont understand why gameplay isn't stable and smooth all the time on their device. For Europeans, if you want the best, the s20 series aren't because of this.

    27. DJ EcoEffect

      Sounds like an amazing phone! I am more into processing power as I don't really use my phone for its camera although having such a fancy camera is nice. As for the headphone jack, anyone that has a problem with it should join all of us in 2020. It's wireless now. If you can afford this phone you can definitely afford a wireless headset anyway

    28. Tsvetomir Nedelchev

      How do you made video explaining what do you feel from the phone which obviously you dont have :D

    29. Michael Rudiger

      I been sporting the Asus ROG Phone II - mostly same specs, more storage (512, or even 1TB!), even bigger 6000ma battery, 120Hz display, same screen size, many cool optional features for gamers, half the price....

    30. capowacko

      My new phone levitate's has microwave cooking capabilities and can predict the future.....I mean seriously what more can or should a phone do? My galaxy s8 plus does plenty. I doubt I'll be upgrading until it dies.

    31. Grizzlyx9

      lil asian nerd

    32. Saad Ghani

      Guys if you don't have the s10+ already and you're looking to upgrade now is a good time I think its great value for 800

    33. jon castro

      why do companies keep trying to seel me a camera. if i wanted a camera i would be better off buying a dslr at the pricepoint these phones go for. i would them to innovte on new features or next gen tech not better cameras smh

    34. JayDanielsTV

      Why u say connectivity like that 😂

    35. Mohammad Danial Sakaria

      huawei banned, they take it

    36. IIISentorIII

      He Thanos i need that Soul Stone! *First you need to lose what you hold most dear "A soul for a soul"* Well my Phone has no more Headphone Jack but also no more Bixby Button *Ok the Stone is yours*

      1. //Orange Sky//

        Lame joke

    37. I agree you but,


    38. Hiccup77

      Dave. These reviews are rubbish imo. Please can you actually focus on what the are and what they actually have. Ever since the GS1 EVERY new phone they have given you a gimmick and removed/butchered the software.Can you do an actual review on the camera properly. I.e. can I use the video in UHD 60fps (or higher if they do it) (as its NOT 4K like they claim) with image tracking and stabilisation?One UI. what is the difference between the old software and One UI. because I can't find a single thing different.Bring back the GS3 and Jelly bean. by FAR the best phone and OS android had released.

    39. simple trailers

      can't they just make phones like sony xperia x compact, galaxy s3 or anything small and simple, less than 5 inches? Multiple cameras are the reason why I avoid new phones. I mean I'm not a photographer or anything so I won't get the most out of them and they look disgusting IMO. I also don't need 12 gigs of ram. Most of us just use Whatsapp Instagram and twitter, 3 gigs is more than enough. I miss good old phones with a goddamn headphone jack :')

    40. Dominik Baričák

      This phone is cool, but it has too big screen for me. It's not comfortable.

    41. Circuit Breaker

      Waiting for Note 11+ with the 100x zoom.

    42. Hoot Hoot

      Phone companies are pushing cameras, bigger screens, and thinness on us. Just like how computer companies did it with RAM.

    43. Marco Loren

      I really wish they'd make a smaller flagship phone. It's getting more and more ridiculous every year.

    44. Eraser

      *Am I taking crazy pills* that notice Samsung and Apple are becoming one company? Both have the same type looking shape now, both now have multi bug eyes for camera lenses, and both now have three devices when releasing "new" models. Why work on so many models when you can take all those features and just put them in one phone? Oh yeah, it's called being greedy. *Why save material* and trees and tech when we can indulge in spoiling our own desires? Is sad how humans feel they should keep updating each year just because... Not because they no need a new device but because marketing tries to plant that seed of selfishness in our hearts like Satan did with Adam and Eve. "Go and eat. So what if you have an entire garden of perfectly fine fruits to choose, be your own boss and get that fruit (Samsung or Apple new device) from the garden and be disobedient. It is truly sad watching videos such as these and others, showing the waste companies create. I am all for improvements but really, do we really NEED three new models to sell to each class of society? Companies could still profit by just releasing one new phone but with actual upgrade enhancements and price it reasonable for all to afford. I made fun of the iPhone having three lenses last year and now Samsung beat them with four haha 😂 😂 😂 😂 Like the average person needs such camera lenses for selfies. My point is, one new model is more than enough, now each year they have to release three models. Talk about waste of raw material and ruining the earth more each year but enjoy these videos. Soon God will put an end to all this self absorbed system and ruining of the planet. *Revelation **11:18* Bring to ruin those ruining the earth.

    45. Cheng Sun

      I died when Dave said it is a crop thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. WorldWarCollector

      I would love one of these for the cameras alone great for when I can't carry my dslr

    47. jonyutah123456


    48. Nikhil Verma

      N O I N T R O - _ - W E W A N T L A P T O P / P C V I D E O S

    49. Sachi

      S20 and S20 Plus primary 12MP camera has a pixel size of 1.8 mM !!! A bump from 1.4 to 1.8. So obviously S20 and plus will have a better low light pics than S20 Ultra.

    50. X G

      and then the Samsung skin..sigh

    51. Siddhanta Chandra

      "CSI Level Zoom" All you needed, Dave, was to yell "enhance" at it and the sub-pixel arrays would have magically moved to become clearer.

    52. cybertec69

      Megapixels on a smartphone are a gimmick. Lenses on a smartphone are not able to resolve such high resolutions. It's nothing more than marketing nonsense.

    53. Joe L

      Not the camera that’s for sure. Takes blurry pictures of movement unless the conditions are perfect

    54. Tariq Edwards

      I hate to do it but when the first thing you mention is the Camera it's an instant thumbs down. Can you tell me about the phone? Or is it just a camera?

    55. Jen

      I literally just got a pixel 4 a few days ago for the 90hz screen and now Samsung is out here with 120hz.. I have regrets

    56. Asian boi

      I love apple!

    57. Unheedful

      my like for u not for s20 or s20 plus or s20 ultra

    58. Artem Lokhovitskiy

      I'm still in love with my 1+6 128/8GB. these newer models will probably be ideal for vloggers and some student filmmakers. For the rest 99% of customers it's just a thing to flex with. As someone mentioned in the comments below: UKmine on Android and iOS cuts resolution on 1080p 60 All social medias do the same + all photos are subjects to compression. So there is almost no point to have such an incredible camera specs :/

    59. Balázs Vigváry

      imo the whole s20 thing is just straight up shit compared to s8 or 9. -The naming is like some off-brand crappy phone ( whereas others sounded classy) -Same goes for design, ugly ass camera, also WHO THE FUCK WANTS A PUNCHOLE OR NOTCH????????? I can count it on one hand the number of times I used my front face cam -Also price...

    60. Roy

      why the hell do we need all this camera bs with each generation