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    In today’s episode the gang have a romantic night in for Valentine’s day. But of course, there’s a catch. The three normals have to cook a course each for our professional chefs and YOU voted for which dishes are on the menu. Will the food make or break James and Ben’s beautiful relationship on their first date?
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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. SORTEDfood

      What are you planning on cooking up for your favourite foodie this Valentine’s day? P.S. This gift package is a nifty idea if you’re in a last min panic…. bit.ly/3bqbFSR

      1. misky Loo

        @Christine Morin OK.. If on UKmine you search doughnuts sorted you find the sorted recipe.. Below the video is the link at sorted food to get the the complete printed recipe with measurements.. Now the video shows potato.. The ingredient lust doesn't show potato.. Lol..

      2. Christine Morin

        @misky Loo still can't figure out what doughnut recipe you're referring to, I'm sorry I can't help your further. The video includes wonton, crumpet and bundt cake recipes, which are all part of the club/paid content.

      3. misky Loo

        @exler05 petty?I don't think so.... the reason people get famous on UKmine is because of the viewers which makes them popular and opens the doors to successful careers.... I've asked questions of many cooking related UKmine rs and always got a reply to a query which shows they appreciate the fact that you have watched and was interested enough to try something out.. If they are too busy to answer then they shouldn't post.. Thats my opinion and of course you are entitled to yours

      4. exler05

        @misky Loo, So because they didn't reply to your message out of literally thousands, you're not going to subscribe? A bit petty, don't you think?

      5. misky Loo

        @SORTEDfood how much potato in the doughnut recipe? Its not in the ingredient list.. I wanna make those doughnuts!!, I even emailed you but no reply

    2. kitty81321

      I remember these guys started with "Sorted At the table" and Ben had to hold each of their hands even just for mincing garlic. Look at how far they have come!

    3. A Vikash

      Jamie's kiss in the side of James' head is adorable and more of Mike please - he's hilarious!

    4. Catallena

      such a big difference to when they did that cooking for ben video in 2014! they are leveled up normals now i think!

    5. Kat Snow

      Suggestion: Ultimate psudo-beef? Now bare with me. My mom is allergic to beef and we've come up with tons of recipes for chicken, pork, and turkey. We've even combined all three and made that into a burger and that's as close as we've gotten to a beefy taste. So I'm curious what you guys can do without any beef products (Like not even beef stock or anything. It can contain no beef) to make something taste like beef.

    6. Lefindon

      Haha, just the tip.

    7. Cassy Juhl

      I've missed normals battles. They are among my favorites!

    8. Abe Steinberg

      Here's an idea... Instead of rubbing butter into every crevice of pan like that how about melting it first and swishing it around? Drain off the excess then let it set before adding the cake batter. As an idea for a video I'd like to see you coke up with a cake recipe that's healthy(er) and tastes as good as a normal cake. Two things you cannot are butter, margarine (or any of that fake substitute stuff) and sugar. Otherwise as long as its tasty, healthy and guilt free use whatever you wish.

    9. Ferry van Herk

      Why would you even need an oven when you can practically cook off the heat eminating from the sexual tension between Ben and James.

    10. Tsc Tempest

      Guys, I absolutely love your Chef's and Normals battles, they're great.Recently I stumbled across some old timey-wimey tv cooking competitions, ukmine.info/ps/PL8zlx4BqIHTjZcvJRzh7OgIJBHWLDVAXE.html (which could be a great vehicle for s few 'Ben-uendos' and couldn't help thinking how this would be a great format for you guys to explore: alternate the chefs leading, and the normals following, then create a scoreboard to see which normal does the best over a period of time. Now, I'm guessing you could also spice this up by having a normal compete against a visiting guest. What do you think?

    11. Ada Kwong

      Can we have an episode of cooking for James?🥰

    12. Yuval Wiesenthal

      1:05 really mike?

    13. Nathaniel Pereira

      apologies if this has already been said, but Barry's dish isnt wonton mee. It's more of just the wonton. Needs the noodles too (the mee)

    14. Royal

      6:56 Don't mind me, just setting myself a timestamp of Jamie's mustard fail

    15. Shiann Stuiver

      Was mike having a ramsey moment custard egg yolks caster sugar in 😂 though I was watching a different show for a moment

    16. Novacification

      "Can you beat a good walk and a pub lunch? And if there's a dog involved: boners!"

    17. kitty kat

      "snog position"

    18. Nagato12

      waitwaitwait! we were promised wonton mee.. there're the wontons, where's the mee? and is nobody going to talk about this??

    19. Athena Tan Yi Min

      How does the wanton mee have no noodles???

    20. ThisIsChris

      It'd be awesome if you guys can do an ultimate battle with spam. The stuff is delicious.

    21. Louisa Thomas

      Bloody amazing food! Well done boys!👏🏻

    22. B.A.B. Wulf

      Pasta Primavera battle!

    23. Rose Hill

      Can we have the chefs review this video please please please please?

    24. Rebecca Vogel

      This may have been the best date I have ever been a part of

    25. Puneet Dhillon

      1:04 Rewatching this a second time and they spelled romance wrong 😱 Still love you guys though!

    26. Fast Pack

      *Butter my crevasses*

    27. retropetroleum

      LOL Barry called his dish wanton mee but there's no noodles

    28. thisdamnthingy

      Sorry I didn't watch this sooner. I am so proud of you.

    29. S. R.

      Where's the "mee" in the wonton mee? It means noodles 😅

    30. Kian Zinzell

      Omg I just asked to bring back battles a few weeks ago and suddenly this appears in my feed. You boys spoil us so

    31. Devin Valera

      No one told Ebbers his fly was down at the end? 😂

    32. Tenshi6Tantou6Rei

      lol to be fair to Barry, dumplings that aren't in soup do tend to have thicker skin, maybe not that thick but thicker

    33. Fred Westinghouse

      16:45 Ben's zip is half down. What did he and James get up to?

    34. Thunder Rhododendron

      Ben was in China??? He never said 😏

    35. Alyssa T

      I think the boys need to do a 'Win a date with a Chef' video and contest to help find James and Ben girlfriends 🤣🤣❤

    36. ellieleat

      Am I the only person disappointed that they didn’t recreate the i c o n i c heart in jelly

    37. Priya Vijay

      stared at barry's dish for ages looking for the mee in wonton mee x) looked delicious regardless

    38. Yes Please


    39. Hanaa Mohabeer

      Bonne noire 😂😂 I love this video and I loovee all of them 💙 love your content, keep it going 😍

    40. Heather Willis-Kershner

      Everybody in the comments: where's the mee?! Me: im right here! 😁

    41. Doctor Gradamit

      3:18 Barry sees a hob on and can't bring himself to take action to turn it off.

    42. TheMagicKnightress

      Try the grey stuff. It’s delicious!

    43. sjgaski

      Mike's reaction to the out of control boil, priceless!

    44. Tama Shiranai

      Can we please appreciate Jamie being so suportive though?

    45. stecky87

      The forehead kisses are so sweet

    46. RaMPaNTe

      1:55 ...Grilled lettuce you just triggered Gordon Ramsay's anger right there LOL

    47. BioYuGi

      Personally. Snog: Jamie Marry: Mike Avoid: Barry

    48. Robert Houchin

      "A Clockwork Orange" with cooks?

    49. Tnk4me

      As a person who uses cocoa powder to round out anything that is spicy, even I've never ever thought of putting it in mayonnaise.

    50. NazgulWitchKing

      Try making different kinds of japanese steamed buns

    51. ze jooj

      I love how England's version is Marry, Snog, Avoid and America's version is Marry, F@€k, Kill LOL

    52. David Johnson

      No wonder Barry had problems with the starter...he must be exhausted after the Oscars/BAFTA’s, having been nominated for the lead role in JoJo Rabbit.

    53. sartorian darkstorm

      how many asians is cringing at knife and fork being used on a dumplings?

    54. Hannah Beau

      Hi I have an idea for an episode of pass it on! I think it’d be cool to do a fusion food type thing where you start the dish in one cuisine then half way change the cuisine and try to make it fit. For example starting with chinese as a theme (stir fry maybe) and halfway you have to make it Mexican (burrito) so you’re hopefully left with a creative fusion dish (stir fry burrito) I hope that makes sense!! X

    55. The Pun of Harts

      It would be great if Ben and James both wrote a recipe and the normals let us know which one is easier to follow

    56. DarkRainb0wKnight

      fun fact: if I'm not mistaken this came out almost exactly 5 years after the first ultimate battle (13th of feb 2015)

    57. Matt Worrilow

      One of the best videos yet!

    58. Sean

      Made this for my wife but they don't sell crumpet rings around me used a cookie cutter. By the way new idea for your book or app maybe include substitutes for ingredients.

    59. Jay Aragón

      It looks like Janice was a bit disappointed when the love-rat so rudely hinted he wanted more custard, that she just dropped the bowl on the table.

    60. Rob Petri

      Amazed that Jamie was surprised by the cocoa powder in the mayo and not the "charcoal powder"?? WTF Charcoal