REACTION | Steven Gerrard | Kilmarnock 2-1 Rangers

The manager's post match reaction at Rugby Park.
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Published on 6 days ago


  1. j m1872

    All you lot calling Gerrards head. Who could replace him? Shut up and get behind him and the team!

  2. whomey91

    Can we get rid of Connor Goldson already...

  3. William Hainey

    We are the people dont give up hope 👍

  4. Robert Paisley

    Get a striker in asap morelos isnt good enough not the answer. how you miss so many easy chances cant even control a ball so clumsy with a ball.. cant shoot dosent take pens or free kicks. misses so many sitters.. Hes costing us now big time.. Badly need a big physical striker in now.!

  5. Wexx Young

    Hagi is not a right midfielder! He is AMC or FC. Like his father he doesn't have speed, he has other qualities. And I saw how the team is avoiding him during the play. When he will find a club that will put him in the right position he will shine.

  6. Kevin Morse

    Take the high road


    Who wants Walter Smith back? Gary McCallister has not got anything to give stevie... I’d rather see Walter back and Stevie number 2 for rest of season and next!! Walter will come out of retirement if we all shout out for him guys.... otherwise... with this ... it’s second best 😣


    Bottled it as a player many many times in England ... and now maybe that’s rubbing off in his dressing room... Walter Smith SOS

  9. we hate grimsby

    rangers board have backed him, hes been allowed to spend millions that the club havent got, running at a massive loss, what happens if, or when celtic win treble again, where are the funds coming from to try to catch celtic. dont think mr gerrard is going to stop celtic winning 10 in a row, if that happens where do the rangers board go from there, to be fair they have invested millions to finish above aberdeen thats all. spending £7 million on kent however good a player he is/ might be is a massive gamble or do the board just send rangers bust if they are 10-12 points behind celtic this time next season. the pressure now not to drop a point until end of the season is too much, neil lennon knows that, celtic are relentless at the minute, scoring goals for fun, if rangers fail to beat celtic in a few weeks at home its all over and 10 in a row for celtic really is looking like it will happen and by the end of the season all mr gerrard has done at rangers in two years is win nothing and leave them very, very close to administration and divison 3 again, the board took a gamble on mr gerrard and it looks like a poor one

  10. Michael Scott

    A like it a like it a lot

  11. Donald Brown

    Rangers were and always will be a 4-4-2 team Need a big man upfront with a good striker

  12. Captain cluck Nugget

    Scummy rat

  13. Rhejsj Rufjdjk

    Do not use Ianis Hagi as a winger , use him in the middle as CAM .


    Blown it again after Christmas. No point in winning at Parkhead if you can't win at Tynecastle or Rugby Park!

  15. Make Money for 60 sec

    Fs morales goes down more than pornstar and the deluded gers fans trying to he’s the best player in the league get on yer bikes

  16. The Dark Knight


  17. Celtic Fc

    Gerrard out!

  18. James King

    Docherty yet another MOTM performance for Hibs last night. Supposedly ran the show. Why is it that he's rated so highly by everyone bar Gerrard! Surely he's got to be better than side pass Jack? I hope we have in the contract he cannot play against us as he's likely to destroy us.

  19. Hell Yeah

    It's over now.....shouldn't have the winter break. ....rangers had the momentum to go for it.....I think compliancy crept in.......players need to dig deep at times just win each game

  20. Celtic FC Europa League Winner 2020

    M E L T D O W N 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Rangers FC4068

      ^^^^ Of course the 14 year old catholic girls show up with their emoticons.

  21. Larky derry

    Make them run from 9 to 5 every day until the seasons done ! They get payed enough. Fine them for not putting in enough effort on the pitch they should run until they are sick . and plz stop morelos diving or send him to the henrik larrson school for divers , he is not any good at it and no1 likes watching it , it is embarrassing to see and devalues his worth

  22. Rab wtf

    Have no faith in the team or management after last night's match it's just a repeat of last season can't get my head round it do all the hard work up to Christmas 2 years in a row then blow it all after winter break where they shuld come back stronger something isn't working at all another season of disappointment and can see Celtic getting ther 10th now if we keep this going 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  23. Patrick Mclaughlin

    WATP what a joke Celtic Celtic

  24. John Kennedy

    It has been over since the hearts game, the players dont look interested, stevie g has lost the dressing room. If he doesn't win the scottish cup he will be out the door. Simple as that

    1. James King

      Heats are likely to destroy us again at this rate.

  25. john neilson

    It's time to regroup gaffer and the lads mindset back, the league is not officially over however I would say the beggars from across the city can only throw it away, but having said that they are also 1 or 2 injuries away from a bad season so for the fiddlers it's priority to stay injury free. I also won't be surprised if we turn in a great performance against braga because we are definitely a better team against better opponents in Europe because we get time on the ball to play good football and not the rugby football against the hammer throwers of Scottish SURRENDER.....wwwweeeeaaaarrrrraaaaapppppeeeeppppiiilllll

  26. Slimeball


  27. daz n

    Gerrard says he’s glad that Ryan jack is back because he is a born winner. RYAN JACK WAS NEVER EVR WON A THING IN HIS FKIN LIFE. NOTHING LOL

    1. James King

      He has passed it sideways alot though.

  28. Alan Ronald

    Manager came to do a job and win the league, he has not done that, hes had the money and players and the board's backing. maybe time for a change as there is no one driving things forward with a winning mentality. Another year where the league was lost in January and February, no will to win!!!

  29. caolan1990

    Slip out thru the rear door stevie 👋

  30. John Lawrence

    Before the winter break our fullbacks would power forward and hit fast low balls into penalty box between defenders and goalkeeper, now our fullbacks hit balls that DJ or MH would struggle to get on the end of in their heyday.

  31. Neily Robertson

    Let's all laugh at rangers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Ian Finnie

    Do away with that winter break that break killed our momentum

  33. Gary Hetherington

    Gerrard your allowed to make subs before the last 10 minutes as soon as you feel a player isn't performing replace him bringing players on in the last 10 minutes hasn't worked for you so try something different 👍 im sure you will turn it around coz you are a born winner also you were one of the best in the world at scoring from outside the box can you teach that technique to some of the players plz 🙏

  34. D Ridz

    Oh how we need a real Captain.

  35. Gary Hetherington

    Need to drap goldson he's not trying as hard coz he knows he is going to be in the team every game and it's getting concerning from the supporters point of view

  36. Raymond Taylor

    We’re just back into it the fray for xxxxsake, also all teams seem to try harder against us as well. The team we are wanting to challenge are way ahead of us in experience and we need some time before we can seriously contend and the leagues is not over this year yet. The players underperforming since Xmas is not Gerrard’s fault and they need to step,up. I know we have it in us and I have every faith in SG and his team to get it right. I think after this result things will turn round and they will slip up.

  37. David Mitchell

    Two players out on loan who are flying.. Kent who has shown he's not worth the money we paid?? Liverpool must have been rubbing their hands at that fee.... The league is over simple!! Celtic are not even playing well and skelping hearts.. That's a sign of champions.. Its done for us guys... Gerrard has won nothing so far.. At the end of the season the trophy cabinet will be empty once again? How do you motivate a team when the league is over ?

    1. James King

      7 million, We wont get back 7k on him at this rate.

  38. Ian O'Dowd

    So is Gerrard not Head Butting cameras anymore then?

  39. charlie stemple

    Its simple we are just not good enough and poorly coached, move on SG lets get a genuine proven manager in

  40. The fresh air Sniper

    Makes me laugh how aw these kiddie fiddler manky scumbags troll rangers pages, away and join the coaches and get yerselfs pit on the register ya bunch eh clowns 🔴⚪️🔵FTP

    1. CaptainCosworth

      Makes a change from you losers doing the same so payback is a bitch... and same old child patter when you get beat pmsl this is soooo good btw. WATP = We Are Ten Points.........behind 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. They all knew

    Same as Hearts we throw away the lead and they wanted it more than us and this subbing at 83 minutes is not good enough.

  42. George Donaldson

    The Poundland boys pumped again. Ahahahahahahahahaha HH

  43. jerry helmut

    No winter break next season please !!!

  44. Ryan Murphy

    Stevie leave them mate it was only 6 weeks ago they was singing your praises 55 blah blah blah now they are turning the back on you let them get someone like gordan Strachan or Alex mcleish that's there level you got to much class

  45. Keir Straiton

    Try out the likes of hastie, Jones anyone

  46. Gaz 84

    I loved that he initially took the blame on the BT Sport interview “its my fault” then by the end of the interview he was blaming his players.

  47. richard whyte

    It’s no coincidence that it’s happened two years in a row, the team isn’t good enough to challenge for the league. They’re mentally weak. They’ll start showing up when it’s too late Like last season when the league was done. Tav is never a captain, goldson and Katic aren’t good enough. Not one player in the midfield can Grab the game when it’s scruffy and a battle. Kent has been poor this season.

  48. Dixie YNWA

    Bunch of wasters we go 10 in a row 👍😂😂😂😂😂

  49. cameron smith

    braga uefa cup hearts scottish cup season could be finished by end of february not good enough.

  50. dogsof war

    Time for a old fashion 4 - 4- 2 or simething to many teams holding out against us until the last 15 mns if ther still in it which they are coz we cant finsh them off GUTTED

  51. the artful dodger

    Where is the Kent that was on loan? Something not right in the camp and the so called best player in the league Morelois is nowhere to be seen.

  52. C S

    Its going forward is the prob when teams sit in! Kent and aribo need dropped! Morelos has to drop to get in the game then when he does hes not in the centre! Halliday ball watching! But the main prob is the back passing all the time and the high pressing is gone. ALSO RECALL DOCHERTY

  53. Jimmy Bothrone

    this guy is clueless as a manager and evidence is there for all to see anyone else would be shown the door

  54. Jorg Cooper

    I thought the players played well. We needed substitutes on earlier to give Killie something new to handle. It's over, but we need to cool the jets.

  55. lisbon67 hailhail

    😂😂😂😂😂 total meltdown and use always said we were paranoid,shower of bottle merchants,your 3 points last year seem a wee bit hollow now 😂😂😂love it

    1. The Dark Knight

      You lot are lucky that we have struggled after the winter break, as we ripped yous apart particularly in two of our previous encounters.

  56. Weesty Boys

    Plenty of chat about the defence, mentality and lack of leadership. Why is nobody talking about Kent? Our most expensive player, paid to make the difference. He gets the ball, runs quickly towards defenders, steps over it, slows down...and then passes it backwards. What's going on here?

  57. Sakeena Ramzan

    Making progrès

  58. Lynn Houston

    I personally just cannot understand our “tactics” why were they allowed to dictate the play tonight.? We all knew what to expect. Get out of first gear, look like you want to win this league again ! Ever! I can hardly breathe.. Gerrard learn faster . You saw what we saw tonight. Make the changes when needed.. we need and deserve this as fans. I dislike the analogy BUT man up for goodness sake all of you ... get angry because we are .

  59. david mckay

    Not your fault mate you don't have true blues im done thank you for trying not your fault

  60. T F

    2 words: Injured Barisic