10 revealing minutes with Tyson Fury's new trainer Sugar Hill Steward

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    Tyson Fury's new trainer Sugar Hill Steward talks us through his plans for the Deontay Wilder rematch, how he became The Gypsy King's coach and the legacy of his uncle Emanuel Steward.
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Raymeester

      Good job.

    2. l337z0r

      Boxing ASMR

    3. myUserName

      I like this guy. Seems genuine

    4. JTJumper

      Wilder should’ve been trained by this guy or even teaming up with Tony Harrison The Kronk lineage would have showed how to use that power in better boxing slick ways

    5. J & A Bodywork Repairs

      “Kronk gym”..Gerald McClellan come through this gym.

    6. candy smith

      He resembles his uncle Emanuel Stewart a lot

    7. candy smith

      He's in the process of opening a gym in Las Vegas. He will train individuals. I wonder how much he will charge

    8. denner tube

      KRONK turned Fury from a slapper to a power puncher. Tyson made the right move.

    9. onion peeling

      They way he talks if he was not blinking & smile here & there It would been scary.😳

    10. shariq J

      Id love this guy to say “Andy dufraine” shawshank redemption as Morgan freeman

    11. Jacobite

      Tyson has beat/(still grappling with) the biggest demon in the universe there ain't no mere mortal going to get one over on him...................

    12. Smoky Donuts

      Whose here after the AJ v Fury fight? Oh wait...not yet.

    13. Krystin Grant

      Great trainer☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿

    14. Melvin Collins

      Credit to Kronk for giving Fury some grit. He fought like an American.

    15. Parrog AKA Paradise

      Shout out to SugarHill after R7 TKO of Deontay 🥊🌈🙏🏾

    16. Zeshan Majeed

      *Who is here after fury knocked the f**k out of wilder?*

    17. Love Awayz

      @ 2:52 looks like Tyson Fury doing his laundry 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    18. Kyng Symba

      Guy like his Unc made History 👈👈 Tyson Fury New HW Champ👈

    19. Pak Furious

      Wait andy lee is tysons cousin??

    20. TheTaralovesmakeup

      Congrats to Tyson Fury!!!!L Amazing fight!

    21. xerxes bantu

      Who is here after fury win

    22. Michael C

      This guy's his trainer and doesn't even know his accent isn't Irish?

      1. IsmokeHiphop Live

        dude go on time out somewhere


      Tyson himself has stated that he will never win a points decision in America so he needs a knockout over Wilder, this is building to be a classic.

    24. Mike Fondanova

      Better boxer- Fury better chin-Fury everything goes to Fury but that right hand makes it even

    25. Sneaky Budda

      What a calming voice he has. So calming it’s almost make me fall a.... z z z z z z z FURY TO WIN 🇬🇧

    26. convert313

      Beautiful. The deed will be done.

    27. Rob Moore

      Right time for bed. Thanks Sugarhill.

    28. C K

      Can not wait!!! 🥊🥊

    29. E Bishop

      I forgot who said it, but I hard someone say... sometimes a good defense is a good offense. Yes skills are involved but so is strategy.

    30. oscardelmontay

      Let your fists be the judge 👊🏻👏🏻 KRONK Style

    31. cavscout62

      I gotta say Sugar seems like a great guy, always calm cool and articulate without being arrogant. The man appears to be very grateful for the blessings he has been granted for all the hard work he’s put in and that’s a component that’s not obvious in so many today. Best of luck to Team Fury.

    32. Jayjay Myers

      Fury needs to actually punish wilder for missing not just make him miss he needs to throw big counter punches

    33. Tom Williamson

      Who else thinks he looks like the black guy of Family guy

    34. Samuel Pérez Jiménez

      I think Fury is going to win. He has a better boxing skills.

    35. deadly shotta

      Ahh no.. Tyson about to get knocked out if he goes for the knock out on wilder. Wilder only knocked down once 10 years ago. Let alone knocked out. He had it right the first fight. I favor Tyson. Been watching him for years. Wilder however is highly respected in my book always a great boxer to watch. But 35 years old. This is when boxers at that level start looking at their legacy and retirement. Seen this play out a thousand times, don’t think Tyson is the one to take him down. Fight is too big, wilder focused, and I question Tyson’s mental health. Switching trainers and going through self inflicted marital problems.

    36. Teh Gamist

      Can this man just talk to me before I go bed. That voice is SmooooooooooOoOooOoooooth.

      1. Mark Ant

        Sounds like his uncle, RIP Manny.

    37. Nathan Henry

      Titson Furry by TKO, wildre has no chance , he'd is the best box of all tims

    38. C&M T

      It will be interesting to see if Fury has a new style or different tactics. I'm pretty sure Wilder is showing up with his normal game plan. Why not? He just needs one punch.

    39. bo ptah

      Good trainer. Wise man. Fury will win.

    40. Andrew Bennett

      2:50 the maids gonna get a beating......

    41. Guide504

      This guys voice is liquid gold

    42. JUS GREG

      This is not going to be a good rematch for wilder ...he simply cannot train up to the techniques tyson was using as far as defense. Per say , all tyson had to do is take it to the cards. Stick his jab and land power shots whenever wilder is throwing those clumsy, defenseless and off balanced overhands. He simply will bat wilder up with the jab and entice him to throw those telegraphed overhands and he will counter with power.simple.

    43. Shogun - 47

      Ok that has to be Ross Kemp interviewing?

    44. Mark Graham

      "It goes back to what I said about Andy wearing his freedom like an invisibility coat, about how he never really developed a prison mentality. His eyes never got that dull look"

    45. Tadgh Murphy

      RIP Emanuel

    46. Tadgh Murphy

      Andy Lee! Another Irish great pulling strings.

    47. Andrew Quinn

      Fury doesn't need to take it out of the hands of the judges , he doesn't have knockout power like Wilder , he just needs to make sure he doesn't get knocked down or knocked out .

    48. GRIME PAYZ

      British Irish accent?? It's the Manc accent mate

    49. Willie Small


    50. Bassin’Assassin

      Pretty hyped for this one ☝🏻

    51. True2022

      No offence but this guy has less clue than a 23 yr old Ben Davison did ,Lucky he doesn't need a coach but he's underwhelming and his name is not Steward ,It's Hill .[Like Benny ]

    52. True2022

      Looks like a chubby Phil Ivey

      1. True2022

        @emu cat No salt needed happy to take back other comment I ended up winning big on Tyson stopping him and Hill did agreat job .Phil Ivey is a genius btw and he is the dead spit of him but a fatter face

      2. emu cat

        non taken, here, have a bit more salt to eat your words lol

    53. rxp56

      ‘My first impression, very tall, British accent’ very astute observations, not sure that’s what the interviewer was driving at.....

    54. Lee Jones

      And the NEW ........Tyson fury !!!!!! Box his head off Tyson !!!!!!

    55. LR266

      It's gonna be interesting to see what Sugar Hill can do for Tyson in this rematch.

    56. callyharley

      Relaxed & honest is the vibe I'm picking up from Sugarhill I can't wait for the fight, Emanuel was a legend in the game I remember him in the corner with Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson, Manny was shouting at Lennox "this is a bad man get him the f*ck out of there".


      i have to say Freddie roach ois teh best ever. why Because He grabbed a rough Paquiao and made him a beast the best ever fighter ever.


      Fury will get starch.He will not have the chance to last this time.Wilder will catch him cold I am afraid

      1. Thanh Mac

        Thanks for the laugh

      2. emu cat


    59. Allan Russell

      I literally going to take sleeping tablets..so I wake up sat morning..come on tysun bring the fury..what an event.

    60. The Smokin’ Salmon

      So a white guy trains wilder and a black guy trains fury. Beautiful