The Strokes - At The Door (Official Video)

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    I can’t escape it
    Never gonna make it
    Out of this in time
    I guess that’s just fine
    I’m not there quite yet
    My thoughts - such a mess
    Like a little boy
    What you running for?

    Run at the door
    Anyone home?
    Have I lost it all?
    DIRECTED BY Mike Burakoff
    PRODUCED BY Mike Burakoff & Benjy Brooke
    Lagan Sebert
    Benjy Brooke & Adam Henderson
    Benjy Brooke
    Adam Henderson
    Mathieu Bétard
    Adam Sillard
    Kelsi Phung
    Pete Sharp
    Victorin Ripert
    Benjy Brooke
    Peter Lowey
    Maxime Jouniot
    Adam Henderson
    Adam Sillard
    Jose Luis Rosado
    Tyler DiBiasio
    Tucker Klein
    Ryan Plaisance
    Joao Monteiro
    Gaurav Wakankar
    Shane Dering
    Camille Guillot
    Pedram Taghavi
    Giulia Riva
    Julia Lama
    Tamerlan Bekmurzayev
    Jose Goyo Moreno
    Mike Burakoff
    Agathe Leroux
    Pablo Gostanian
    Agustin Valcarenghi
    Diego Polieri
    Pablo Gostanian & Diego Polieri
    Florencia Cruz
    Diego Polieri
    Diego Polieri
    Fernando Toninello
    Israel Giampietro
    Lisandro Schurjin
    Adrian Peralta
    Facundo Garcia
    Agostina Salvemini
    Lisandro Schurjin
    Eugenia Beizo
    Sebastian Garcia
    Facundo Brunella
    Yazmin Hanna
    Ivan Olszevicki
    Nahuel Sagarnaga
    Ailen Sbrizza
    Facundo Brunella & Mateo Vallejo
    Ugo Bienvenu
    Ugo Bienvenu
    Ugo Bienvenu
    Felix Kerjean
    Hugo Lemonnier
    Ugo Bienvenu

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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. ray here

      My new spirit animal; the scarred but hardened and self-aware brown rabbit.

    2. Aline Monteith

      Love Julian's voice...beautiful song and vídeo.I want to cry

    3. James Moran

      Thank you Bernie Sanders❤️

    4. Nicolás Gómez

      pero q cancion lpm!!!

    5. Stephen Maguth

      AWESOME video, but needs an incredible guitar to the song...what a waste

    6. Ghostar

      0:00 for like 1 and a half seconds I thought I was listening to creeper aw man

    7. ray here

      🎵 Lyrics... [Verse 1] I can't escape it I'm never gonna make it out of this in time I guess that's just fine I'm not there quite yet My thoughts, such a mess Like a little boy What you runnin' for? [Pre-Chorus] Arrive at the door Anyone home? Have I lost it all? [Chorus] Struck me like a chord I'm an ugly boy Holdin' out the night Lonely after light You begged me not to go Sinkin' like a stone Use me like an oar And get yourself to shore [Verse 2] A bang at the door Anyone home? That's just what they do Right in front of you Like a cannonball Slammin' through your wall In their face, I saw What they're fightin' for [Pre-Chorus] I can't escape it I'm never gonna make it to the end, I guess [Chorus] Struck me like a chord I'm an ugly boy Holdin' out the night Lonely after light Bangin' on the door I don't wanna know Sinkin' like a stone So use me like an oar [Bridge] Hard to fight what I can't see Not tryna build no dynasty I can't see beyond this wall But we lost this game So many times before [Non-Lyrical Bridge] [Outro] I been on a cold road I'll be waiting, yeah I'll be waiting from the other side Waiting for the tide to rise I been on a cold road I'll be waiting, yeah I'll be waiting from the other side Waiting for the tide to rise

    8. Dr D Musicalmasterrecords

      Thank you lord new strokes about time

    9. E DeRo

      Me recuerda al interestellar de Daft Punk, ahora sí finalmente podemos decir adiós a The Strokes

    10. simply the best

      Wheres the Daft Punk Remix. Hold my 🍺

    11. Liberty Graize

      This...makes me feel things. Song and video. I love it. Thank you

    12. Federico Alcaraz


    13. corey lewis

      |||+||| The Shelter Faded. Neon Buttons Pressed & Hidden From. Here Comes The Rabbit Police. Nowish |||+|||. amen

    14. Vicente8831

      Is that Miguel from coco ?

    15. Jonathan Peña

      This is the evolved version of 'Call me back' for this album.

    16. KiddPenn

      Excellent animation, would always love to see more music videos like this

    17. fourzerozerozero

      Of course the song is amazing, but holy shit good job to the animators, the video is absolutely stunning

    18. Tristan Hartson

      Creeper, Aww man

    19. radtv

      the animation is beautiful

    20. Facha255

      Miss the old strokes

    21. Gabriela uwu

      I love julian casablancas ❤️😔

    22. 5KATT3R 8RA1N

      2:32 this scene features something that used to belong to Luke Skywalker

    23. nataly reynoso

      Esto es una maravilla

    24. A G

      The 80’s style animation and the deeper meaning within hit hard. It’s a mirror of my life and where I am right now. So much to take away from this video.

    25. Pammy L0VE

      The video and the song are beautiful ❤

    26. flonka


    27. Azusa Casablancas

      Es una cancion sublime y a la vez muy triste pero con algo de verdad!

    28. Leslie Mayoral

      I love you

    29. Alex

      Daft Punk influence is strong here

    30. april makes movies

      Crying 😭

    31. Kymmze J

      1:10 Mario Kart: Rainbow Road

    32. Gaston Ignacio Antiñolo

      Welcome back beatiful fockers!!

    33. Gabriel

      This is their only song I have liked since their sophemore album, that is 2003.

    34. tuxedojones

      This sucks

    35. Victória Ferreira

      omg yes yes YES I've missed them so much holy shit this song is amazing

    36. Keith Hanisek

      The vocals are so wonderful on this track and I am more of a guitar guy. The stark synth rhythm is great too. I like it more after every listen.

    37. Steve Radner

      Heavy Metal (1981 animated-anthology film) vibes

    38. Gerard Cortz

      Boooooring !!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻, i want my 5:52 minutes back !!!!!!!

    39. sweetdeadchicory

      What is he saying during his angel vocalise please ???

    40. BrickbyBrickBooking

      Good song, however, I like it at 1.25x speed. Give it a try. Reminds me of the first two records.

    41. Roberto Cafora

      Stunning choon

    42. P

      Been a few years since I didn't feel alive listening a song. So far, the best thing that happened this year, imo.

    43. Fomeh Martins

      shit they're playing here now and I'm missing it

    44. Mar En

      I think this is a love it or hate it song. I personally love it, it's addictive! Julian's voice sounds great the "natural" way, love it! :)

    45. Igor Estefan alves

      Alguém pode explicar o vídeo?

    46. LightEmUp1

      Haha this is lame as hell!

    47. zzz

      strokes are dead...better retired.

    48. mrgordo

      This was like watching a compilation of the stuff I shouldn't have been watching as a kid but my mom let me because they were cartoons, lol. (i.e. Heavy Metal, Watership Down, Fantastic Planet, etc.) Great, mellow song, too. :)

    49. vany UwU

      Volvieron :'3 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    50. Vítor Ferreira

      Alex Turning watching The Strokes watching Daft Punk watching everyone.

    51. Endo Warrior

      someone loves 80's heavy metal magazine.

    52. Leotets

      Que negócio foda!

    53. Shayne Bundy

      Ralph Bakshi, Watership Down, Fantastic Planet, Dune, Aeon Flux.....intense.

    54. Nash


    55. Nils D.

      Awkward single. Hard to listen to.

      1. seej fish

        Hard to stop listening imo

    56. Curtis Newton

      this sucks

    57. Marcus Kessler

      My first thought was F is for Family ? ..... I then got very strong Watership Down feel ....i got a strong sense of Heavy Metal and old Daft Punk videos this was wild.

    58. john Jones

      This is toss

    59. doynk2

      Played it to my wife... She said... Is this it? God I love her

    60. Yoeltzing Cruz

      The best song of Strokes.