Honest Trailers | Terminator: Dark Fate

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    You would think out of all the franchises this one would have a better sense of timing - it's Honest Trailers for Terminator: Dark Fate
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    Honest Trailers | Terminator: Dark Fate
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
    Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. siamesebb

      Appreciate the sound effects in the beginning

    2. John Draisey

      No Hasta La Vista??? And "Gone in 60 Seconds" had me dying.

    3. Hass Aface

      Say; I like a do a da cha cha

    4. Familia Zamorano-Scott

      Please do Steven universe. It has so much untapped comedy.

    5. dab city

      Where is sonic at

    6. Voyager of Hell

      Please do "the Abyss"

    7. Netanel Idzikowski

      Please make a Jojo Rabbit Honest Trailer!!!

    8. Hazukichan X

      Anyone else notice the request box sounds at at the start of this video form part of the Terminator theme?^^

    9. JD Cursed

      Couldnt even finish watching the video making fun of it

    10. Mitch James

      they took ur jerb

    11. Leigha Gardner

      Please say footjob aha

    12. estefania arce


    13. J-H P

      At 4:00 minutes. And that's exactly why I didn't like Logan. I couldn't connect with the movie because at that point I didn't care about the character anymore. They managed to ruin the franchise twice: the first time with X-Men the last stand, and the second time with X-Men Apocalypse. Logan couldn't make me forget all the sh*t they had thrown at us to get there.

    14. Bruce Mane

      Do American Assassin

    15. Tom T

      I really never heared of this movie.

    16. Melanie Jensen

      Do "Mr. Right" next, pretty please! 👏

    17. SameoldDecgar07

      Please do the movie Cats

    18. christian cumming

      Please say I am vengeance, I am the night, I am batman.

    19. tiffany wolinski

      Honest Trailer Ad Astra please please please please!!!!!!!

    20. Red 3

      Love terminator...this one had decent action...previous ones were much better..

    21. kibosabi

      Honest trailers the grey, with Liam Neeson! Seriously c'mon DO IT!!!

    22. Jussi Raitoniemi

      And... American healthcare system 😂😂😂

    23. The Rabid Doge

      Please do an Honest Trailer for Gemini Man

    24. Jay Barry

      Was the timing of the request posts deliberately meant to evoke the T2 theme?

    25. Eric Knockuhmoto

      Um.. "a decent Terminator movie?!"

    26. John Mclain

      Sorry, this was a godawful movie, at least plot/story wise. The special effects were admittedly great though.

    27. BVBNewHampshire

      You should do freddy VS jason

    28. Shane Moose

      Could you The Mask?

    29. Jeremy Elice

      I couldn’t even finish the honest trailer - this movie is the Crystal Skull of the Terminator series. What crap

    30. Jenny Armstrong

      Please do fifth element!

    31. Raj S

      I had some hoping walking into this one. A proper sequel to judgement day that would revive the franchise. But no, let's fucking reboot the franchise.

    32. kehlarn

      i've been looping the opening 4s of requests bit over and over dying laughing. well done team. nice deep cut

    33. Reese L

      Yo wtf was up with that dinosaur lol

    34. S.P. Nathan

      why only 2 comments read at the end?? BOOOOOO!!!! MORE!

    35. Sum Gui

      "A decent Terminator movie"?! Wtf are you talking about?!?! Hahahaha it was so fucking bad

    36. Edwin Reyes

      Terminator dos😂😭 oh ggod

    37. Edward Andring

      Do one for the crocodile hunter movie

    38. Ethan Clausen

      There are no words for how little interest I have in the womanized, unoriginal terminator knockoff. Bleh.

    39. Korben Heagerty

      "They finally made a decent terminator movie...and nobody cares." *Thank you* Screen Junkies. That's what I've been saying about the movie. It's actually pretty good, it's just that the whole concept is dead by this point. They should've tried to merge the series with something that people care about, like the Marvel or DC timelines.

    40. Football Inspires

      The narrator is very good

    41. Efreetom Efreetom

      Honest Trailers please do Coco thanks

    42. Matan Hershkovitz

      do sonic

    43. 8REIS8

      That movie was pure cringe. I dunno why gringos keep saying "Is a good movie" here in Latinoamérica we go to see Hollywood movies to scape from televisa and national TV. We don't want to see a cringe wannabe latino movie. Terrible movie, horrible plot

    44. Péter Márton

      Please do HBO's succession

    45. Alejandro Flores


    46. Felix P

      I still think Salvation was pretty good. "If you are listening to this. You ARE the resistance"

    47. Elzurdico

      women, lesbians, old people, wtf????

    48. Ozzie Silver

      "Shoves them real hard" 😂

    49. Black Cat

      Enough with terminators please, they are just getting worse

    50. Black Cat

      This movie is a disaster

    51. Bjorn Ervig

      Law enforcement was really necessary for a body count in a Terminator film.

    52. Johnny Sparkle

      Do an honest trailer for the Watchmen tv show

    53. Saanvi Srivastava

      1. Honest Trailers: 1998 _Mulan_ (in honor of the live-action remake coming out on March 27th) 2. Honest Trailers: _Coco_ 3. Honest TV Trailers: _Phineas and Ferb_ 4. Honest TV Trailers: _Gravity Falls_

    54. Saanvi Srivastava

      1. Honest Trailers: 1998 _Mulan_ (in honor of the live-action remake coming out on March 27th) 2. Honest Trailers: _Coco_ 3. Honest TV Trailers: _Phineas and Ferb_ 4. Honest TV Trailers: _Gravity Falls_

    55. Susan Hill

      Shouldn’t have made any more terminator movies after the second.

    56. Robert Campbell


    57. Hephaestus

      Wait, wait, "decent"? This movie is garbage!

    58. Invadersean

      You were too nice to this movie

    59. aidan kotsch

      Yeah sorry but this movie was absolutely terrible. Not the worst idea for a movie but my goodness it was executed horribly.

    60. Paul Juser

      Third best Terminator movie, but that's not saying much.