Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Hands On With The Beast!

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    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Latercase -
    The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here. This is a hands-on video with a pre-retail Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, unboxing will come when retail units are available. Videos of the Galaxy S20, S20+ and Galaxy Z Flip will publish shortly so keep an eye on the channel.
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Unbox Therapy

      Latercase for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra -

      1. Ronald Thompson

        I was just going to ask you for a link to that case! Ty

      2. Arthur Johnson

        Love your channel Lou! Just placed my pre-order for the S20 Ultra Latercase and already know I won't be disappointed.

      3. RickJason

        That 100X picture was pure garbage. A totally worthless feature.

      4. Daniel Strietz

        Samsung says they have some special technology for the low light etc but they also said the z flip screen is glass and I assure you that its plastic.

      5. Omar Asma

        @YuhNinja ijjhj

    2. bino3D

      Too expensive!

    3. Amanda S

      I’m watching this on my iPhone 6s

    4. David Schlarp

      They pulled an apple and took out the head phone jack🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️💩💩

    5. Live With Tech

      Anybody noticed the hand banding at 5:29

    6. Jeff S.

      Who care about camera. Asked yourself, how often do you take pictures?

    7. GrandAnalog

      Looks like cheap plastic .. iPhone puts this to shame

    8. Ni Lee

      Cries in S8+ 😭

    9. Ty2957

      That front facing camera would bug the shit out of me if I was watching a video

    10. Hammered Death Productions

      ouch that 8K noise

    11. Zane H

      You need to hire a 2nd Kirk and replace Will with him, Will is just boring 🤣

    12. Afrirae id

      "if u bullying the one of the best product of smartphone, ur whole life gonna have regrets that follow ur life".

    13. Albert Loera

      Yo who's tryna get me this phone?

    14. chding zuure

      S20: Record video in 8k 24fps Me: can't even record on 720p

    15. cdubz3203

      Shoot an episode with the s20ultra

    16. Luke Mettam Gaming

      I'm an apple user, have been for many years. This phone is enticing me towards buying it. Apple seems to be lacking in features, i only really use apple for there ios interface and of course the ecosystem.

      1. chding zuure

        Keeping my S10+

    17. Diabbblo72

      And the battery life is still the same. Battery technology is still the same. There's nothing breakthrough!!! Where's the battery tech?

    18. elMoizz

      I really miss the old old format of unboxing :'(, nonetheless still love the conent

    19. Isaac Mera

      wait, why has samsung jumped from s10 to s20?

    20. Mohd Adam Salim

      Definitely not feeling secured when you dont have any protection on that big camera housing. Must definitely not drop the phone.

    21. nomadxpert

      Forget a camera... I want a battery that lasts 5 days without charging haha!

    22. nomadxpert

      Forget a camera... I want a battery that lasts 5 days without charging haha!

    23. JETT PWR

      Where I am it's posted at 1800 $

    24. Ivana Horvat

      What an ugly back

    25. Eli Mastermind

      Ehh the camera doesn't look that great still in my opinion. iphone still seems to have the best camera.. I hope when I get my hands on one that i am wrong.

    26. Zakir Zaki

      So we can now say your Camera has a nice phone😂😂

    27. Konstantine V

      It's impossible to explain why Will is so kind guy

    28. Nathan Thompson

      Just orderd this beast 😎 also orderd one of your latercase's 😉 can't wait

    29. Nikola Rozic

      what is with that need for that many cameras?

    30. Clash of Clans

      what about night mode?!?!?

    31. Don Hawkins

      Keeping my S10+

    32. bryan misa

      Fancy phone to play Candy Crush on

    33. PaK GaMer

      Better than iPhone?

    34. G DA

      unbox therapy, please review the best smartphone without front camera q🙏✊

    35. Kayla Arnold

      Waiting for the note 20. I have a note 10 and an s10+ ceramic. Not worth the trade in for the ceramic because they may not make another

    36. Tomáš Puškáš

      They really dont know how to make nice things. Really their design studio should be fired. specs are amazing and functionality too. but there is no other option to make bottom nice?

    37. muhaha

      Isn't anyone gonna talk about Jack

    38. MrLoobu

      Some people have no connection some people have these in their pockets with 5G coverage over the globe. One is a vastly different form of human the other.

    39. Azad Rc

      Next phone can zoom planet

    40. Azeem Aminsah

      We have come to a time where people have to decide whether they can buy a new phone or a new car.

    41. Sin Siner

      Its buging me that doth Like I have a fly on my display man !! Holy shit !!!!

    42. ziranshu Zhang

      Samsung's biggest problem is a system optimization, the phone starts lagging after 3 months and you have to constantly reset it. And they seem to just ignore this problem and throw less useful features on the phone

    43. Scott Reach

      February, 2020: Check out this sick Galaxy S20!! August, 2020: (Galaxy Note 11) B*tch, please!!

    44. Fabrice Tia

      Sorry but for me the biggest news was like wait 20?! Wtf ?!

    45. Allan C-B

      Lew? what's the warehouse address? I wanna come rob you of all your phones. LMAO Also ... does TTC come near your door? hahahaha

    46. Chakira Mroivili

      This is why I will never accept that Samsung is good than iPhone

    47. Gobsmacked

      It's hideous

    48. Darren Wolfe

      Would you be able to do a unboxing and review for the midrange of this phone, the galaxy a51 and a71

    49. Arup Kisku


    50. Beshr Al Khateeb

      What's that last beat? The one starting at 8:20

    51. Chris Moose

      Damn zoom made he's hat look like crap or he didn't took off for long time 😂

    52. FD07

      I like it but the price point is kinda crazy to me. I have an S10+ and I dont see my self upgrading for a while unless something besides the Camera changes..8K is cool and all but not many things support it so it's kinda useless for now..I hope they can get out of the whole "let's just focus on the Camera" era..its getting super old and boring..

    53. Bill Kelly

      This guy Still whinnying about headphone jack, I wonder if he realizes he is the only one that cares and no one jumping on that bandwagon with him, please stop talking about headphone jacks

    54. Skrovno CZ

      For OCD people the camera hole is really destracting.

    55. mikka

      7:44 my reaction: eeew there are so much of them! ...Realising that are my fingerprints on my phone screen...

    56. ActionHank

      Come on Luis, Samsung doesn't put out other versions of their phones because of people not wanting or needing certain features...they do it because they know the majority of people can't afford/don't want a $1400+ phone for daily use. You of all people should know that...

    57. WhereYouLookinAt

      It feels he holds piece of gold

    58. ceerw buty

      I want the ultra but I dont want a 7" screen. I'm content with my 6.2" S9+. Not everybody wants a brick Samsung

    59. Jake Johannesen

      12 GB Ram in a phone....I need to upgrade my laptop