How Deborah Meaden Closes A Deals And What Happens After Investment | Dragons' Den

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    Deborah Meaden takes us beyond the Den and into her world of business, Deborah also breaks down the dos and don'ts if you ever choose to stand in the firing line.
    This special episode relives the most extraordinary moments of the past 16 series in the Den. Steph McGovern & Richard Osmon find out what happened after the entrepreneurs exit the famous elevator doors.
    Pitch: Good Bubble
    Series 13, Episode 6.
    Dragon's Den: Pitches To Riches
    Series 16, Episode 16.
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Hahn Deathspark

      I need to see as many successful follow ups as possible because we get to see the Dragons celebrating, not burning people on the stand.

    2. Eventigo

      I love Deborah. It's so nice watching the outcomes of the investment.

    3. ScottOSaurus

      I love Deborah, such a classy powerful woman.

    4. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

      Would 🎩Prince Harry&👒Meghan appears on Dragons Den?

    5. PolitischTourette

      She is def my favurite. She is so to the point , when she talks to the Entrepeneurs !!

    6. Stem B

      Amy is so cute. I am so glad shes doing well

    7. Nathan Saunders

      The title doesn't make sense..."A Deals" , take the "A" out or drop the "s" from "Deals".

    8. Anthony Rear

      Derborah has some big ba jugga juggas

    9. Steve Ricardo

      deb worth 40M Peter worth 500M my business gross income is 250M. very happy with my lifestyle.

    10. psychoticbastard

      She has done well, look at her tan.

    11. mark vega

      She is hot.

    12. Wendy Elsey

      That was great to see what happens after the Dragon's Den to a company. Loved it.

    13. Lenny Murphy

      Nice lady.. But ugly

    14. Dave Glam

      Keep your tongue in your mouth so annoying

    15. Tokeson

      Needs more videos like this! Not only with the successful investments but with the unsuccessful ones as well

    16. Dan -

      I'm Deborah Meaden... And for that reason, I'm out.

    17. Bluewolfe

      Can't stand that guy presenting and narrating this...... He used to be on watchdog too, and for that reason Jenny's out.

    18. 330i Mpower

      It’s great to see the aftermath of investments.

    19. Md Islam

      Some reason if you looks at that girl it’s seems like she’s scared to talk or she’s been told to not talk

    20. Tariq Aleem

      2 thing she needs to get done plaster her face plus brush her teeth LOL

    21. Fred Mason

      So nice to see a positive outcome, interesting video.

    22. Nathan Thomas

      Who is the interviewer? He looks like he is dying..

    23. Richard Armstrong

      Let’s make a Jenny “I’m out” video Video lasts 17 hours and UKmine blocks it.

    24. Ouroboros Studios

      Uhhhh, 'closes a deals'. Might want to fix that.

    25. Denny Smith

      Am impressed with Amy - sweet peep but determined - Deborah is truly wonderful backing to have... financially & personally... warm hearted business lady... kudos to you all - Godspeed in all your endeavours... and children benefit from healthier ingredients... big hug from SA... PS: Dragons Den seems to be showing more interesting aspect of interactions - not just money-grubbing but human side to it all... thanks for that...

    26. Anita Sundholm

      Good episode. We need more of these

    27. y1521t21b5

      "How Deborah Meaden Closes A Deals..." The typo in the video title is apt as y'all can turn around and claim plausible deniability for suggesting Meaden closes deals ;-)

    28. Gary Willis

      She has aged a lot...

    29. vorpal22

      Deborah is by far the best of the dragons, followed by Peter. I love it when they make deals together.

    30. Maudy28

      Love her !

    31. MARKETMAN6789

      What a lovely lady Sara seems and I'm really glad her buisness enterprise has done so well ,when I see a nice person I always want them to get the rewards they deserve .xxx

    32. brucedickinson12

      and she has huge norks

      1. Rum Free

        Absolutely gigantic arent they? 😍

    33. Joan Osawe

      Excellent Deborah xx

    34. Wolf Boy

      Does anyone know how they decide the order of the dragons making their offers/going out, or in Jenny’s case just of going out lol?

    35. Volound

      closes a deals

    36. Ming

      10:00 only after I do

    37. Kevin

      She's lovely! Yes, you too, Deborah, but I mean Amy in particular! : )

    38. Richard Martin

      I'm waiting for the "Bleedin' Obvious" clips of the narrator's voice, without which, each programme would be only 20 minutes long. 🧐

    39. WhatIfGod/ImagineInfinity

      The presenter is awful. She was removed from the BBC morning channel and dumped elsewhere. No idea about business

    40. A95 :

      Wish my girl had Deborah's personality

    41. Aaron kennedy

      I love dragons den not only because I am an entrepreneur but because being Irish I watched every episode and now living in the USA I still e tot enjoy it I liked them all including Deborah

    42. Creative Mario

      Best invention 2020

    43. Steven

      "How The Dragons' Den Chooses Their Title Writers, And How Anyone Can Be A Writers Without Any Qualifications!" -The Dragons's Den Head Of Ideas

    44. Duane Catton

      Deborah can be my cougar any day and I'l be her little play time whenever she wants it. Nice little cougar right there xxxxx

    45. Kevin Todd

      I know what her husband shout outs at night........ I'm out

    46. Gazza 29

      Love Deborah. Brilliant!

    47. Engel auf Erden

      ❤❤❤ *Adorable Deborah, I fcukin' Loooooove Her !!* ❤❤❤❤❤

    48. darren86420

      Closes a deals?

    49. V K

      The Real McCoy..😍😘D.M

      1. V K

        Talk.. I want a cold beverage with the Lady and I'd need ice.. possibly a cold shower.. God dam..😂😊😋😉

      2. Rum Free

        @V K truly couldnt agree more. Fancy talking more about her sometime?

      3. V K

        Beauty at its finest..🌹

      4. Rum Free

        Agreed. Built properly isnt she? Heavy heavy stacked. 😍

    50. 3 Cold Capricorn

      “The biggest of all of the bois” oof

    51. Ivan Ong

      imagine a version of Jenny compilations is done and there is no content but im out im out im out im out im outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    52. spu3

      That was lucky, because it could of been Bubble Trouble!

    53. Lemontarts01

      I'm out

    54. DLC ENERGY

      Deborah is so kind. She knows people only say "I'm Out" to Jenny and doesn't want her to think it's just to her.

    55. Robbie Craughwell

      I have watched her grow,and as a result is relying on me much less, That for me is a great investment!...............No No No Debbie dear! Mrs Fourty percent isn't getting off work early because the founder is growing in confidence. She wont be falling for that old BS You don't need me..........Lol

    56. Web Mtshali

      This is awesome. A lot of us have been wondering about what happens after the deal is closed and this fulfilled one of many curiosities. Hope to see more.☺

    57. Keith Heeney

      I was gonna put together a compilation of all the times Jenny said “ I’m out “ ... but I’ve only got a 128gb I phone ... nowhere near the memory space I’d need .


      As soon as Jenny hears the elevator start rising.. " I'm out "

    59. rickysmyth

      What about the unsuccessful ones?

      1. John Mason

        most of them?

    60. Andre Camilleri

      I absolutely love Deborah