Talia Mar

Talia Mar

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    The ultimate test of who is my official main piece ;)
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Rosebud _x

      CEO of “whyat do you meen”

    2. StrikeCorvus

      The title made me think Talia's bi

      1. Bailey HP

        and cheating on simon in front of him?

    3. chakra

      freya at the end was so cute she's a real friend

    4. DeInfiniteGaming

      6:48 bet no woman understood

    5. Bees Bomb

      I have the same birthday as you

    6. Karnage

      Freya is so competitive funny when she realizes she lost the look on her face priceless

    7. Not_ Skylyr

      I feel as josh is hitting better iykyk

    8. Cheeseburger

      "What's my favorite body part?" *I think we all knew where that was going*

    9. rise and shine

      if i don’t find out what jeans she’s wearing i’m gonna cry omgg 😭

    10. Hira Khizar

      Those YPO whiteboards that they’re using yeah we use them in school

    11. Joel

      so you swing that way young padawan

    12. conor godfrey

      Ayyy 6th November Ganggg

    13. Yakub Amin

      2:12 that’s my birthday

    14. lucy beard


    15. Dave SE

      Talia forced Simon to be serious in this vid. She wear pants in this relationship.

    16. Rosie Mears

      Talia looks so pretty in this vid 😍🥰

    17. Memelots

      I don't think my friends even know anything about me

    18. Eriklejda B

      Did they break up

    19. PATC Milcery

      Those are the whiteboards I had In primary school

    20. Zain Zain

      Fookin click ait Simon won

    21. Darko Stani

      Gee : Am l a joke to you

    22. Jasmine Kaur

      i have the same birthday so i subscribed phaha

    23. Borkc

      Freya is prettier than talia,

    24. xdSwerveZz

      Freya reminds me of Lauren from The Inbetweeners

    25. ullas gaming

      React to logans diss track 'going broke'

      1. Bailey HP

        why would they do that, they arent even involved

    26. Casey Park

      Josh did she really ask is a bagel Italian really really hahahaha

    27. W1N

      the title really thow me off

    28. James

      Moved out on my birthday

    29. tezla


    30. Niila Robertson

      Omg you hate g

    31. Behizy

      Yo didn't know you were open. Are you accepting applications?

    32. MegaAbomin8r

      why do they look like google chrome whiteboards

    33. Bob Pettle

      Swear the girl on the left has a split in her trousers

    34. Lewis Gamezzz123

      Got the same bday

    35. Éanna Cloonan

      3rd of March the best day of the year

    36. Ccr2410

      That forehead POPPIN

    37. Master Cactus

      i disliked her video because simon said so

    38. Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

      Love how all the comments are about how unusually nice Simon was in this video 😂

    39. Sebastian Alford

      Anyone else only watch her videos with Simon in them

    40. Mohamed Hakim

      Talia: The title is going to be best friend v boyfriend Title: girlfriend v boyfriend

    41. Kaj Gamz

      Ermmm........, she hates Gee😅

    42. Harlowe Bercovitch

      6:51 😂

    43. Rossgreig100

      talia should make a song with Janelle (Tobi and mannys sister) will be good if they do

    44. sayen yu

      I don’t know why I don’t even watch her videos but I knew about the hair color lol

    45. dave manton

      She looks like Arianna granda


      React to going broke pls by logan paul

    47. Flicky

      Talia, did you cry before recording the video?? Because your moustache is wet. GET ROASTED b****. Love yaa , kiss.

    48. Kaitlyn Oxtoby

      4:29 what every clip her chuckle and use it for random stuff and as voice overs things 😂😂

    49. XReaperBTW

      Omg my bday is Nov 6 aswell

    50. Chess of Confusion

      Your a singer right, well could you please do a reaction video to Dimash kudaibergen, the song S.O.S thank you.

    51. The Wolf

      Freya would definitely bang Simon.

    52. moose man

      Talia: What is my favorite body part Simon looking her up and down Simon: I know which one I like the most

    53. Strahinja Karadzin

      Girlfriend vs boyfriend wtf

    54. ssBot

      Man, I can't be the only one to think that Talia looks 30 times better without makeup.

    55. Maddie Izzi

      Gotta love fiat 500 gang 😂

    56. Sad Vibes

      Trending page

    57. Farzana Begum

      What lipstick r u wearing talia

    58. Stephen Bryce

      kids stop watching this garbage

    59. Josh Collins

      How tf did I actually guess her first car

    60. LxcasD2306

      I swear she looks different every time I see her 🤦🏻‍♂️